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We provide fun learning opportunities for factory workers who are often overlooked due to difficult-to-reach training programs.

Kaleido Solutions Co., Ltd.
We provide fun learning opportunities for factory workers who are often overlooked due to difficult-to-reach training programs. By increasing opportunities for non-technical education, we will improve the communication skills of factory workers and increase engagement by improving openness.
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Kaleido Solutions Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Koji Takahashi) is participating in April Dream. This press release is by April Dream of Kaleido Solutions.
We want to support factory workers who are overlooked by corporate education and who are said to have low engagement.
Did you know that training is not sufficiently implemented at the manufacturing sites that support Japan? It is not possible to remove a large number of people from the production line, it is difficult to get people to understand through regular classroom lectures, the training time becomes part of the cost of production, it is difficult to call instructors because the location is far away, it is not possible to conduct long training sessions, etc. Due to various challenges, such as not being able to participate in e-learning due to lack of company-issued devices, factory workers are often overlooked in corporate training.
With the recent trend of disclosing human capital information, 47% of the 208 Nikkei 225 companies that published integrated reports in 2023 have disclosed “employee engagement,” more than doubling from the previous year. Ta. Engagement is correlated with staff retention and productivity improvement, but our customers have told us that engagement at the factory level is very low.
There were not many training providers that could meet the needs of factories, such as “short time”, “small number of participants”, “in-house instructors rather than instructors”, and
“experience-based rather than classroom training”. On the other hand, our company has been providing services for many years based on in-house training and games. For this reason, it is a very strong match to the needs of in-factory education.
We customize small-person, short-time, in-house services for factories and actively announce them in paper media.
Our company began training human resources at our factories around 2013, and realized how difficult it was. After that, from 2018 to 2019, we released 12 types of content that can meet the needs of factories in a short time and with a small number of people, solidifying our foothold. Afterwards, after the coronavirus pandemic, we started activities to resolve the decline in engagement at factories, and we have customized the case study to be specific to factories and to enable implementation in a shorter time.
When you think of training, you may have a strong impression that it is something done by the human resources or human resources
development department, but factory training is often conducted by people who are not normally involved in training, such as factory general affairs, safety education, and in-factory projects. is. For this reason, advertising on the Internet is actually difficult to be effective. For this reason, we have fundamentally reconsidered our marketing approach. Our interns manually looked at maps of Japan, recorded addresses, and sent materials by mail, as well as
intentionally running newspaper advertisements. .
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] I have also contributed to specialized magazines.
[Image 3:×1636.jpg] As a result, the response has gradually increased, and this year the number of business negotiations related to factory education has increased by more than 10 times compared to last year, and the number of introductions has also increased.
Factories are closely connected to their local communities, and if a certain company implements the project, they will be introduced at a networking event with neighboring factories, or if it is a major company, they will be introduced at an information exchange event between the factory’s education personnel. Our work is expanding through a very steady flow of introductions, such as being introduced to other factories.
Currently, thousands of people are working in factories that are hoping to do so, and efforts are underway in a multi-year plan. In the future, by expanding this initiative widely, we aim to eliminate workers who are overlooked in human resource development, as mentioned at the beginning.
I want to eliminate workplaces with low engagement from manufacturing sites. At first, we never thought that we would be focusing on human resource development for factories. One day, by chance, we received an inquiry from a chemical manufacturer that had acquired the company that Takahashi’s late father, the company’s representative, had worked for. At that time, I was shocked to hear that engagement at that factory was low. I didn’t want the company my family worked for to have low engagement and wanted it to be a great workplace, so I decided to provide full support.
After that, while consulting on why engagement was low, we realized that sometimes the human resources development provided by the head office’s human resources department did not reach us at all, and that the training industry to which our company belongs is unable to solve problems at all due to the characteristics of the service. We have confirmed that this has not been done.
I deeply feel that the in-house training and training customization that we have been doing for many years, as well as the fun and educational training, will increase the engagement of the workers who work in factories every day and support Japan, and will be an opportunity to improve Japan. I felt that my encounter with this field was fateful and I decided to put my efforts into it.
In the future, we plan to respond to new issues at factories. We also aim to expand the number of companies that have adopted it.
We have prepared training tools that can be provided to factories. In the future, we will use a variety of methods to promote awareness in order to resolve problems related to the guidance of young employees and harassment, which often occur within the factory, especially among veterans and executives.
In the fiscal year ending July 2024, our new fiscal year, we will continue to push forward with the aim of introducing the system at 20 domestic factories.
【Company Profile】
Trade name: Kaleido Solutions Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Koji Takahashi
Address: 2-4-8-902 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Phone number: 03-6908-5245
Established: March 2008
Business details: Founded as the industry’s first training company specializing in in-house training. We are developing our business with a focus on in-house training services that provide high participant satisfaction even for those with no training instructor experience. He has particular strengths in training using games. Recently, we have started offering online game training that can be done using a browser. We have established an instructor training system that takes advantage of the strength of in-house training, and have begun dispatching instructors.
“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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