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Home » Invention Lab Box A housewife inventor will start selling Kassup, an umbrella holder that absorbs droplets just by putting it in, at Kurafan from April 2nd.

Invention Lab Box A housewife inventor will start selling Kassup, an umbrella holder that absorbs droplets just by putting it in, at Kurafan from April 2nd.

invention lab box
A housewife inventor will start selling Kassup, an umbrella holder that absorbs droplets just by placing an umbrella in it, at Kurafan from April 2nd.
We want to contribute to reducing the number of discarded umbrellas and umbrella plastic waste due to the number one item left behind on trains: Umbrellas.
Invention Labox Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), an invention support company represented by housewife inventor Naomi Matsumoto, will launch the first full-fledged in-house brand “Invention Labox” product from April 2nd (Tuesday). We will start selling Kassup, an umbrella holder that absorbs droplets just by placing an umbrella in it, at Makuake. By making it possible to wear a wet umbrella without stress, we aim to reduce the number of discarded umbrellas and umbrella plastic waste due to misplaced umbrellas. [URL]
[Image 1:×1538.jpg] Kassup is a water-absorbing umbrella holder that absorbs droplets and can be hung on bags, etc. just by putting the umbrella in.
[Background of Kasapp development]
In Japan, it rains nearly a third of the year, and in recent years, sudden rain has become more common due to abnormal weather, making it essential to carry an umbrella. On the other hand, “umbrellas” continue to be at the top of the list of things left behind on trains and at vacation spots.
Approximately 300,000 forgotten umbrellas are received by the police from railway companies, commercial facilities, etc. every year in Tokyo (*). The current situation is that many umbrellas are reported as lost and found but are not returned and are discarded. (*) 2020 Metropolitan Police Department Lost and Found Status
[Image 2:×608.png ]
The Metropolitan Police Department Lost and Found Center (from You tube, the official Metropolitan Police Department channel)
(*) Metropolitan Police Department official channel
Umbrellas are indispensable in rainy skies, but as soon as you get indoors, they are taken away from you and forgotten.The reasons why they are forgotten are the inconvenience of not being able to use one hand and restricting movement, and the fear of water droplets splashing or dripping on the umbrella. It can be said that it becomes. This time, we have developed the water-absorbing umbrella holder “Kassup” to solve these problems and reduce waste umbrellas and umbrella plastic waste.
[Image 3:×493.png ]
By using the water-absorbing umbrella holder “Kassup”, you can use both hands properly and don’t have to worry about water droplets on your umbrella.
[What is the water-absorbing umbrella holder “Kassup”]
The water-absorbing umbrella holder “Kasapp” is an umbrella holder that absorbs water droplets from umbrellas while storing them, and can be attached to bags, etc. The entire surface of the storage
compartment is covered with microfiber that is highly absorbent and quick-drying, so just insert an umbrella and it will wipe away the moisture and prevent water from dripping.
[Image 4:×767.png ]
Left: Kassup main body Right: Water absorbing surface of the main body expanded. Covered with microfiber and absorbs water well.
It weighs only 56g and is compact, with a total length of 25cm when in use, making it easy to carry. When in use, it becomes cup-shaped, so wind can easily pass through it while the umbrella is not inserted, and combined with the quick-drying properties of microfiber, it dries more easily than regular umbrella covers.
[Image 5:×1370.jpg] Lightweight at 56g. It is also attractive that it is compact at 25 cm when in use.
It also comes with a button and hook-and-loop fastener to secure the umbrella, so you can adjust the size and use it regardless of whether it’s a thick umbrella, a thin umbrella, or a stand-up umbrella. By always carrying an umbrella with you, you can reduce the amount of plastic bags used for umbrellas, which also helps preserve the environment.
[Image 6:×2211.png ]
Can hold both thick and thin umbrellas securely
How to use it: When closing the umbrella, place it in the kasap like a sword. The entire inside is made of microfiber, so just insert the umbrella straight into it and it will absorb water droplets from the umbrella.
By rotating the umbrella slowly while inserting it, you can wipe off moisture more effectively and fix the umbrella while keeping it together.
[Video 2:] In fact, “Kasapp” is an upgraded version of “Kasamo”, an umbrella holder that absorbs droplets developed by our company. “Kasapp” received support of over 1.3 million yen through crowdfunding. Based on your feedback, we have doubled the surface area of ​​the
water-absorbing material, improved and renovated the product with a stylish design and easy-to-use colors.
[Image 7:×914.jpg] Available in two easy-to-use colors: black and khaki
[Thoughts toward development]
[Image 8:×1369.jpg] Housewife inventor, representative of Invention Labox, Naomi Matsumoto Representative Matsumoto has been engaged in inventive activities for 25 years since 1999, with the motto of “characteristic shapes and simple structures.” Invented products that solve everyday problems while also solving social problems have great potential. Through the newly developed water-absorbing umbrella holder “Kassup,” we hope to eliminate the annoyance of wet umbrellas in our daily lives while reducing the number of discarded umbrellas and plastic umbrellas. In the future, in addition to these in-house developed products, we would like to expand the scope of our activities as a company that can realize the dreams of people who want to invent their own ideas. [Product overview of water-absorbing umbrella holder “Kassup”] ・Size: Total length (LWH) approximately 290 x 185 x 20mm
・Weight: Approx. 56g
・Material: Neoprene (chloroprene rubber/polyester)/microfiber chenille (polyester)
/ Bias tape (polyester) / Snap button (plastic)
/ Velcro fastener (polyester) / Ring (steel)
・Size of umbrella that can be fixed
Umbrella (cylindrical shape) Maximum width approximately 5.5cm Long umbrella (conical shape) Maximum width approximately 6cm ・Price: 2,970 yen (general sales price)
[Image 9:×1086.jpg] Left: Kassup unfolded Right: Image with an umbrella inserted [Representative Naomi Matsumoto Profile]
Invention Labox Co., Ltd. Representative Director/Inventor
Graduated from Nihon University College of Art
Developed a house builder while working at a first-class architect design office (holds a second-class architect)
Started invention activities in 1999.
2010 Established Invention Labox Co., Ltd.
The company is responsible for a series of tasks, from product development (design) to package design, sales, and support for inventions by individuals and companies.
・Product groups invented so far-
140,000 pieces of Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle “Nib Super” 1 million pieces of Starbucks promotional product “Paper Puzzle”
Many manufacturer-licensed products such as “Room Earmuff Muffler”, “Heart Cushion to Fit Your Butt”, “Shoulder Belt for Cane – Arktomo”, etc.
Based on the motto of “distinct shape, simple structure,” we have acquired rights and entered into licensing agreements with many manufacturers for inventions.
“First Invention (Shinsensha)” Amazon No. 1 in Patent/Invention Category Ranking (2020)
[About Invention Labox Co., Ltd.]
We develop and design products based on ideas from individuals and companies, from design to manufacturing, and also match intellectual property rights. Even if you have a vague idea of ​​“this is what I want to make,” we will turn it into a realistic product for which you can obtain intellectual property rights.
If you have any inquiries about purchasing products or would like to create original products (service name: Business), please contact us. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Invention Labox Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-1-45-801 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Naomi Matsumoto
Business content: Product development, design, manufacturing, sales, invention education, intellectual property matching
Established: May 2010
Intellectual property matching site “Chizaoku”
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