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Home » GORIX Co., Ltd. New product Newly released polarized sunglasses (GS-TRANS790) from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX”!!

GORIX Co., Ltd. New product Newly released polarized sunglasses (GS-TRANS790) from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX”!!

GORIX Co., Ltd.
[New product] Newly released polarized sunglasses (GS-TRANS790) from the bicycle parts brand “GORIX”!!
These sunglasses have photochromic lenses, which make the lenses thinner in places where there is little UV rays, such as indoors, and change color and become darker in places where there is a lot of UV rays, such as outdoors.
GORIX Co., Ltd. (Address: 3-9-29 Zuiko, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Akira Nagano), which develops, manufactures, and sells bicycle parts, has released a new product, “Photochromic Sunglasses” ( GS-TRANS790)” has been released.
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[Image 4:×800.jpg] GS-TRANS790
“Photochromic lenses that change color when exposed to ultraviolet light” The lens becomes thinner in places where there is little ultraviolet rays, such as indoors, and becomes thinner in places where there is a lot of ultraviolet rays, such as outdoors.
The lens becomes discolored and darkens. UV rays do not reach the tunnel section when cycling on a road bike or other bicycle. The lens gradually becomes thinner to ensure comfortable visibility. It’s very convenient because you don’t have to do things like take off your sunglasses.
You can use it at any time, so it’s great for commuting by bicycle in the morning and at night. It also has a UV cut effect (UV cut rate of over 98%), so it is great for eye care, sun protection, and UV protection. The trendy full-lens design provides a wide range of effects on the eye area, and can also be used as a dust and insect repellent.
It is lightweight and the parts that touch your face are made of soft material, so it won’t hurt even when worn for a long time. For various sports such as cycling (road bike, cross bike, mini velo road, etc.), running, mountain climbing, walking, golf, fishing, etc. The large lenses have a sporty and fashionable mirror finish.
– Lenses change color so you can use them day or night!・Lens discolors due to UV rays ・Highly fashionable mirror processing ・Wide lens surface prevents wind and insects from getting into your eyes ・One lens (formed by 1 lens, wide protection range) ・UV400 UV protection (UV cut rate 98) % or more)・You won’t get tired even for long periods of time (Lightweight and ergonomically designed design pursues comfort)・The nose is adjustable and can be moved to adjust to the position of your nose You can get a good fit.・For both men and women Product features
[Photochromic lens] The lens changes depending on the amount of ultraviolet rays. Functional photochromic sunglasses that protect your eyes from sunlight and UV rays and can be used even when it gets dark.
[Image 5:×1356.jpg] [Clear lenses] Before they change color, they are clear (transparent) with a slight orange tint, so they won’t look strange at night and can be worn regardless of the time of day, so you don’t have to take them off or put them on.
[Image 6:×858.jpg] [UV protection for eyes] UV400 lens with UV protection effect. UV protection rate is over 98%. It relieves eye strain such as damage to the cornea caused by ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet transmittance: 2.0% or less (cut rate 98% or more)
[Image 7:×1401.jpg] [TR90&PC frame] Light and flexible, it is elastic and does not easily deform, so it is difficult to break.
[Image 8:×800.jpg] [Not likely to cause pain] The part that touches the face is made of soft rubber material that will not cause pain. The design is ergonomically designed.
[Adjustable nose pad] It’s adjustable so you don’t have to tighten it and it’s comfortable. It is designed to fit the Japanese face.
[Image 9:×947.jpg] [Inner frame included] Comes with an inner frame that allows you to attach prescription lenses. (Prescription lenses are not included.)
[Image 10:×800.jpg] [Complete set contents] A set of photochromic sunglasses, hard case, soft case, glasses wipe, and inner frame.
[Image 11:×800.jpg] [Suitable for various sports] Recommended for sports such as cycling, baseball, running, and tennis, as well as casual everyday use such as fishing, driving, and driving.
[Image 12:×800.jpg] Product details
Product name: GORIX polarized sunglasses (GS-TRANS790) Sales location: ●GORIX official store (Rakuten) →●GORIX official store (Yahoo Shopping) → https
●GORIX Official Store (Amazon) → Sales price: 4,799 yen (tax included, shipping included) *Sales price is subject to change.
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