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Medeco Co., Ltd. New service “Implant Navi (beta version)” released – Medeco Orthopedic Surgery This is all you need –

[Medeco Co., Ltd.] New service “Implant Navi (beta version)” released – Medeco Orthopedic Surgery This is all you need –

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Press release: April 1, 2024
New service “Implant Navi (beta version)” released – Medeco Orthopedic Surgery Only This –
*A new service supporting orthopedic surgery has been launched. Medeco has started offering “Implant Navi (beta version)”! *
* ■Overview*
Medeco Co., Ltd. will launch the implant search function “*Implant Navi*” for use in orthopedic surgery in February 2024.
” beta version has been released. This function was introduced in the “Medical Assistance App” released in September 2023.
It is available under “Orthopedic Surgery Kore Dake”, and you can search for implants based on detailed specifications for each case. This app was developed with support from Osaka University, led by orthopedic specialists Dr. Hirokazu Mae and Dr. Takayuki Kitahara, and reflects the opinions of many doctors at affiliated hospitals. The existing functions include content aimed at training young doctors (examination, classification, anatomy, specialist exam preparation, etc.). The newly released implant search function digitizes implant information that was previously managed in paper catalogs, reducing the workload of a wide range of occupations such as doctors, operating nurses, and medical device wholesale sales representatives. We support “work style reform” that starts in earnest.


* 1. Centralize the latest information *
By centralizing disparate implant information such as paper booklets and electronic files on the web, you can search across manufacturers and easily access implant information. Even paper information that tends to be updated quickly can be updated quickly on the web, allowing you to obtain the latest information.
* 2. Business improvement *
By introducing this app, young surgeons can complete the work of contacting and coordinating with senior doctors, operating rooms, and agencies over the phone via the web.
* 3.Medical safety*
Inaccurate communication of information between hospitals and vendors can lead to negative effects on patients. By centralizing and logging information using the app, we prevent communication errors and the resulting postponement of surgery after laparotomy.
This reduces the time required to search for information on implants, check past order history, place orders with vendors, share information with related parties, etc., and contributes to business improvements such as reducing ordering errors.

* ■Function introduction*
Open “Implant Navi (beta version)” from the top page and select the fracture site/case. You can search for implants based on various specifications for each fracture case, and select a product from the list of search results to see detailed information. You can also add the selected products to your cart and place an order just like shopping on an EC site (*A contract is required for each hospital for the ordering function). When placing an order, enter information such as the surgery date and time and surgeon information, which will be sent to the vendor and shared within the hospital.

* ■Introduction method*
The implant search function can be used free of charge by individual physicians by registering as members. To use the ordering function, you can use it by signing a contract with your affiliated hospital. Register here https://

* ■Contact information*
Corporate Planning Office
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