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Home » Lotte Co., Ltd. A collaboration with Kanosuke Distillery, which won the 2022 TWSC (*1) highest gold award. Japanese chocolate “YOIYO” x Kagoshima Prefecture “Kanosuke Distillery” No. 16 “YOIYO Single Malt Kanosuke”

Lotte Co., Ltd. A collaboration with Kanosuke Distillery, which won the 2022 TWSC (*1) highest gold award. Japanese chocolate “YOIYO” x Kagoshima Prefecture “Kanosuke Distillery” No. 16 “YOIYO Single Malt Kanosuke”

Lotte Co., Ltd.
A collaboration with Kanosuke Distillery, which won the 2022 TWSC (*1) highest gold award. Japanese chocolate “YOIYO” x Kagoshima Prefecture “Kanosuke Distillery” [No. 16] “YOIYO-Kanosuke Distillery-Single Malt Kanosuke”
Sales will begin on Lotte Group’s official online mall from 10am on Monday, April 1st.
Lotte Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Lotte) operates the Kanosuke Distillery in Kagoshima Prefecture as the 16th installment of the “YOIYO” series, which is based on the concept of “chocolate that intoxicates Japan.” “YOIYO – Kanosuke Distillery – Single Malt Kanosuke”, which is a collaboration with Komasa Kanosuke Distillery Co., Ltd. (Yoshitsugu Komasa, President and CEO, hereinafter referred to as Kanosuke Distillery), will be released on Japanese Whiskey Day ( *2) Sales will start on the official online mall from 10:00 a.m. on Monday, April 1, 2024.
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From this time, we will resume selling Kanosuke Distillery’s 4-piece gift pack containing postcards to meet the demand for personalized gifts. In addition, the 10-pack will be delivered in a simple package at a reasonable price for heavy YOIYO users.

Chocolate is addicting to Japan. Please enjoy YOIYO – Kanosuke Distillery – Single Malt Kanosuke.
To commemorate the release of YOIYO – Kanosuke Distillery, if you purchase 2,000 yen or more from the YOIYO series on Lotte Group’s official online mall, you can win a single malt Kanosuke! Campaign is currently underway. Please take this opportunity to purchase. *Campaign site:
[Image 1:×1787.jpg]
[Image 2:×1400.jpg] *1 Abbreviation for Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition. Awarded at Kanosuke 2021 First Edition
*2 Since Japan’s first authentic domestically produced whiskey was released on April 1, 1929, it was established with the aim of letting as many people know about the history of the birth of Japanese whiskey and the efforts and thoughts of our predecessors. I did.
YOIYO Kanosuke Story
[Image 3:×2014.jpg] Barrel aging technology that has continued for over 60 years Kanosuke Distillery in Kagoshima Prefecture cooperated with the 16th edition of YOIYO.
The parent company, Kosho Jozo, has been selling Mellow Kozuru, a rice shochu aged in oak barrels, since 1955.
The distillery name “Kanosuke” is named after the second generation owner, Kanosuke Komasa, who created the innovative barrel aging method.
We started making whiskey in 2017.
[Image 4:×2105.jpg] In front of the white building that incorporates Scottish
architectural style, Fukiage Beach, the longest sand dune in Japan, stretches out, and the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets sink into the horizon.
Everyone who visits will be intoxicated by the scenery and the whiskey. (The bottle label design is inspired by this sunset)
[Image 5:×2127.jpg] A wall to the world that stands in the way of shochu.
Yoshitsugu Komasa, the current fourth-generation president, worked hard to spread shochu around the world. Although Mellow Kozuru’s taste was praised overseas, it was difficult for the shochu genre to catch on.
In addition, Japanese law has strict restrictions on the color and alcohol content of shochu.
With whisky, which is already popular all over the world, I think it would be possible to create something that would reach the world beyond Japan. We want the world to learn about the distilled liquor culture of southern Kyushu through whiskey that utilizes the techniques cultivated in shochu.
With such passion, Kanosuke Whiskey began.
[Image 6:×2011.jpg] Good things were born because of the limitations.
At Mellow Kozuru, we grow original barrels by adding rice shochu to them from new barrels. Kanosuke’s whiskey also uses unprocessed sake aged in shochu richer casks, which are refired from shochu barrels, but compared to bourbon casks, which are the mainstream for
whisky-making, the temperature is 45 degrees by law. The shochu barrels were aged at a lower alcohol content.
Chief Blender Nakamura says, “Due to the restrictions, there was still some energy left in the barrels, so when we added Kanosuke’s malt, the ingredients came out a lot and extracted the flavor.”
[Image 7:×2431.jpg] Creating an unchanging taste.
The “Single Malt Kanosuke” used in this YOIYO is a standard product released in January 2023.
Young distilleries have a small number of unprocessed sake, so they often release limited edition products each year.However, the attempt to define the “Taste of Kanosuke” and continue to provide the same taste is a bold effort with the world in mind. It was a good choice. With this flavor as its pillar, Kanosuke’s brand will continue to evolve.
[Image 8:×1993.jpg] Wrapping Kanosuke’s uniqueness with YOIYO’s uniqueness.
Single malt Kanosuke contains unprocessed sake that has been aged in shochu richer casks. The unparalleled richness and sweetness are mellow and long-lasting, and the crisp, ginger-like flavor adds to the pleasant balance.
The moment you put it in your mouth, the aroma of bread bursts out, followed by the milk chocolate that melts and mixes with it. The result is a dignified finish that emphasizes the YOIYO style, allowing you to fully enjoy the Kanosuke style.
Comments from Kanosuke Distillery Chief Blender
[Image 9:×2600.jpg] About 20 years ago, when I joined Kosho Brewery, the company president remembered that I said, “I want to make alcoholic beverages that can be enjoyed around the world,” and that’s why I decided to come to Kanosuke Distillery. .
The moment you bite into this YOIYO, Kanosuke’s “MELLOW” flavor spreads, and it’s fun to see how it changes as it intertwines with the chocolate.
Komasa Kanosuke Distillery
Director/Chief Blender Shunichi Nakamura
Product Overview: YOIYO-Kanosuke Distillery-Single Malt Kanosuke The chocolate chases the whiskey aged in shochu richer casks and melts together. There are 3 types of package designs
[Image 10:×784.png ]
●Product name: YOIYO-Kanosuke Distillery-Single Malt Kanosuke Set of 4 ●Release channel: Lotte Group official online mall, sold at Kanosuke Distillery (*3)
● Contents: 10 tablets x 4 pieces
●Price: 2,775 yen (tax included, shipping included)
*Note: Gift pack with 1 postcard
●Product name: YOIYO-Kanosuke Distillery-Single Malt Kanosuke Eco Pack 10 pieces ●Release channel: Lotte Group official online mall, sold at Kanosuke Distillery (*3)
●Contents: 10 tablets x 10 pieces
●Price: 5,832 yen (tax included, shipping included)
*Great value with simple packaging!
*There are 3 types of package designs, but the contents are the same. *We use Western liquor. Alcohol content 4.1%
*This product contains Western liquor, so please refrain from using it with children, those who are sensitive to alcohol, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or while driving.
*Product may end early after the planned quantity is sold out. *3 At Kanosuke Distillery, you can purchase in single units at the open price. Lotte Co., Ltd.
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