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“Initial D” Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC type mouse volume 41 version is now available!

Faith Co., Ltd.
“Initial D” Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC type mouse volume 41 version is now available!
This is an officially licensed product.
・Volume 41 version of FC type mouse featuring popular character Ryosuke Takahashi from “Initial D” is now available.
– Careful details make it look like a mini car
– Easy to use with a size that fits in your hand
・Can be used in 2 ways: Bluetooth connection and receiver connection ・Original mouse pad included
“Initial D” Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC3S (Mazda RX-7), a car mouse that reproduces the 41st volume version is now available
A mouse based on the 41st volume version of Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC3S (Mazda RX-7), a character from the manga “Initial D,” is now available from Norimono miscellaneous goods brand CAMSHOP.JP (Face Co., Ltd.). We have started selling online.
Product page:
[Image 1:×800.jpg] The mouse is based on the popular character Ryosuke Takahashi’s vehicle. Ryosuke Takahashi, a popular character from Initial D, is the leader and number one driver of the Akagi Red Suns, which is based in Mt. Akagi, Gunma Prefecture. Due to the white body of his beloved car, FC3S (Mazda RX-7), he was also known as the “White Comet of Akagi,” and was Gunma’s strongest driver, building an undefeated legend until the appearance of the main character, Takumi Fujiwara. He is a popular character with driving skills, knowledge, and tactics, and has been active as a leader since “Project D” started.
Ryosuke Takahashi, who had retired from the front lines as a driver, used his favorite car, the FC3S (Mazda RX-7), in which he fought a great battle with his old opponent in Volume 41 as a “one-race comeback”. It has become a motif.
Attention to detail that makes it look like a miniature car
A Bluetooth mouse that reproduces the 41st volume version of Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC3S (Mazda RX-7) that appears in the manga “Initial D”. It looks like a miniature car with attention to detail, and the headlights can be illuminated when in use. When not connected to a PC, the playful gimmick of flashing rear lights allows you to experience more excitement than a miniature car.
When not in use, you can display it on your desk and enjoy the world of the manga “Initial D” on your desktop.
(Officially licensed product of Kodansha and Mazda)
Sized to fit your hand, with two connection methods
It supports Bluetooth 5.1, USB receiver connection and two types of connections. Compared to conventional car-shaped mice, it has a compact design that fits more comfortably in the hands of Japanese people.
A special mouse pad is included! All 3 types
The mouse comes with an original mouse pad.
Includes one of three types of mouse pads designed by Ryosuke Takahashi & FC3S (Mazda RX-7).
Sold on official website
Now on sale at the manufacturer’s official site CAMSHOP.JP
[Image 2:×800.jpg]
[Image 3:×800.jpg]
[Image 4:×800.jpg]
[Image 5:×800.jpg]
[Image 6:×800.jpg]
[Image 7:×800.jpg] mouse specs
Box: 19.5cm x 12.5cm x 5.5cm Material: ABS resin Country of
manufacture: China Power source: Uses 1 AA battery (sold separately) 2.4GHz band wireless type, connected with included USB receiver Bluetooth connection (C) Shuichi Shigeno/Kodansha
Company name: Faith Co., Ltd. Location: 2-38 Kitayasuda Nishi, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture Contact: 076-287-6593 Email: Reception hours: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(Saturdays, Sundays, (Excluding holidays) HP: CAMSHOP mail magazine
Product introduction page
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