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Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. <A former "useless" cheat-class saint subjugates monsters! ? >Earth Star Luna new issue released on April 1st (Monday)

Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.
– A former “useless” cheat-class saint subjugates monsters! ? -Earth Star Luna new book released on April 1st (Monday)
Based on a non-standard strategy, we will crush the enemy with magic and physics!
The new book of the novel label [Earth Star Luna] published by Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuhiro Makuuchi) will be released on April 1st (Monday). You can try reading new works and some previously published books for free on the Earth Star Luna official website ⇒
[Image 1:×470.jpg] “I was called a “saint’s bonus,” but it seems I’m not a bonus. ”(2) -Special feature page (character introduction & bonus
information)- -Amazon purchase-
[Image 2:×2150.jpg] Author: Kuroe Hayase Illustration: hi8mugi
Saya is a high school girl who thought she was just a free bonus summoned with the saint, but she actually has cheat-level magic. Now, as a saint of the empire, she was spending her busy days healing the people and providing magical power for the barrier, when she was given the task of subjugating monsters! ?
Many powerful monsters including wyverns.
Then Saya makes a proposal…
“Hahaha! That’s a really rough and fun plan!”
What is the unconventional strategy devised by Saya, who fights with her fiancée’s imperial brother Dizak and the holy dragon Vain?
[Image 3:×787.jpg] “I am the reincarnated prince of the land of light! ~Trouble is solved with the blessings of spirits and my friends who dote on me~” (3) -Special feature page (character introduction & bonus
information)- -Amazon purchase-
[Image 4:×1422.jpg ]
Author: Nadeha Illustration: nyanya
Even if we’re apart, we’ll always be family…
Solve the most difficult problem on the frontier and go home with a smile! A warm fantasy of a little prince!
In the frontier, Lilias purified the divine beast Yuki’s impurity and solved the forest rash damage.
One day, news arrives that the pharmacist Keia is on a rampage. “I don’t have anything! I’ve been all alone!”
Will he be able to save the lonely medicine man’s heart and return safely to the imperial capital? ?
And Lilias, who was faced with parting with her family…
Whether it’s a small child or the most difficult problem in the middle of nowhere, we can solve the problem quickly! !
Newly written short story included!
Comicalization planning underway! !
[Image 5:×787.jpg] “The school lunch lady goes to another world” (3)
-Special page (character introduction & bonus
information)- -Amazon purchase-
[Image 6:×1709.jpg] Author: Mugi Mameda Illustration: Shiro46
Although Kazuha meets Mordamode again, he spends his days overcoming the crisis. I worked hard on cooking as usual, and secretly did special training on the Zagil…
However, he realizes that his memory is lacking, and begins to worry about the need to train to adjust his magical power, vowing to “overthrow Mordamode.”
As the balance between humans and demons that has been maintained for the past 150 years is crumbling,
The five people who were summoned as heroes continue to study hard with their own feelings in mind.
Then, he encountered Mordamode again…
Why was I chosen to be a hero?
What is the maturity of a hero?
What is the true meaning of Mordamode?
A magnificent final volume that reveals everything! !
[Image 7:
&s3=101562-270-19584B9A57C2E0b8bffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 65E-1449×787.jpg]
“When I was reincarnated, I met my beloved family again. I will make delicious food using the cheats from my previous life” (4)
-Special feature page (character introduction & bonus
information)- -Amazon purchase-
[Image 8:×1706.jpg] Author: Ayasakura Illustration: CONACO
Inspired by a country with a food culture similar to Japan, Urshela is a young child of a viscount family who cooks for a variety of people. Even the queen, the duke’s family, and the divine beasts who serve the gods! ? Meanwhile, my uncle Rodin, who was off to war, finally returns! I said a few words while looking at the ingredients with him. “Kaisendon, I want to chukuri!!”
Even if your country is reluctant to eat raw food, using fresh ingredients will make everyone smile.
The story eventually spread to the development of frozen foods that maintain freshness–the long-awaited 4th volume of the popular children’s cooking fantasy!
[Image 9:×787.jpg] Release lineup on Wednesday, May 1, 2024
“A Tale of a Thousand Nights and a Thousand Foods: Although she is a defeated princess, Her Royal Highness the Ice Prince is very fond of her” (3)
Author: Edamame Zunda Illustration: Karasu Rinto
Earth Star Entertainment Official Site
[Image 10:
&s3=101562-270-C399D2D2D2D2D2D2D2d2b0A9323757F87788787888787887a888788787878787778777770- C399D2D2D2D2D2D2D218B0A93237577888888888 d05-1500X500.jpg]
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