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Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd. Announcement of opening of supermarket “Food way” and drugstore “Matsumoto Ki yoshi”

Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd.
Announcement of opening of supermarket “Food way” and drugstore “Matsumotokiyoshi”
~Announcement of daily use stores in Nagasaki Stadium City! ~ ……
Regional Creation Nagasaki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture/President: Hideki Iwashita), which is responsible for the regional revitalization business in the Japanet Group, has announced the latest information regarding “Nagasaki Stadium City” which will open on October 14, 2024. Masu.
On the second floor of the commercial building “STADIUM CITY SOUTH”, Foodway Co., Ltd. (Head office: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture / President and CEO: Keisuke Goto) and Matsumotokiyoshi Kyushu Sales Co., Ltd. (Head office: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture /
Representative Director and President: Koji Uemura) has decided to open a store.

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■Supermarket “Food way” – Company introduction – Foodway Co., Ltd. operates the supermarket “Food way”, which has expanded into the Kanto area, mainly in Kyushu. Food way has 31 stores, mainly in northern Kyushu and Kanto, and continues to expand. We are a supermarket that operates by honing our unique strengths with the keywords of “community-based” and “proposal-oriented.”
1. We are a supermarket that started as a butcher shop, and we are very particular about fresh food!
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・Food way is characterized by its large fresh food section, which occupies approximately 60% of the entire store.・The meat is carefully selected from the production areas, and there is also a corner where you can buy it by weight. Fresh fish can also be prepared face-to-face according to customer requests. Both products are processed and packaged in-store, allowing us to deliver fresh, perishable foods. 2 You can find everything at Food way! Complete assortment of products
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・We are proud of our wide selection of products that satisfy all your needs, including healthy organic foods and rare ethnic seasonings.・We also have a wide selection of frozen foods, bento boxes, and side dishes to help busy people enjoy food.
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Open specialty “Meat Lucky Bag”
Food way will hold various events on the opening day of the new store, but the highlight of the event is the “Meat Lucky Bag.” We are planning to sell lucky bags worth 10,000 yen containing a variety of popular meats, such as steak and cut meat, for less than half the price. (*Details on price are yet to be determined) This is a very popular project that sells out quickly. Please look forward to it! -Company Comments-We aim to create a store where you can enjoy shopping and find lots of interesting and unusual items at Food Way. ■Drugstore “Matsumotokiyoshi”
[Image 5:×2227.jpg] -Company Introduction-The Matsumoto Kiyoshi Group’s philosophy is to “Create the common sense of the future and change people’s lives.” Based on this management philosophy, the Matsumoto Kiyoshi Group aims to be an “indispensable company in the field of beauty and health,” and strives to be an indispensable company in the field of beauty and health. We continue to take on challenges in order to meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders and continue to earn their trust. At our stores in Nagasaki Stadium City, we value interaction with our customers, focus on consultation sales centered on
pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and aim to contribute to beauty and health. We will do business with a system that allows you to talk with us. -Company Comment-We are very honored to be able to open a store in Stadium City, which will play a role in the future development of Nagasaki. In our daily operations, we strive to provide services that satisfy all customers, including those who live nearby and those who visit our facility from far away. ■Nagasaki Stadium City We will be announcing store openings every other week from April! In order to provide everyone with exciting information until the opening, we plan to announce tenant information on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays starting in April. We also plan to release floor maps of Nagasaki Stadium City’s commercial facilities soon. The latest information will be announced on the official website
( and SNS, so please continue to look forward to it! *The announcement date may change from the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Please note. ▼Nagasaki Stadium City
[Image 6:×1550.jpg] This is a large complex facility that is scheduled to open on October 14, 2024, including a soccer stadium, an arena, offices, commercial facilities, and a hotel. The latest information is provided on the official website and official SNS.・Official X ・Official Instagram ・Official website:
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