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Elbeso Co., Ltd. Dressing musicians around the world in Japanese subculture

Elbeso Co., Ltd.
Dressing musicians from around the world in Japanese subculture ……
Japanese idol culture and other subcultures have a quality that is world-class, and we want to promote them to the world stage, including Broadway. The power and charm of costumes will make them stand out in the overseas entertainment world.
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The costume brand “Satomi, el beso” (operated by Elbeso Co., Ltd., Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to express dreams. This press release is a dream of “Elbeso Co., Ltd.” ■The quality of Japanese subculture Japanese idols, anime, and other subcultures are attracting worldwide attention like never before. The number of visitors to the Tokyo Comic Convention held in 2023 exceeded 85,000, the highest ever. Many people are fascinated and encouraged by the colors, stories, messages, and designs of Japanese subcultures, as well as the power they unleash. ■Spreading Japanese subculture to the world through costumes Satomi, el beso has been providing costumes that embody Japan’s unique subculture to the domestic entertainment world, with a focus on Japanese idol costumes. In 2023, we participated in fashion shows in Vancouver and New York and completed the challenge of spreading our culture to the world. Elbeso’s next dream is to have musicians and other artists who are active all over the world wear our costumes and spread the word about Japan’s proud subculture globally. on Broadway in New York. On the Paris runway. on the gorgeous red carpet. on a huge screen. People wearing Satomi, el beso costumes, which have the essence of the next generation of Japanese culture, will shine and impress people. ■Dreams realized together with creators from all over the world. Over the course of her 20-year career, Kimimi Takakura, our company’s representative and costumer, has worked in commercials, movies, plays, events, TV programs, and more. We have provided costumes that match the expression theme. Her passion for costume making and her careful work style, which ignores realistic constraints such as budgets and deadlines, and does not compromise on her own commitment as an artist while understanding the intentions of her clients, has been recognized by creators in various fields. This is the biggest reason why people choose Elbeso. Click here for Satomi, el beso’s latest video work↓Satomi, el beso × crap dolly Yuichi Kurokawa
[Video 2:] “April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
[crap dolly Yuichi Kurokawa]
Representative of the video production team “crap dolly”. Skillfully using VFX and 3DCG, his works that “bring what’s inside the brain to life” are truly the pinnacle of visual expression.
Website: [Satomi, el beso] A costume brand by Kimi Takakura, a costume designer who has worked as a clothing designer and costume writer for 20 years, creating a wide range of works including stage costumes and corporate uniforms. . In recent years, his main activity has been creating costumes for idols. They successfully performed on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week in April 2023 and New York Fashion Week in September of the same year, attracting worldwide attention. Takakura’s costumes not only have unique designs, but are also produced through a careful handiwork process, and are successful in bringing out the person’s positive feelings to the fullest and making them shine. -El beso Co., Ltd.- A company whose main business is the operation and management of the costume brand Satomi, el beso. Based in Tokyo, he proposes and produces unique clothing. We are currently looking for sponsors and supporting companies to exhibit at overseas fashion shows. For details, please visit the website below.
Click here for inquiries and interviews regarding this matter. Satomi,el beso PR person: Fumie Harada Email: More details about this release: