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TableCheck Daisuke Kotegawa appointed as advisor for Table Check

[TableCheck] Daisuke Kotegawa appointed as advisor for Table Check
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Press release: April 1, 2024
Table Check, Daisuke Kotegawa appointed as advisor
Accelerating growth into a global tech company representing Japan Promote relationship building and collaboration with domestic and international governments
Table Check’s mission is to be a “platform that connects restaurants and guests around the world” more optimally and automatically by using technology to eliminate language and time difference barriers. As of March 31, 2024, our reservation and customer management system is used by approximately 9,800 restaurants in 34 countries and regions around the world. In order to achieve our goal of becoming “Japan’s leading global tech company,” we need to further accelerate our business growth. By welcoming Daisuke Kotegawa as an advisor, we hope that his wealth of experience and knowledge will contribute to building relationships with government and collaborating with overseas government officials.

Comment from Daisuke Kotegawa
The world is no longer competing for supremacy through military or economic power, but rather, we are now in an age where we should spend our once-in-a-lifetime life happily and healthily. Delicious food is an important element in eliminating stress, increasing immunity, and leading a healthy life. Our country has a variety of delicious dishes brought to you by long traditions, microcultures, and people’s ingenuity. The variety of dishes served in Japan is more than any other in the world, and dishes with the same name can have different flavors depending on where they are served.

We believe that providing information about Japan’s cuisine to other countries so that everyone can enjoy delicious cuisine in Japan is a noble mission that will bring happiness and longevity to all humankind. I sincerely hope that my experience in Japan and abroad will be put to good use for this purpose through table checks.

Comment from Yu Taniguchi, CEO of Table Check
Thanks to your support, we are currently growing rapidly as a company. Last year, we took on new challenges, such as being able to attract more visitors to Japanese restaurants through partnerships with Hakuba Village and the Niseko area.

We believe that by welcoming Mr. Kotegawa, who is deeply knowledgeable about Japanese food culture, as an advisor and cooperating with governments both domestically and internationally, we will be able to expand our business into new areas. Going forward, we will further accelerate our growth speed and strive for “world domination.”

Biography of Daisuke Kotegawa
After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo in 1975, he joined the Ministry of Finance (currently the Ministry of Finance). Worked at the Ministry of Finance for 35 years. Since the late 1990s, he has been in charge of Japan’s financial crisis response. In 1997, he was in charge of organizing Sanyo Securities and Yamaichi Securities. In 1998, he was in charge of public management of long-term credit banks and Nippon Credit Bank at the newly established Financial Supervisory Agency. In 2003, the Industrial Revitalization Corporation was established.
From July 2007 to August 2010, he responded to the Lehman Shock as the representative director for IMF Japan. In addition to being fluent in Japanese and English, he also has deep knowledge of Russian and German. He is also famous as a wine connoisseur and gourmet

TableCheck Co., Ltd.
Table check is “Dining Connected
A restaurant tech company from Japan that operates with the mission of “A platform that connects restaurants and guests around the world.” We will realize the next generation of “hospitality” using technology. The main services currently being developed are a reservation/customer management system for restaurants and a restaurant search/reservation portal site for users. By understanding real-time availability information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we support the
realization of a better restaurant experience for both restaurants and users.
Company name: TableCheck Co., Ltd. (Kabushiki Gaisha Table Check) Address: TWG Ginza East, 2-14-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Corporate site:
Founding date: March 2011
Capital: 190 million yen (total amount raised: 1.34 billion yen) Business details: Development and provision of cloud-based restaurant management systems and restaurant search/online reservation systems. Bases: 10 bases (Tokyo head office, Osaka, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE)
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