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Home » Decoboko Base Co., Ltd. aims to become a social infrastructure with 1,000 support facilities for disabled children nationwide.

Decoboko Base Co., Ltd. aims to become a social infrastructure with 1,000 support facilities for disabled children nationwide.

Decoboco Base Co., Ltd.
Decoboko Base Co., Ltd. aims to become a social infrastructure with 1,000 support facilities for disabled children nationwide.
~Towards a society where everyone is naturally accepted as a member of society and can play an active role. ~
Decoboko Base Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Kiyotaka Matsui ) aims to open 1,000 locations nationwide, which is roughly the same number of special needs schools that serve as social infrastructure for people with disabilities.
*We support April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share your dreams. This press release is a dream of “Decoboco Base Co., Ltd.”
[Image 1:×720.jpg] ●Current situation and challenges for people with disabilities Regarding the number of day-care centers, over 90% of
ordinance-designated cities and core cities have 10 or more, while about 40% of towns and villages have 0. Furthermore, even major companies in the industry are said to have an area coverage rate of 40% to 70%, so how to install them especially in areas with a small number of people and businesses is a major social issue. The current situation in which victims and their families find it difficult to break out of a negative spiral due to not being able to receive appropriate support or even information at the right time is also viewed as a problem.

●Why we do this: When we first started our business, we cried during interviews with parents as they expressed their gratitude. “My child has made friends at school” and “My child is now able to listen to the lessons properly” were words of great joy to us as support providers, but afterward we received a message from a parent saying “My child has made new friends at school” and “He is now able to listen to the lessons properly”. “My friend’s child also has a developmental disability, but there is no office nearby, so she is in trouble.”
[Image 2:×720.jpg] As we conducted our research, we realized that the more rural the area, the more important it is to open a nearby business office as soon as possible. We believed that “sense of speed” and “regional revitalization” were two essential issues, and as a result of considering various business models, we decided on a “franchise” that would meet both of these requirements. Although this model tends to focus only on the economic aspect, we believe that it is a “means” that can meet both of these issues when viewed from a different perspective. We continue to advocate to society a new concept called “social franchise,” in which people who have a desire to contribute to society through welfare for the disabled enter into a contractual relationship.
●What we value and the future we want to achieve: “A society in which people can live a fulfilling life without being discriminated against by any differences.” In order to realize such a sustainable future, we will We value maximizing “social impact” rather than maximizing profits. As capitalism reaches its limits, “social impact” is a summary of what we should focus on most. Every year, we conduct a survey of the people involved and their families, evaluate and analyze each item, and then develop measures for the following year. By repeating this process little by little, we aim to realize the goal of “creating a society where unevenness can thrive.”
[Image 3:×720.jpg]
[Image 4:×720.jpg] ●Protect the hearts of all people and grow together with others. Currently, with over 100 partner companies, we have expanded to cover an area of ​​85% across Japan.
The current situation is that 15% of the areas (Aomori, Fukui, Tokushima, Kochi, Tottori, Nagasaki, Kagoshima) are still underserved by social resources. We are looking for a partner (a social franchise member company) who can solve the difficult situation of “driving an hour each way to the next town or village” as soon as possible. *”April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES where companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to achieve someday on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true. ●Company profile Company name: Decoboco Base Co., Ltd.
[Image 5:×324.jpg] Head office location: VORT Shibaura Water Front 6F, 4-12-31 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo President and CEO: Kiyotaka Matsui Established: July 2014 Business details: Child development support “Happy Terrace Kids” / After-school day service “Happy Terrace”・Management of independence training (lifestyle training) “Deen College”, employment transition support “D Career”, “D Career IT Expert”, and “D Career Work”. Providing programs tailored to the characteristics of developmental disorders associated with the management and operation of the “Tenobo Guide” business search site for “child development support” and “after-school day services.” Corporate site:
https://www.decoboco-base.comYouTube: (Our president, Matsui, communicates management policies and strategies.) TikTok: @decobocobase ( Page for companies considering joining: press inquiries Contact – Decoboco Base Co., Ltd. Public Relations: ShimadaTEL: 03-6809-6950E-Mail:
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