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RELATIONS Co., Ltd. Give your company vitality RELATIONS takes on the challenge of evolving and spreading vitality management.

RELATIONS Co., Ltd. [Give your company vitality] RELATIONS takes on the challenge of evolving and spreading vitality management.
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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
[Give your company vitality] RELATIONS takes on the challenge of evolving and spreading vitality management.
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true.
Our company is “April Dream
April 1st is a dream day. ” is participating. This press release is by April Dream of RELATIONS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as RELATIONS).
* RELATIONS’ dream is to transcend the divisions within the company and create a world where everyone can live as themselves. *
RELATIONS, which provides consulting for cost optimization and organizational revitalization, has the purpose of “bringing vitality to companies.” We will further evolve “vitality management,” a management method that embodies this purpose, and contribute to the creation of companies that are struggling with organizational fragmentation, thereby making Japan a “society full of vitality.” Due to capitalism and economic structures, various “divisions” are occurring between individuals and groups within organizations. A variety of problems are occurring in management, which is evaluated from a single point of view, such as disregard for humanity and a rigid approach to earnings and stock prices.
The effects of division, such as “myopic short-term orientation,” “inconsistency in direction within management,” “conflicts of interest between departments,” and “lack of initiative among employees,” are also affecting profits and business foundations. At RELATIONS, the “mismatch in direction” among our founding members was causing multiple “divisions” as an issue for the entire organization. We have been able to overcome these divisive structures by seriously confronting them from the perspective of “relationships among management.” However, this process also comes with significant pain, such as the sale of businesses and mass turnover. Learning from this reflection, RELATIONS has adopted the purpose of existence as “bringing vitality to the company,” and for the past few years has been practicing vitality management centered on “honest
relationships.” Specifically, we transformed our organizational culture, redefined our core competencies, and built our business and organization. I am proud that we are now embodying management that transcends division.
*Organizational issues of Japanese companies*
Japan Management Association’s Management Issues Survey
(Organization/Human Resources Edition) 2023
Many Japanese companies cite multiple items as management issues in the organizational and human resources areas. Among them, the most companies cited “organizational culture reform and awareness reform” as number one, indicating that it is a highly important issue along with human resources strategy.
Quoted from Japan Management Association “Management Issues Survey (Organization/Human Resources Edition) 2023”
We hope that the evolution and spread of vitality management will solve the organizational culture issues faced by Japanese companies, and that the number of companies full of vitality that focus on “people’s potential” will increase.

* RELATIONS initiatives in 2024 *
We will strive to evolve and spread vitality management based on the three pillars we have worked on so far.
1. Practicing vitality management
* [Practice at client company] *
As a consulting company, we have accumulated practical knowledge in transforming organizational culture not only in our own company but also in client companies. Specifically, we provide consulting on both cost and organizational issues for companies with 300 to 2,000 employees. Most companies have many layers, including the head office (headquarters) and group companies (stores), so they are strongly affected by fragmentation. We provide a wide range of support to these companies in their company development, including redefining their management philosophy and value provided by the company, and revising their personnel systems.
* 2. Systematizing vitality management *
* [In-house practice] *
We have carried out “change of purpose” and “rebranding” in an effort to improve the consistency between the company’s internal
“organization” and its external “business.” Specifically, we are building our organization and business around monthly off-site meetings centered on dialogue and company-wide training camps held three times a year. Today, almost all employees have the same understanding of the company’s history and make day-to-day decisions autonomously.
As a result, engagement has improved, and the number of projects initiated by employees on their own continues to increase.
Changes in the number of projects within our company from 2020 to the first half of 2023
Additionally, by opening up internal meetings to tours, we have received a variety of feedback from visitors, which has served as a basis for building meeting bodies and organizations.
* [Efforts toward systemization] *
We will strengthen our efforts to view our company’s management and organization from multiple perspectives. By collaborating with cultural anthropologists and organizational development experts, we will systematize vitality management through multifaceted analysis and sublimate it into a more versatile management method.

* 3. Co-creation of vitality management*
* [Initiatives in 2023] *
In order to explore “management styles that only Japanese companies can implement,” we are actively collecting information on advanced case studies of overseas companies.
In 2023, we visited seven pioneering companies in Europe that practice “management centered on people’s potential.” Not only do we utilize the knowledge we gain through our experience in building our own organization, but we also share it outside the company through open events. Specifically, NER Group, a Spanish consulting company that succeeds in organizational transformation by transferring management rights to employees, Viisi, which is known in Europe as a rewarding company to work for through its holacracy and purpose-based
management, and Teal Organization, which is known for its We disseminated highly rare information that does not appear in the media, such as “Buutzorg.”
List of European companies that we actually visited in 2023
* [Initiatives in 2024] *
Dutch Corporate Rebels
In partnership with Rebel Cell, a local community in Japan that exchanges practical knowledge while learning organizational
transformation methods from pioneering companies around the world. Japan” was launched.
Click here for details: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, England, Slovenia, and Japan. Rebel Cell Japan was launched as one of the first seven countries.
We also explore management beyond the boundaries of companies, and hold closed events with business school professors and managers from other companies to discuss the future of Japanese company management.

In this way, while incorporating the knowledge of companies and managers in Japan and overseas, we will explore ways of management that are full of vitality and work to spread the word.

*Introducing a place to experience/learn about vitality management* *Monthly off-site meetings, regular meeting tours*
Through peatix, you can observe monthly off-site meetings (held in Tokyo) and weekly/monthly meetings using Holacracy (online). First, we invite you to our regular meetings and after understanding RELATIONS, we invite you to our monthly off-site meetings.

*Representative Hiroaki Hasegawa note*
This is a note from Hiroaki Hasegawa, CEO of RELATIONS. I use notes to share what is important to me as a manager and what I have learned.

“April Dream” is a PR event where companies send out their dreams that they would like to achieve in the future on April 1st.
This is a project by TIMES. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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