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Katsuden Steel baseboard “Habatetsu” price reduced!

[Katsuden] Steel baseboard “Habatetsu” price reduced!

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Steel baseboard “Habatetsu” price reduced!
*Refresh your room! Metal baseboard that can be used from 500 yen per meter* ■Due to popular demand, strategic price reduction has been decided In January of this year, Katsuden Co., Ltd. introduced the stylish steel baseboard “Habatetsu”*
Immediately after its release, we received a large number of inquiries and sample requests from customers, confirming the high level of attention that metal baseboards receive.
*We want as many people as possible to know the benefits of steel baseboards without letting price be an obstacle.* We have decided to strategically lower our prices in order to expand our range of products.

* ◆Reasons for choosing steel baseboards*

In the first place, baseboards are installed for the purpose of closing the gaps that occur where the floor and wall meet, and to protect the walls, but in recent years, with the aim of improving space design, many people have begun to use baseboards without baseboards. The number of people is increasing.

However, eliminating the baseboard does not serve the purpose mentioned above, so it has many functional disadvantages and is not recommended. In that case, the next thing you need is a baseboard that is as inconspicuous as possible. Due to the characteristics of the material, steel baseboards *
It can maintain sufficient strength even at a thickness of 0.8mm. * Due to this thinness, *
The baseboard itself becomes less assertive, allowing it to blend in neatly with the floor and walls. *

Steel baseboards are often used in stores and offices, but we believe that the reason they have not become more popular in general homes is that they are more expensive than wooden or resin baseboards. . * Habatetsu has succeeded in keeping the processing to a minimum due to its stripped-down design, and has succeeded in keeping the price low enough to be used not only in non-residential homes but also in general homes. *
With this price reduction, the price is comparable to that of wooden baseboards, and you can now easily choose steel baseboards based on your design and preference.
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