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Notice of new system / Uniforce

Notice of new system / Uniforce

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Notice of new system / Uniforce
*Atsushi Nakajima has been newly appointed as CSO and Kazuhiro Iwabuchi as VPoP, aiming to further strengthen the business. * CSO Atsushi Nakajima (left) Representative Director and CEO Kazuya Sunada (center) VPoP Kazuhiro Iwabuchi (right)
Uniforce Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO: Sunada) whose mission is “governance growth” to build a foundation for sustainable growth in accordance with the company’s phase.
Kazuya (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is pleased to announce that two people have been appointed as CSO and VPoP as of April 1, 2024. Through this, we will strengthen the foundation of our organization and further accelerate our business.
CSO / Atsushi Nakajima (left photo)
* profile *
Joined Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (currently Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ) in 2007. At the Jimbocho Branch, Sales Headquarters, and Sydney Branch, he is in charge of a wide range of companies, from small to medium-sized enterprises to large corporations, and provides solutions to customers’ management and business issues. During his time at the sales headquarters, he was also in charge of startups, establishing a joint venture with the company and creating new businesses. He also engaged in human resource development planning, and as the person in charge of training new employees, planned and operated large-scale, long-term training programs, as well as established human resource development programs for overseas bases and a program to strengthen practical English skills in Japan. Participated in Uniforce in order to advance organization building from both offensive and defensive aspects, from formulating sales strategies including alliance strategies to strengthening management.

* Inaugural comments *
My name is Nakajima and I was appointed as Uniforce’s executive officer and CSO. I decided to join Uniforce because I sympathized with Uniforce’s “Governance Growth” philosophy, which is to build governance that matches a company’s growth phase, and to evolve governance as the company grows.
Utilizing over 12 years of experience in dealing with corporate management and business issues, we will strive to provide solutions unique to Uniforce from the customer’s perspective. We will also build a sales organization based on the spirit of mutual prosperity that will balance the growth of our customers and our company.

VPoP / Kazuhiro Iwabuchi (photo right)
* profile *
Started his career as a product manager at Yapri Co., Ltd. After that, he worked as a product manager for startups and listed companies. I sympathized with Uniforce’s vision and joined Uniforce to reflect the practical experience and deep knowledge of product management gained through my extensive career in products.

* Inaugural comments *
My name is Iwabuchi and I have been appointed as Uniforce’s executive officer VPoP.
The worldview envisioned by Uniforce is so grand that at first glance, its realization may seem like a pipe dream.
We will use all the knowledge and experience we have gained through our experiences to realize Uniforce’s wonderful world view with our products.
Please look forward to the future of Uniforce.

From Kazuya Sunada, Representative Director and CEO
Mr. Iwabuchi has experience growing a product to the point of being listed on the stock market after a career as a PM. Our team needs to create products in a complex manner, and I have great expectations that he will drive our business forward with momentum.
I am confident that Mr. Nakajima will contribute to the expansion of services from the perspective of investors, banks, and other stakeholders, and together we will create a world that has not yet been seen, since we do not have anyone with a background in financial institutions.
I also hope that he will use his extensive experience to play an active role in the training of human resources within the company. I’m really happy that these two reliable people have joined us in building a business with an eye on the whole of Japan and the world! Uniforce Co., Ltd.
■ Representative: Kazuya Sunada Certified Public Accountant
■ Establishment date: August 13, 2020
■ Capital: 628,248,000 yen *Includes capital reserves
■ Company website:
■ Service site:
■ Business content: SaaS business, back office operations support (BPO), IPO support, external CFO operations, branding business, document design business
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