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Disseminating the technology and identity of manufacturing companies from New York!

Disseminating the technology and identity of manufacturing companies from New York!

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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
Disseminating the technology and identity of manufacturing companies from New York!
*With the Kira Respect Project, we will create a challenge base for manufacturing companies in New York. Looking for co-creation partners! *
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true.
*This press release was published by April
This is a dream sent out by a businessman who sympathizes with the Dream Project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true. *
Kira Respect Project (Representative: Yukiko Ueda, Youth Ltd.) is an organization that supports manufacturing companies in their efforts to expand their products overseas.
* Our company aims to make April 1st the day to send out dreams. I agree with Dream. This press release is a dream of the “Kirarespect Project”. *
* Origin of the project name “Kirarespect” *
It is made up of two words: “Kirari” and “Respect.” The origin of the word “respect” is “re” (again) and “spect” (to see) = to look again, to look at things from a different perspective than before.
There is a meaning. Based on the concept of “reviewing and shining the sparkling things that people and things originally have,” we work to bring out and convey the uniqueness and charm of companies and products.
*Why New York? *
This is based on the experience of myself, Yukiko Ueda, who is the representative of this project.
15 years ago, I was working as a designer at a company. After becoming independent, I worked as a freelancer, but to test my abilities, I exhibited my work at an exhibition in New York.
This is my first experience at an exhibition overseas. One of the three works exhibited was sold. Those who purchased it said they would give it to a friend as a birthday present.
Until then, I had only done design work for my company, but this was my first experience of creating my own work and having it sell. Fifteen years later, I still feel the joy and elation that I had never felt before, that my identity was recognized across the ocean. This is because in Japan, the status of creators and artists tends to be evaluated based on their “achievements” such as what kind of achievements they have had in the past and what kind of companies they have worked with. This is because I felt that there was a tendency for it to be difficult to be recognized.

However, in New York, you can easily enter any art gallery, there is art everywhere in the city, and I felt that a culture of enjoying art on a daily basis has been established. Regardless of your
achievements, just evaluate the work in front of you. I thought that there was a culture of recognizing that good things were good.

If you express your identity openly and confidently without fear, your opportunities will definitely expand. I want to accomplish something in this city! With that in mind, in order to solidify our foundation, we went from being a freelancer to becoming a corporation and starting as a design company.
*Things that can express your company’s identity*
* Developed and sold our own product/accessory brand “Kilarespect” * Offcuts from the factory (material: aluminum)
I wanted to create my own products in order to expand my business in New York. One day, I was visiting a factory for work, and a piece of scrap material caught my eye. It was considered unnecessary by the factory, but to us amateurs, it seemed very unique.
Then the scene in New York came back to life. A building built over 100 years ago has become a stylish art studio, and a rundown industrial area has become a shopping spot.
Our concept of “Revisiting and shining the sparkling things that people and things originally possess” was born at this time, and we plan, produce, and sell accessories that make use of the uniqueness of factory scraps in-house. I did.
*Starts consignment sales at the long-awaited select shop in Soho, New York* Display at select shop
“I want to accomplish something in New York.” I started my business with that feeling, kept running, and thanks to my connections, It has been decided that it will be sold in New York.
However, we have no knowledge or experience in exporting, trademarks, customs duties, etc.
I run into various problems. I would like to thank the people around me who reached out to me at such times. This was only possible because of everyone’s encouragement and support.
*Continues trading for 3 years, but the city is locked down due to corona* *All products have been withdrawn, but moving on to the next goal* By experiencing product development and sales at my own company, I was able to experience first-hand the problems and issues faced by companies that actually manufacture products. When we thought about our next goal, we decided to start by leveraging our strengths in planning and design to help everyone, so we launched the Kira Respect Project.

I would like to share the various problems and difficulties I experienced in overseas expansion with people and companies who want to take on the challenge of overseas expansion, and start overseas business.
For that purpose, let’s establish a base in New York! That’s what I thought. *In-house product development solves problems faced by companies, expands possibilities, and creates the future*
Our company has so far covered approximately 60 manufacturing companies and been involved in their promotions. Under such
circumstances, many companies are asked to develop their own products. The reason for this is that we want to develop new sources of revenue in response to the trends and trends of the times, such as rising prices of goods and price competition, and we hope to have synergistic effects with our main business (existing business) by expanding into other fields. is.

The challenge we experienced in creating our own products had a positive impact on our core business. Until now, since the work was produced for clients, it was not possible to easily show it to outsiders. However, since we can openly share our own products, it has become easier to explain our technology and services, and it has also given us the opportunity to have people understand our creativity and planning capabilities.

Additionally, by actually communicating with end users, we were able to better understand the market and receive gratitude directly, which motivated us internally and brought about major changes.
*By expanding overseas, we gain know-how and experience that cannot be obtained only in Japan*
Differences in market size, culture, and values ​​overseas can be very helpful in making new discoveries and determining the value of your own products.
In addition, the various experiences gained through overseas expansion will become an asset, expanding the possibilities of your company. In addition, selling overseas also creates a synergistic effect that improves the brand image of a company or its products.
* I want to challenge myself overseas! A place to make your dreams come true* * CHALLENGE FACTORY, a challenge base for manufacturing companies * *Made in New York*
I want to take on a challenge overseas, but I need a place to do so. We are a challenge base for companies trying to expand overseas, and a place where locals with an interest in Japan can experience Japanese culture.We sell products, hold events, and offer opportunities for experiencing Japanese manufacturing.
We are currently working on a five-year plan to open FACTORY in 2028.

* As the first step in our five-year plan, we will launch an inbound program as the first step towards overseas expansion*
*Starting from the end of April 2024. We are recruiting participating companies! *
As a first step,
Targeted at companies that want to promote their products overseas and learn about overseas needs.
We will implement an inbound program that will be the first step towards overseas expansion.

This program is
1. “Learning” the knowledge, information, and know-how necessary for overseas expansion
2. “Building friendships” with people from different industries who can share advice and ideas
3.Practice the acquired knowledge, information, and know-how at sales events aimed at foreigners
This is a six-month program that incorporates three elements:

* At the sales event, you will be selling at the actual store, so you will be able to interact with foreign customers *
* You can communicate directly and see their reactions. *

Through this program, you will learn about the needs of different cultures and get a feel for product marketing and overseas expansion. * Professionals who are familiar with overseas gather! *
* We support the challenges of manufacturing companies *
As mentioned in the preamble, when we decided to sell our products in New York, we encountered various problems. How should I check when completing export, tax, trademark, and other procedures? Who and what should I consult? There are so many things I don’t understand. At times like these, the managers around me were the ones who kindly offered me advice. They understood our thoughts and generously provided us with the information we needed right now.

The motto of our activities is “mutual respect = respect.”
I would like to use what I have experienced at my company to help those who are taking on challenges in the future. Professionals from various fields who agree with this idea work together as a team to support manufacturing companies.
*Future activities and messages*
The “First Step Overseas Inbound Program” will start in April 2024. We will conduct this once a year. And in 2026, we will hold a POP-UP event in New York.
I am planning.

In parallel with supporting participating companies, we will build a foundation in New York.
To that end, we would like to meet these kinds of people.

* ・Manufacturing companies that want to sell their products overseas* * ・People who live in New York and can cooperate with the project* * ・Creators who want to test their skills overseas*

We are looking for individuals and businesses who sympathize with our dreams and are willing to collaborate and cooperate. Please help me.

“Challenges give you confidence and make you shine.”
Challenges make people shine. We want you to be confident in communicating your true identity, which is your true value. I want to tell you that if you do that, your world will definitely expand. I hope this article will be an opportunity for someone, whether a company or an individual, to take the first step.

* “April Dream” is a PR event held on April 1st where companies send out their dreams that they hope to eventually come true.
This is a project by TIMES. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true. *

* For inquiries regarding this matter *
Kira Respect Secretariat
* Company Profile*
Youth Limited Company
■Representative: Yukiko Ueda
■Address: 260 Mori, Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture
■Business details
-Design production (logo, product packaging, various printed materials) – Branding of companies, stores, and products
-Event planning and management
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