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BITEX REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE L.L.C BITEX Announcement of first Japanese company to obtain real estate license in Abu Dhabi and establish local corporation

[BITEX REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE L.L.C] [BITEX] Announcement of first Japanese company to obtain real estate license in Abu Dhabi and establish local corporation

Press release: March 31, 2024
[BITEX] Announcement of first Japanese company to obtain real estate license in Abu Dhabi and establish local subsidiary
*Bringing the classy charm of Abu Dhabi to the world*
Shinji) has established a new corporation in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, with the vision of “providing access to the real estate market in culturally rich and historically significant regions.” This is the first Japanese company to obtain a real estate license in Abu Dhabi.
CEO Ueno, who resigned as president of a listed company in Japan and moved to Abu Dhabi.
Shinji has set his sights on building the foundation for a new business by leveraging his many years of experience as a top corporate executive and his unique vision. The general director of one of Japan’s largest cosmetic surgery clinics has joined the company as a director, bringing together his business attitude, customer-first mentality, and business sense.
BITEX has introduced Japan’s strict governance structure, combines the merits of the two countries derived from past trading experience of over 400 billion yen, and strives to provide safe and efficient investment methods that allocate risk on a daily basis. I am. In the future, we will strengthen our partnerships with Japanese real estate agents and aim to further expand our business.
* Overwhelming potential and future of UAE in the Middle East * BITEX senses the potential of the UAE
BITEX sees great potential in the Abu Dhabi market. Compared to Dubai, which is said to be the center of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a healthy market with a very good supply and demand balance in the real estate market, a low vacancy rate of a few percent, and high yields. Moreover, Abu Dhabi occupies more than 86% of the UAE’s land area and has a GDP more than twice that of Dubai. In 2023, it will be ranked second in the world as a destination for ultra-wealthy people, and is growing year by year with stable finances, economy, and security. The market is expected to grow even further after 2024, and is attracting attention from all over the world.
Abu Dhabi’s stable economy and real estate market outlook
1. Supported by abundant oil money and investing in the world’s most cutting-edge technology
2. Control of supply and demand
3. Risk hedging learned from Dubai in the future
* Supporting abundant oil money and investing in the world’s most advanced technology *
Oil money supports Abu Dhabi, which occupies 80% of the UAE’s territory. The Abu Dhabi government’s main source of income is its oil reserves, which are the 6th largest in the world and account for more than 80% of GDP. Currently, as an investment in the future, we are proceeding with urban development and the development of cutting-edge technology based on revenue from oil.
When Dubai faced an economic crisis in 2009, the Abu Dhabi government provided approximately 10 billion yen to help save the city. In the future, when problems arise within the UAE, we will continue to provide support to other emirates as a savior.
Item Abu Dhabi Dubai
Population 1.45 million 3.33 million
Area 67,340 square kilometers 3,885 square kilometers
GDP $249 billion $105 billion
per person
Average income 20 million yen 6.6 million yen
Major industries Oil and gas industry
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Aerospace industry Tourism industry
real estate business
financial services industry
*Demand and supply control*
Aldar office
Until April 2019, Abu Dhabi law did not allow foreigners to own land. Therefore, foreigners were not able to purchase real estate. However, as the neighboring city of Dubai has greatly developed in attracting companies from overseas and in the real estate industry, Abu Dhabi has also begun to focus on the real estate industry as a reinvestment destination for oil money.
In recent years, Dubai has begun to attract attention from wealthy residents and foreign investors, and locals say that “spring has come for real estate in Abu Dhabi.”
Aldar company logo
Aldar, our partner company, is a government-affiliated company and is the largest developer in the UAE in terms of assets and scale. This company handles 90% of the real estate properties that foreigners can invest in in Abu Dhabi. Aldar also develops land in Abu Dhabi together with the government, and controls market prices by balancing supply and demand for real estate and adjusting and supplying the number of properties.
In this way, the Abu Dhabi real estate market is seen as a low-risk investment target for investors because of its well-balanced supply and demand. Since the economic size is more than twice that of Dubai, country risk can be said to be lower.

*Risk hedging learned from Dubai in the future*
Dubai became famous around the world for its tourism and real estate industry before Abu Dhabi. Based on the past failures of Dubai, the government of Abu Dhabi will provide investors with a safer investment market by controlling supply and demand, mandating the introduction of escrow accounts, and establishing strict laws. doing.

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– Aldar, the number one developer in UAE including Abu Dhabi and Dubai
– The great potential and future of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE
A smarter and more solid investment scheme than NISA that only BITEX can offer 1. Bilateral carry trade operation
2. Establishing a company and obtaining a visa in the UAE
3. Guaranteed property purchase
* Bilateral carry trade operation *
Based on our experience in the Japanese and UAE markets, we offer safe and efficient investment methods that combine the benefits of both countries. By investing in the UAE from Japan, you can perform carry trade operations that could not be achieved in Japan alone. Compared to Southeast Asia and other foreign countries, Abu Dhabi has low country risk and developer bankruptcy risk, and because of its high reputation, it can receive long-term loans at low interest rates from Japanese banks.
Explanation of operation of bilateral carry trade
Low interest loans in Japan + high interest deposits in Abu Dhabi + rental income will not only increase the profitability of your real estate investment, but also act as a means to combat inflation. Differences in bank interest rates between Abu Dhabi and Japanese banks *Establishing a company and obtaining a visa in the UAE*
By establishing a company in the UAE, companies and individuals can also take advantage of tax-saving measures. Therefore, many Japanese companies have recently expanded into the market. Additionally, individuals can obtain a UAE visa by investing in real estate. We also provide consulting services such as corporate establishment, business planning, and financing for companies and individual customers who want to expand into Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
* Japan* * Abu Dhabi* * Hong Kong* * Singapore*
* personal income tax*
* (Resident tax included)* * Maximum 55%* * 0%* * 17%* * 20%* * Corporate tax*
* (local corporation tax included)* * Approx. 35%* * 9%* * 16.5%* * 17%* * Capital gains tax *
* Dividend income tax* * 20.315%* * 0%* * 0%* * 0%*
* Consumption tax* * 10%* * 5%* * 0%* * 0%*
* Fixed asset tax *
* City planning tax * * 1.4%*
*0.3%* *0%*
*Registration tax 2-4%*
*Once upon purchase* * 0%* * 7%*
*Property purchase guarantee*
The price of real estate in the UAE increases from vacant land to completion. The world’s ultra-wealthy people do not worry about soaring property prices and tend to check the completed rooms before purchasing. In other words, the market is not about “how cheap to buy” but “how convincing you are to buy”, so prices rise step by step from vacant land to completion.
The real estate handled by BITEX is carefully selected and offered at the lowest price and with a high rate of price increase, which was first published by the developer of each partner. The reason why real estate properties in the UAE sell out within a few days of being released is because they are the lowest prices in a market that is steadily rising.
Since the price will rise as the land is completed (lowest price) by trading in vacant land (lowest price), BITEX guarantees the purchase through its Japanese corporation without any particular risk. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the property, our Japanese corporation will purchase the vacant land provided by BITEX. Participating in a dazzling future with new imagination and dignity Finally, I have great expectations for the further development of the UAE/Abu Dhabi in terms of culture, education, and lifestyle. The UAE’s population is young, with a median age of 33.6 years, and has ample wealth to invest in the country’s development. It is rare in the world to find a country with such a low average age that invests so much in various fields, and I wonder how it will further develop in terms of economy, culture, education, and lifestyle in the future. It is a country with dignity and an attractive future.
*Development in culture, education, and lifestyle*
Abu Dhabi is also known as a world-famous tourist destination, with famous landmarks and tourist attractions, as well as major concerts and other events happening all the time. For example, Emirates Palace
Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Yas Marina Circuit and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park. At the end of 2023, Chris Brown held a concert in Abu Dhabi and it was exciting.

Abu Dhabi is also rich in cultural attractions, with traditional souks, museums and historic buildings attracting visitors. Recent announcements include the construction of four new museums. One of them is a digital content development team that utilizes the latest Japanese technology.
teamLab Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi also has a new airport opening in November 2023, a metro and inter-country high-speed rail, and world-class universities and hospitals. The economy is developing based on the assumption that many people will immigrate.
* Message from the President*
Dear stakeholders,
In 2024, BITEX was born in the economic and cultural heart of Abu Dhabi. Behind this is the strong will of CEO Ueno, who resigned as president of a listed company in Japan and moved to Abu Dhabi. I am looking to use my years of experience as a corporate leader and my unique vision to build the foundation for new business in Abu Dhabi.
The director of Japan’s largest cosmetic surgery clinic has joined the company as a director, bringing together his business knowledge, customer-first mentality, and business sense.

Behind the establishment of this company is my deep fascination with Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is a city with many facets of appeal, including not only economic wealth but also cultural diversity, dignified streets, and the presence of international museums and cultural facilities.
In addition to these attractions, I was moved by the warmth of the people and the possibilities for the future. We were convinced that Abu Dhabi, which combines these elements, was the perfect place to start a new business.

BITEX’s main business is real estate buying and selling, but the scope of its activities goes beyond that. We provide full support for business expansion in Abu Dhabi for companies expanding from Japan and even for companies from countries other than Japan. We offer a wide range of services, from business planning to feasibility study development and budgeting. Through this activity, BITEX aims to spread the charm of Abu Dhabi to the world and deepen exchanges with various countries.

The establishment of BITEX has deep significance beyond simply starting a business. We aim to contribute to the economic and cultural development of Abu Dhabi and serve as a bridge to deepen exchanges with countries around the world. To realize this vision, BITEX will carry out a wide range of activities.
In our real estate business, we are promoting high-quality and environmentally friendly projects in response to Abu Dhabi’s growing economy and the accompanying demand for housing and commercial facilities. This includes incorporating cutting-edge technology and designing with respect for local culture and history. Through these efforts, BITEX will establish itself as a trusted partner in the Abu Dhabi real estate market.

In terms of international business support, BITEX provides
comprehensive support not only for companies from Japan but also for companies from all over the world to do business in Abu Dhabi. This includes market analysis, legal process support, business matching, and local operational support. Through these services, BITEX makes Abu Dhabi’s business environment more accessible and fosters cooperation among multinational companies.
BITEX is also committed to promoting cultural exchange. We plan and implement events and programs that introduce Abu Dhabi’s rich culture and the region’s unique beautiful streets and history to the world. Through this, we aim to deepen emotional exchanges between people that go beyond business boundaries and promote mutual understanding and respect.
Furthermore, BITEX is committed to contributing to local communities and is actively involved in projects related to education,
environmental protection and social welfare. In this way, we are fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Finally, through business development in Abu Dhabi, BITEX will create new value and contribute to building a society that values ​​diversity and inclusion. The establishment of BITEX and its activities are focused on paving the way to a better future, rather than simply pursuing financial success.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known worldwide for its glittering cities, including Dubai. These cities have attracted many people with their dazzling luxury and advanced urban structures.
However, as we at BITEX develop our business in this country, we do not push such glamor to the forefront, but rather respect the high dignity and quiet virtues of the UAE, and strive to convey this to the world. I am. We aim to maintain governance and contribute to the sustainability of the organization without pursuing extravagance, and this attitude has been cultivated through many years of experience in Japanese companies.
The true charm of the UAE lies not only in its glittering exterior, but also in the historical background, cultural diversity, and warmth of its people. These may not seem obvious at first glance, but they have far more important value in building long-term, sustainable relationships.
Our mission at BITEX is to convey to the world the quiet power of this country and help them better understand it.

We have a rigorous governance structure in place and value
transparency, accountability and fairness. These principles serve as our absolute guide in all of our business activities. Furthermore, each employee internalizes these values ​​and reflects them in their daily work, making them a part of our corporate culture.
Our greatest joy is not only in achieving business success, but also in conveying the UAE’s true charm to the world and building
relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

We invite you to join us on our journey and our innovative efforts to provide the world with new housing and investment product options. We sincerely thank you for your trust and support.

Representative Director, President and CEO Shinji Ueno
* Company Profile*
BITEX logo
License number CN-5124462
Location M39, Plot Num12, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi
Business content Middle East real estate sales and mediation Japanese real estate sales and mediation
Corporate establishment/business support
real estate consulting
Middle East expansion support
Representative Representative Director President CEO
Shinji Ueno
Real estate transaction specialist, administrative scrivener, securities analyst Real estate transaction license 784-1982-1377780-2
In 2020, he resigned as representative director and president of a listed company. Over the past 20 years, he has been involved in transactions in real estate and investment products valued at over 400 billion yen.
From 2021, we will develop new fibers using innovative technology for regenerative medicine business and industrial structure improvement in the UK, UAE, Singapore, and Vietnam.
Officer Director COO
Tomohiro Maeda
3rd year living in Dubai. After studying abroad in Canada, Taiwan, and the United States, he ran a marketing company in Japan for 6 years. After moving to Dubai, he engaged in real estate business and corporate establishment business.
Kazuki Morikami
The general director of Jomoto Clinic, which has been around for 36 years since its establishment in 1988 and boasts a track record of more than 100,000 cases.
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Arada Developments
Ellington Properties
Emaar Properties
MAG Property Development
SAMANA Developers
Sobha Realty
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