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Home » Storage King Co., Ltd. “Storage King” president Arakawa appears on Voicy’s “Kumi Fujisawa’s President Talk” and explains industry trends and the latest storage room situation.

Storage King Co., Ltd. “Storage King” president Arakawa appears on Voicy’s “Kumi Fujisawa’s President Talk” and explains industry trends and the latest storage room situation.

[Storage King Co., Ltd.] “Storage King” president Arakawa appears on Voicy’s “Kumi Fujisawa’s President Talk” and explains industry trends and the latest storage room situation.

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Press release: April 1, 2024
“Storage king” president Arakawa appears on Voicy’s “Kumi Fujisawa’s President Talk” and explains industry trends and the latest storage room situation
*Would you like to hear the behavioral philosophy and management secrets from the company’s top executives? ~*
Mr. Fujisawa and President Arakawa
Storage King Co., Ltd. (Head office: Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, President and CEO: Arakawa) operates planning, development, operation, and management related to storage rooms.
We would like to inform you that Shigeru Arakawa, the president of Shigeru (stock code: 2997, hereinafter referred to as “Storage King”), will appear as a guest on “Kumi Fujisawa’s President Talk” on the voice platform Voicy. This program is scheduled to be broadcast on April 1st (Monday), April 3rd (Wednesday), and April 5th (Friday), 2024.
“Kumi Fujisawa’s President Talk” is a program that focuses on business and leadership insights, featuring leaders and experts from a variety of industries, providing useful information to listeners. In this broadcast, Arakawa, our company’s president and representative director, who has been involved in the industry for over 15 years, will appear and talk candidly about everything from his upbringing to industry trends and the latest trunk room situations. The content will be of interest to those interested in management and management, so please give it a listen.

▼Storage King official website
Official website

* ・Broadcast date and listening method*
Broadcast media: Voice platform Voicy
Program name: “Kumi Fujisawa’s CEO Talk”
Distribution date: April 1st (Monday), April 3rd (Wednesday), April 5th (Friday), 2024
Distribution starts from 7:30 a.m.
*After distribution, you can listen to it as an archive. How to listen: Download the Voicy app or register as a member from the program website to listen.

・Click here to download the Voicy app
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・Program website
*Membership registration is required for both the app and website.

*〇Comments from the person in charge of tie-up planning Masahiro Sakagami, Manager, Corporate Planning Office (Organization and Storage Advisor)*
Since this is a conversation between Mr. Fujisawa and Arakawa, we hope that everyone, regardless of industry, will be able to hear about Arakawa’s upbringing, his behavioral guidelines and way of thinking, and the know-how he has cultivated through his diverse career. In Japan, the existence of trunk rooms is still unknown to the public, and I think that Mr. Fujisawa was able to sense the potential of trunk rooms in this conversation with Arakawa.

In addition, we currently offer storage rooms that are not just conventional container stores, but also indoor types with air conditioning and security, as well as wine cellars and surfboard storage rooms. Please see below for information on some of our stores. I will do it.

〇Indoor trunk room (delivery locker)
・Storage King Kajigaya Trunk Room (5-6-4 Kajigaya, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Kajigaya trunk room exterior and delivery locker
Kajigaya Trunk Room
〇Wine cellar trunk room
・Storage Ounan Funabashi Wine Cellar Trunk Room (2-4-1 Hamacho, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture)
Minamifunabashi Wine Cellar 1.
Minamifunabashi Wine Cellar 2.
Minamifunabashi Wine Cellar 3.
〇Surfboard trunk room
・Storage King Ichinomiya Surfboard Trunk Room (10007 Ichinomiya, Ichinomiya-cho, Chosei-gun, Chiba Prefecture)

Ichinomiya surfboard trunk room
Ichinomiya surfboard trunk room 2.

We hope that this tie-up feature will give you an opportunity to use our trunk rooms.

* ・About Storage King Co., Ltd.*
Our company operates a business that plans, develops, operates, and manages self-storage storage rooms, with the management philosophy of “co-creating the future of people’s lives and society by continuously increasing the value of customer assets.” Doing.
Currently, we operate 171 stores nationwide, mainly in Tokyo and Okayama, and more than 10,000 storage rooms.
The penetration rate of self-storage rooms in Japanese households is said to be less than 1%, which is lower than in countries where self-storage rooms are widespread, such as the United States, which is approximately 10%.
Although this service is not familiar to many, customers who have used it once have received positive comments such as “My room is clean and tidy and comfortable” and “I was able to organize my luggage by replacing my household items with the seasons.” Let’s eat. Replace home appliances and clothes with the seasons, store collections of important hobbies, and keep your children’s memorabilia.
Storage of things that take up space in your home but cannot be thrown away, and storage of your home when your family grows.
There are customers who use the trunk room for a variety of reasons, such as a space adjustment valve, a place to store emergency supplies, etc.
A clean and safe trunk is a subscription service that helps customers create a more comfortable environment by making their home or office a more comfortable place by utilizing the trunk room.
We believe that our mission as a self-storage room operator is to provide rooms, where social needs will continue to grow.

* ·Company Profile*
Trade name: Storage King Co., Ltd. (stock code: 2997)
Representative: Shigeo Arakawa, President and Representative Director Address: 4F, ​​1-9-23 Ichikawaminami, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture 272-0033 Established: May 2008
Business content: Planning, development, operation, and management related to storage rooms
Property management business
All businesses incidental to the above
Capital: 260,928,000 yen
corporate logo
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