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IRIC Corporation “Insurance x IT x AI” life insurance current situation understanding analysis/search prop osal system “AS System” Oita Bank will start using it

Airic Corporation
“Insurance x IT x AI” Oita Bank has decided to start using “AS System”, a life insurance current situation understanding, analysis and search proposal system.
~The number of banks used is now 40~
AIRIC Corporation (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ryuji Katsumoto; Securities code: 7325; hereinafter, the “Company”)’s life insurance current situation understanding analysis/search proposal system “AS System” (hereinafter, “AS System”) ”) will be introduced by Oita Bank, Ltd. (Head Office: Oita City, Oita
Prefecture; President: Tomiichiro Goto; hereinafter referred to as “Oita Bank”) on Friday, March 1, 2024, and from Monday, April 1, 2024. We would like to inform you that we have started the service for our customers.
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Usage status of AS systems in financial institutions
Since 2016, the number of banks that have adopted it has been increasing steadily. Additionally, the number of securities analyzes performed by banks has increased by 119% compared to the previous year (as of the end of February 2024). As banks engage in insurance sales and become more commonplace, and counter operations continue to diversify, the need for AS systems is expected to continue to rise.
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List of financial institutions introducing AS systems
[Image 3:×574.png ]
Trends in the number of AS systems introduced in financial institutions background
We operate Japan’s first* insurance shop, “Hoken Clinic (R),” with over 270 stores nationwide. Utilizing our uniquely developed “Insurance IQ System (R)”, we have been able to help customers select insurance from up to 50 insurance companies in line with their wishes, without relying on the subjectivity of consultants.
In addition, we have developed the AS System as a general-purpose version of the Insurance IQ System (R), in order to develop the insurance industry as a whole by providing easy-to-understand insurance selection to customers other than the Insurance Clinic (R). has been introduced by many financial institutions.
Oita Bank has opened five Insurance Plaza insurance consultation offices in Oita Prefecture to respond to local customers’
insurance-related questions and consultations. As customers’ insurance needs are diversifying these days, we have decided to introduce the “AS System” in order to provide higher quality insurance consulting services.
About “AS System”
Product introduction page: ■Insurance policy analysis function
[Image 4:×1000.png ]
It visualizes the contents of your current insurance coverage, showing how long and how much it is covered.
It becomes a graph. Additionally, if you have multiple insurance policies, you can display them together, so you can see the coverage details at a glance.
Insurance policy analysis can be done in as little as 3 minutes using “Easy Input”*!
*“Easy input” is compatible with 48 major insurance companies and over 1,100 mutual aid products
With the optional “Security Analysis AI Assist Function”, you can create an “Analysis Sheet” by simply importing an image of an insurance policy instead of inputting data.
You can create one.
■Search/comparison function
[Image 5:×1000.png ]
Search for insurance products based on the customer’s wishes, and select multiple insurance products that match the customer’s wishes at the same time.
We will provide you with a comparison table arranged in format. You can arrange them by different insurance companies and products, or even within the same insurance product by changing the coverage amount and special terms.
1ID initial registration fee 200,000 yen, monthly usage fee 100,000 yen (excluding tax, list price)
the next deployment
In addition to providing insurance sales systems such as the conventional “AS System” and know-how through these, we also utilize AI technology by making full use of the technology of Infodio Co., Ltd., an IT company that is a 100% subsidiary. We are strengthening our efforts in the fintech field, such as developing new systems and apps that support the needs of insurance agents, and developing new systems exclusively tailored to the needs of insurance agents. We will continue to provide services for better insurance consulting not only at insurance shops but also through various sales channels. Introducing the AS series
You can calculate the products of multiple insurance companies at once and create a “product comparison sheet” that lists the product details of different insurance companies in the same format. By using this sheet, you can clearly explain the differences between each product to your customers.
*Price: Initial registration fee 33,000 yen per ID, monthly usage fee 18,000 yen ~ (excluding tax, list price)
Product introduction page: Company Profile
■IRRC Corporation (
(Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market: Securities code 7325)
[Table 2: ]
“Japan’s first walk-in insurance shop chain*”
**A chain store is defined as a store with 11 or more stores or annual sales of 1 billion yen or more.
Research by Tokyo Shoko Research (June 2018)
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