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everfree LLC Proposing an ethical lifestyle to the world from Ethical&SEA+m!

[everfree LLC] Proposing an ethical lifestyle to the world from Ethical&SEA+m!
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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
Ethical&SEA+m proposes an ethical lifestyle to the world!
*April Dream of everfree LLC, which operates store management business* This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true.
Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams.
This press release is a dream of “everfree LLC”.

Everfree LLC (representative employee: Satoshi Kaji Kiyoshi) is mainly engaged in store management, event planning and management, human resource development, and sales agency (real estate and human resources).

Among them, this time we would like to introduce the store’s concept, thoughts, and our company’s dreams regarding the store business.

“Living kindly to people and the earth through ethical consumption” “Ethical&SEA+m Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore”
Ethical&SEA is an organic select shop with 12 stores (as of March 2024) in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Okinawa. (Ethical Sea store list URL)

Ethical&SEA values ​​the Native American values ​​of “Think about what you need to do now and act for the sake of your children, seven generations from now.”

Since its founding, TSUTAYA has built a brand as a base for
disseminating information on movies, music, culture, etc.
In 2015, Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore opened in LUCUA 1100, a large commercial facility in Umeda, Osaka, as a place to discover new work styles.

“Ethical&SEA+m” is a new brand created in collaboration between Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore and Ethical&SEA in Umeda, Osaka, one of the largest cities in the Kansai region.

The name “m” comes from the initials of the word “medhia”.
Ethical&SEA+m, as a base for disseminating information on ethical lifestyles using media, will disseminate “living that is kind to people and the earth,” and will continue to provide a space where organic products become more familiar to customers.

There are over 500 types of product lineup! Proposing an ethical lifestyle that suits each person
Since our store is attached to Tsutaya Bookstore, many customers of all ages and genders use our store.
We boast a product lineup of more than 500 products, mainly organic, and every day we provide everyone with the opportunity to choose something “a little bit better” for people’s lives, the environment, and the next generation.

The main lineup includes nutritional supplements (supplements, protein, etc.), daily life consumables (shampoo, treatments, etc.), basic cosmetics, and food. This store is like a theme park with miscellaneous goods and a wide variety of products.

Our products are sold both domestically and internationally, and all of our products are purchased by our buyers who go to the site and only purchase items that they think are perfect and then display them in our stores.
One of its strengths is that you can discover something new every time you visit, as the sales floor is updated not only seasonally but also monthly, and there are products on sale for a limited time at pop-ups.

In addition, for customers visiting our store for the first time, we make sure to use a hearing sheet to suggest products that are suitable for them.
We will continue to propose products that suit each customer and contribute to enriching their work and private lives through ethical consumption.

I want to spread Ethical & SEA more around the world! What are the owner’s thoughts and dreams for the future?
We operate our stores in sympathy with Ethical&SEA’s concept of “making good choices now for the next generation.”

Our dream is to spread Ethical & SEA throughout Japan and deliver ethical products to as many people as possible.
By doing so, we hope to be a presence that supports people’s dreams and what they want to do as they get closer to health.

If you are in the area, please stop by and experience our products for yourself.

“April Dream” is a PR event where companies send out their dreams that they would like to achieve in the future on April 1st.
This is a project by TIMES. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.

store information
“Ethical&SEA+m Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore”
Lucuaire 9th floor, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
Business hours: 10:30-21:00
Closed: Same as Lucuaire

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