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Home » Axis Co., Ltd. Announcement regarding the acquisition of “Manediku” operated by Axis Co., Ltd. and JAM Co., Ltd.

Axis Co., Ltd. Announcement regarding the acquisition of “Manediku” operated by Axis Co., Ltd. and JAM Co., Ltd.

[Axis Co., Ltd.] Announcement regarding the acquisition of “Manediku” operated by Axis Co., Ltd. and JAM Co., Ltd.

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Announcement regarding the acquisition of “Manediku” operated by Axis Co., Ltd. and JAM Co., Ltd.
Axis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, President: Yudai Suenaga) is a subsidiary of JAM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Representative Director: Yudai Suenaga)
On April 1, 2024, we acquired the management training service “Manediku” operated by Takehiko (JAM). From now on, this business will be managed by Manediku Co., Ltd. as a member of the Axis Group. At the same time, we would like to inform you that Takehiko Mizutani, the current representative director of Manediku Co., Ltd., will resign, and Yudai Suenaga will be appointed as the new representative director. Additionally, Mr. Asai, currently Executive Officer/Business Manager, will continue to promote business growth as Executive Officer/Business Manager. Former Representative Director Takehiko Mizutani will continue to serve as a special advisor to Manediku Co., Ltd. and will be in charge of service quality and content supervision. *Manediku, aim of acquisition*
Through this acquisition, in addition to the job change market and recruitment market, which are the main domains of our existing four businesses, we will expand into the “human resources development field” where a certain market size and growth rate can be expected, and at the same time, the “video e-learning business”. Masu. Currently, the majority of our revenue from our existing businesses comes from agent business, career coaching business, career change media business, corporate recruitment fees, and personal charges from career change users.

On the other hand, “Manediku” is a model that combines a video e-learning business for human resources development with an in-house support service for managerial training, and receives service usage fees from companies on a subscription basis. In addition, this is a service in the “managerial training area” that is expected to have a certain market size within the human resource development market, and this acquisition will create a new pillar of earnings, diversify risk, and create new room for growth. We believe that this will also lead to creation.
In addition, “Cxo” is operated by Life Will Change, a company that we acquired last May.
“Stock” is also a direct scouting service for the CXO layer of companies, and since we are close to the customer base, we provide consistent support for client companies not only in recruitment but also in training, thereby increasing added value for customers. I’m coming.

In addition, by providing “Manediku” with our marketing know-how such as SEO and web advertising management, we expect to strengthen the number of customers for our services and believe that we can expect high synergies. Furthermore, after acquiring Manediq, we are planning an absorption-type merger in the future, and we aim to improve synergy effects by bringing the two companies together.

Furthermore, in the future, we plan to expand content not only in the area of ​​managerial training but also in the area of ​​onboarding for job changers (mid-career hires). We will support the retention and success of job changers who are users of the agent business after joining the company.
*About the “Manedik” business model*
JAM Co., Ltd. “Innovate Working
With a business mission of “Spirits! Transforming Japanese people’s view of work”, I have been providing consulting mainly focused on solving organizational issues that stand in the way of ventures and growing companies. It is true that no matter how attractive a business or product a venture/growth company may be, it will be difficult to achieve sustainable growth if the company does not have organizational management skills.
To describe Manedik in one word,
This is a service that allows us to develop managers internally. Six months of thorough support will prepare the foundation for managerial training, and from the seventh month onwards, you will be able to sustain the cycle of managerial training almost on your own. We currently have over 300 practical video contents for managerial training, and we will continue to update the content as we catch up on trends in management.
*This service/function may be changed in the future during the PMI process. *Representative comment*
Since our company Axis was founded in 2012, we have provided multiple career support services aimed at working individuals rather than companies. With the goal of becoming the work tech company that makes working individuals the happiest in Japan by 2030, we aim to become an organization of businesses and products that make 50 working individuals happy.
We feel that by acquiring Manediku, which has a product and membership base that will help us develop a new human resource development market, we will be able to make progress toward our 2030 goals. In addition to developing new businesses and products in-house, we will accelerate the realization of our vision by proactively conducting small-scale M&A that has synergy with our company, such as this one.
We will continue to operate our business to provide a variety of valuable services that will make job changers and working individuals happier as customers.
*Comment from Takehiko Mizutani of JAM Co., Ltd.*
Since its establishment in 2013, JAM Co., Ltd. has been
Sprits!” as our business mission, we have supported the change in the way Japanese people view work. Since the Manediku business, which will be transferred to Axis Corporation, was launched in 2019, we are proud that we have contributed to the development of managerial positions at various companies based on that mission.
Many companies are already facing an intensifying hiring front due to the declining birthrate and decreasing working population, and we believe that “retention/utilization of hired human resources” will become an even more social theme in the future.
Recruitment and training should be closely linked in corporate management, and by linking them, productivity can be improved and employee turnover rates can be reduced. By joining the Axis group, we aim to take full advantage of synergies with Axis’ recruitment-related businesses and contribute to solving the problems of even more companies. ”
[Profile of Mr. Takehiko Mizutani]
Joined Recruit Human Resources Center (currently Recruit) in 1997. In 2001, joined Link and Motivation, which conducts organizational consulting business. In 2013, established JAM, whose main business is organizational consulting for ventures and growing companies. 2017 PKSHA
Technology Outside Director, February 2021 AnyMind Japan CHRO, June 2021 AnyMind Group HR general managing director, appointed as outside director of Sharing Innovations Co., Ltd. in 2022.
*Comment from Tomofumi Asai, Executive Officer and General Manager* “First of all, I am very excited about this new step.Through the Manediku business, I have worked with a variety of growing companies and supported enthusiastic managers, executives, and
managers.Management is the engine of growth for an organization. I believe that “how to develop managers in a reproducible manner” is an extremely important management theme.
In order to further evolve Manediku’s services, it is essential to strengthen various aspects including marketing, and we believe that by joining the group with Axis, which operates multiple businesses in the same human resources field, we will be able to accelerate the implementation and realization of this goal. As I meet Axis members, I feel a strong sense of empathy and vitality toward the mission, and I look forward to working together to achieve the 2030 Goals. I would like Manedik to play a role in leading the way. In the future, we will continue to contribute to solving the problems of more organizations and individuals working with Manediku as our core. ”
[Profile of Mr. Tomofumi Asai]
After graduating from Sophia University, he joined DISCO Co., Ltd., an employment information company, in 2006, and mainly supported companies in hiring new graduates. In my third year with the company, I was ranked first in the company in terms of new contracts for my main product. Since then, he has been active as a player and manager in a team specializing in the financial industry with large clients. Later Tohmatsu Innovation Co., Ltd. (currently
Engaged in human resource development/organizational development support as an HRD consultant/training instructor at DIFFERENT Co., Ltd. Established a wholesale/retail/service industry unit and was responsible for over 700 customers as the unit’s manager. He has served as a lecturer for training on over 50 themes, with a total of over 10,000 participants. Joined JAM in July 2019 and engaged in the Manediku business. Appointed as business manager in January 2022, and will be with the company from April 2023.
Appointed as executive officer.
*About Axis Corporation*
Axis Co., Ltd.’s mission is to “make all workers happy through the power of people and IT,” and we operate multiple businesses that support business people, from a job change agent business to a career coaching business to a job change specialized media business. I am. Company name: Axis Co., Ltd.
Head Office: Kurosaki Building 2F, 4-1-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Established: August 2012
Business: Recruitment business, career coaching business, media management HP:
*Axis Co., Ltd.’s management business/media*
Recruitment business “Suberanai Career Agent
Career coaching business “Majicari (”
Media management “Surenai Career Change (” Career news platform “Surenai Career (” CXO specialized direct recruiting business “Cxo Stock (” *About JAM Co., Ltd.*
JAM Co., Ltd.’s business mission is to “transform Japanese people’s view of work,” and we provide consulting services that primarily focus on solving organizational issues that stand in the way of ventures and growing companies.
Company name: JAM Co., Ltd.
Head Office: WeWork the ARGYLE aoyama 6F, 2-14-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Established: May 1, 2013
Business: Management training service “Manedik”, organizational consulting business, training business, media business
Management service: Management training service “Manadic”
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