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ADK Holdings Co., Ltd. ADK Group Delivering experiences of joy to the world, transcending language and culture.

ADK Holdings Co., Ltd.
[ADK Group] Delivering joyful experiences to the world, transcending language and culture
ADK Group’s mission is to provide “experiences of joy” to everyone. ”, and our dream is to move people around the world and lead them to positive action through marketing activities in all areas.
Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams. This press release is a dream of “ADK Group”.
[Image:×1232.jpg] At the ADK Group, we believe that in consumer behavior and corporate activities, what moves people’s hearts and leads them to take positive action is not merely functional “goods and services,” but “experiences of joy.”
Delivering attractive experiential value of goods and services to consumers. Generating ideas with rich imagination to create a better society. We continue to take on the challenge of enriching people’s lives through marketing activities in all areas.
The ADK Group has three operating companies, ADK Marketing Solutions, ADK Creative One, and ADK Emotions, under the pure holding company ADK Holdings, which operates two businesses: marketing business and content business. This is our main business area.
In particular, with the rapid spread of generative AI in recent years, the ADK Group is working to create unprecedented “experiences of joy” by utilizing the latest technologies such as generative AI. By creating creative content and developing more personalized marketing strategies, we go beyond traditional experiences and deepen and enrich the “joy” that each consumer feels.
Through global expansion, we will transcend the language and cultural barriers of countries around the world and spread diverse “experiences of joy” around the world. By providing content and developing marketing activities that are rooted in the characteristics and regions of each country, we hope that people around the world will feel the value that the ADK Group provides.
ADK Group will continue to contribute to the business results of our clients through integrated marketing aimed at acquiring, retaining and expanding customers, and creating fans through sophisticated experience design that fully utilizes data and technology. We aim to make your life brighter and richer.
-ADK Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd.-
We provide full-funnel integrated solutions in all areas of marketing. In the digital and data-driven marketing field, which is led by the flagship business brand “ADK CONNECT” launched in 2021, highly specialized specialists gather across the organization to create “valuable customer experiences” that contribute to clients’ business results. ” is proposed.
・Renewal of homepage
Our website has been renewed. As a marketing partner, check out the latest information on the businesses and services we provide to support your company’s marketing activities and contribute to business results.
ADK MS website
-ADK Creative One Co., Ltd.-
ADK Creative One Co., Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of ADK Holdings Co., Ltd., and is a comprehensive production company that creates the best brand experience value in the digital, creative, and activation fields.
ADK CO website:
-ADK Emotions Co., Ltd.-
Inheriting our DNA as a pioneer in the content business. In addition to anime content and rights management services, we deliver attractive experiences that lead to fan creation through various customer contact points, including MD and EC businesses.
ADK EM website:
*”April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to achieve someday on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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