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DP Digital Platformer to issue Japan’s first deposit-type stable coin

Digital Platformer to issue Japan’s first deposit-type stablecoin ~ Hokkoku Bank deposit-type stable coin “Tochika” ~
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Digital Platformer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazutaka Matsuda, hereinafter “DP”) is the Hokkoku Bank, Ltd. (Headquarters: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Director and President: Shuji Tsuemura, hereinafter “The Hokkoku Bank”) ) has been providing technology for Tochituka*1, a digital local currency service that utilizes blockchain technology, and this time, Hokkoku Bank will take the lead in issuing Japan’s first deposit-type stable coin, Tochituka. We will also provide technology and launch the service today. Overview of the deposit-type stable coin “Tochika” To use “Tochika”, you need to install the “Tochika” app and register a bank deposit account for charging within the app. A TOCHICA account will be opened through this procedure. After opening, by charging your registered bank account, 1 Tochika = 1 yen can be used for payments at Tochitsuka member stores. *2Furthermore, member stores that adopt this service can implement cashless payments with a payment fee of 0.5% (tax included), which is one of the lowest in the world. *1 An application for using the digital local currency “Tochipo” and the deposit-type stable coin “Tochika” *2 Registration of a bank deposit account for charging is only available to holders of Hokkoku Bank’s savings account. If you do not have an account, you will need to open one.
[Image 2:×383.jpg] Figure 1 Prospects for the spread of deposit-type stable coins regarding the Tochitsuka service Businesses that have traditionally avoided introducing cashless payments due to the high burden of payment fees, and regional products issued on a paper basis We will promote the use of “Tochituka” for the ticket business, etc., and aim to revitalize the region through digitalization. This initiative aims to accelerate regional digital transformation (DX) and contribute to the revitalization of the local economy. In collaboration with Hokkoku Bank, we will actively expand the provision of stable coin issuance platforms to other financial institutions in the prefecture, enable charge coordination, and improve the simplicity of the service so that more Ishikawa residents can use it. We plan to increase this. We also plan to implement a person-to-person remittance function that will allow users to send Tochika by the end of 2024. Starting from Ishikawa Prefecture, this initiative will promote the issuance of deposit-type stablecoins at financial institutions in other regions, creating a more convenient environment where services using stablecoins can be mutually used throughout the country. We aim to build. As a pioneer of a new payment infrastructure, we will work with Hokkoku Bank to focus on further promoting its introduction to other financial institutions, and contribute to the DX of financial infrastructure nationwide and regional revitalization with stable coins. Masu.・Service site ・App
Store %E3%82%AB/id6463857143 ・Google Play About Digital Platformer Co., Ltd. Digital Platformer Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, we have provided local governments and business entities with a platform to issue digital regional promotion tickets and decentralized IDs (DIDs) using blockchain technology, and have established ourselves as a pioneer in blockchain technology in Japan. Ta. Starting in 2023, we will begin developing a new platform using consortium-type blockchain to more flexibly meet the wide-ranging needs of local governments and business companies. Main services ・Distributed ID (DID) issuance platform ・Digital local currency issuance platform ・Digital certificate issuance platform Through these services, we utilize signatures based on encryption technology and the tamperability of blockchain, making it virtually impossible to forge. We are realizing the issuance of decentralized IDs (DIDs) and digital currencies that are possible. In the future, we plan to expand the range of applications of blockchain and DID technology with the aim of supporting digital transformation (DX) in the real estate, finance, and education fields and developing new products. Regarding the issuance of stable coins, we are proceeding with development in collaboration with Hokkoku Bank. Our mission is: 1. Reduce money transfer costs and travel time to zero 2. Spread international standard decentralized ID across Japan 3. Realize traceability of energy and supply chains to create zero carbon cities and local production areas Based on this mission of contributing to the realization of social security, we will provide a SaaS-based platform and accelerate the social implementation of Web3, thereby promoting initiatives that will lead to the resolution of various social issues. About SHIKI SHIKI is a SaaS platform service provided by Digital Platformer Inc. that issues and manages DIDs, issues digital currencies, and issues digital certificates. The concept is “defining a passport for life and realizing a world where no documents are needed.” As standard functions, ・Issuance of decentralized ID (DID) ・Issuance of digital local currency ・Issuance of digital certificate SHIKI uses signatures using encryption technology and the
tamperability of blockchain to create DIDs that are virtually impossible to fake. We also provide digital gift certificate issuance services. Company name: Digital Platformer Co., Ltd. Representative director: Kazutaka Matsuda Location: Nippon TV Yotsuya Building 5F, 5-3-23 Chiyoda Kojimachi, Tokyo Established: April 2020 Capital: 100,000,000 yen *Company URL as of January 2024: About Hokkoku Bank, Ltd. Company name: Hokkoku Bank, Ltd. Director and President: Shuji Tsuemura Location: 2-12-6 Hirooka, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture Established: December 1943 Company URL: [Inquiries regarding this release] Digital Platformer Co., Ltd. Contact: Shinobu Matsui TEL: 03-6822-3810 Email address:

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