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Home » Duux, an air treatment brand from the Netherlands, has released a new living room fan “Wisper” that provides a soft and pleasant breeze.

Duux, an air treatment brand from the Netherlands, has released a new living room fan “Wisper” that provides a soft and pleasant breeze.

From the Dutch air treatment brand duux comes the Wisper living room fan that delivers a soft and pleasant breeze.
(Whisper)” released

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Press release: April 1, 2024
From the Dutch air treatment brand duux comes the Wisper living room fan that delivers a soft and pleasant breeze.
(Whisper)” released
*Tsukamoto Corporation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Jiro Momose) will release the living fan “Whisper” from the Dutch air treatment specialty manufacturer “duux” on April 1st. * An air brand you can stay with for a year

duux was founded in the Netherlands in 1996. Focusing on air pollution, which is becoming more and more serious around the world, we have started selling air treatment products. Today, we have grown into a global brand with over 2,500 locations around the world. Air treatment is the idea of ​​“calming up the air”. Air quality is very important for living a comfortable and healthy life. This concept, of course, also includes creating a comfortable temperature on cold winter days. We deliver a variety of products throughout the year to help calm the air in your daily life.
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From the duux fan series, tailored to the Japanese lifestyle. The basic model “Whisper” was born.
From left: Whisper, Whisper Flex Touch, Blade
Beside each person’s comfort
Whisper has a design that fits into your everyday life and has all the functionality you need. Choose from gentle to powerful wind to suit your lifestyle. Furthermore, in consideration of the lifestyle of living close to the floor, we have adopted a spring type that allows for easy height adjustment. We pursued comfort for each family member. It seems like it’s been a year
Use a fan in the summer. In winter, use a circulator. Also, during the rainy season, it can also be used as a blower to help dry the clothes indoors. Whisper can be used in a variety of ways to suit your daily life.
Delivering a gentle breeze quietly
Nine uniquely designed blades that can blow out air finely, creating a soft and pleasant breeze. From soft winds that keep your body cool to powerful winds, we create a comfortable feeling with a quiet flow at any time.
Feathers guided by aerodynamics
Disturbed airflow not only doesn’t reach far, but also makes it feel bad to the touch. That’s why we designed curved blades that allow the wind to flow smoothly.
With nine blades, the blazing blazing will deliver a comfortable breeze without unevenness.
Expert in controlling the wind
In pursuit of more efficient and comfortable wind, Duux collaborates with Actiflow, a company that works on aerodynamics for sports cars and other vehicles. The knowledge gained from sports cars to reduce air resistance was concentrated in the shape and angle of the blades to even out the pressure on the blade surface.
By creating airflow throughout the feathers, a gentle and smooth breeze has been achieved.
26 types of wind by touching
To operate Whisper, just touch the touch panel. Fine adjustments can be made in 26 steps with just one fingertip.
There is also a natural wind mode that automatically adjusts the wind. It sends out various types of wind depending on the purpose. Even the height adjustment makes it more family-friendly.
Each family member has their own comfortable time. Not only in a sitting or standing position, but also in a sitting or standing position.
It has an 11-step height adjustment function to ensure comfort even for babies and pets who live close to the floor. It is also suitable for living on the floor, such as in a Japanese-style room.

Perfect for both people and clothing
It uses a quiet DC motor to produce a wide range of wind, from soft wind that caresses your skin to strong wind that can reach up to 18 meters away. With the 3D swing function, the angle can be adjusted to 95° vertically and 90° horizontally, and air can be blown directly above. It is also perfect for indoor drying.
DXCF26JP (WT) White JAN: 45 7116747 3908
Sales price: 15,800 yen (tax included)
DXCF27JP (GY) Authentic Gray JAN: 45 7116747 3915
Sales price: 15,800 yen (tax included)

Specifications Specifications

Number of blades/diameter: 9 blades/30cm
Body dimensions: (approx.) Width 33 x Depth 33 x Height 74-93 cm Body weight: (approx.) 3.7kg
Power supply: Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz Output: DC12V 2A
Power consumption: 2-19W
Electricity bill per hour: (approx.) 0.06 yen (air volume 1) / (approx.) 0.6 yen (air volume 26) *Calculated based on the electricity rate standard unit price of 31 yen/kWh (tax included)
Air volume adjustment: 26 levels Head swing angle adjustment: 90° left/right/95° up/down
                             Height adjustment: 11 levels
Off timer: 1 hour/2 hours/4 hours/8 hours
Driving noise: (approx.) 20-48db
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements.

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