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Home » Pocket Pair Co., Ltd. The new work of “Palworld” is a school romance simulation! ? “Pal (Heart) World! ~We can’t be friends anymore~” announced!

Pocket Pair Co., Ltd. The new work of “Palworld” is a school romance simulation! ? “Pal (Heart) World! ~We can’t be friends anymore~” announced!

Pocket Pair Co., Ltd.
The new work of “Palworld” is a school romance simulation! ? “Pal (Heart) World! ~We can’t be friends anymore~” announced!
Pocket Pair Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takuro Mizobe) has released the latest exciting school romance simulation game, “Pal (Heart) World!” ~I Can’t Stay Friends Anymore~” (scheduled to be released on April 1, 2025) has been announced.
Latest video “Pal(Heart) World!” ~We can’t be friends anymore~ | Announcement trailer”
You, the main character, enter “Private Parpagos Academy” as a transfer student. You will meet unique friends (pals) and enjoy school life through friendship and love. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to remain friends with the pals, develop a romance, or even dismantle them and eat them.
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Pocket Pair Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Takuro Mizobe “Pal World was originally developed as a love simulation game, but due to a whim, it became the game it is today. By the way, I am currently dating Tsuppanyan.”
Character introduction
●Mysterious Transfer Student Cremeo
A transfer student with a mysterious atmosphere.
She also has a cute side that gets a little angry when she talks to other students.
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●New Student Hunter Love Mander
A senior who approaches new students with love every year.
Confession is called “hunting.”
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●Quiet classmate Okocho
A timid classmate who always hides in the protagonist’s shadow. In the classroom after school, a secret request is made to the main character…?
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●Childhood friend Zoe
A girl who lost her parents when she was young and lives with her older brother, Elepanda.
He’s always cool and strong-willed, and for some reason he’s especially strong towards the main character.
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●Student Council President Black Marketer
The student council president who earns tremendous trust from teachers and students.
On the other hand, there are also dark rumors…
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A game system that sparks super-destructive innovation
This work introduces a new language system called “Pal language”. When talking with Pal and his friends, select Pal words such as “paruruu” and “parun parun” from the options to proceed with the conversation. Master the Pal language and deepen your bonds with the Pals. In addition, we have introduced a number of completely new systems that will bring about super destructive innovation in love simulation. [1] “Pal Shuraba” system
When Pal and his friends confess their feelings at the same time, chaos erupts! ?
The Pals who were not selected go berserk and begin destructive activities. How to overcome this crisis! ?
[2] “Pal Battle Royale” system
Let’s have a large-scale battle with love rivals and bring Pal! Who will be the final couple? ?
[3] “Paltime Leap” system
It’s okay if you fail in love with Pals! You can rewind time and start over as many times as you like.
Let’s aim for the ideal happy ending!
[4] “Pal VR” system
Utilizing the latest VR technology, you can now communicate with Pal in a more realistic way!
The ultimate immersive experience where you can feel the breathing of the Pals! Pal finally takes off her clothes! ?
R18 version will also be released at the same time! Look forward to seeing the naughty Pals taking off their uniforms (Heart)
*April 1st is April Fool’s Day
About the raid boss update of Pal World main story
In the next update, a raid boss (first installment) will appear that will challenge the most evil new Pal in all-out battle.
There are also multiple fixes and anti-cheat measures to make the game more comfortable to play.
We are currently undergoing final confirmation and will be shipping soon.
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About “Palworld”
“Palworld” is an open world survival craft game for raising monsters that supports multiplayer for up to 32 players and is set in a world where mysterious creatures called “Pals” live.
You meet Pals, capture them, raise them, fight them, make them work, and sell them. You can explore the vast world as you wish while cooperating with various pals.
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Game overview
[Table 3: ]
[Table 4:]
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