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Arte Salon Holdings Co., Ltd. Arte Salon Holdings, a beauty salon chain with 350 stores including Ash, will be reborn as “Arte Genesis.”

[Arte Salon Holdings Co., Ltd.] Arte Salon Holdings, a beauty salon chain with 350 stores including Ash, is
It will be reborn as “Genesis”.

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Arte Salon Holdings, a beauty salon chain with 350 stores including Ash, will be reborn as Arte Genesis.
*Company name changed from April 1, 2024*
Arte Salon Holdings Co., Ltd., which operates a beauty salon chain with approximately 350 stores (Naka-ku, Yokohama/President Yoshimura) In order to improve management efficiency, the parent company Genesis Co., Ltd. (Naka-ku, Yokohama/Representative Director Yoshiwara) On April 1, 2024 (Monday), we merged with Naoki (Naoki) and changed the company name to “Arte Genesis Co., Ltd.”.
With the company name “ARTE=Beauty/Art” and
“GENESIS=Genesis/Origin,” we return to our roots in the pursuit of beauty and strive for further development in order to remain a leading company in the beauty salon industry. We will aim for this.

* ■Background*

Our group was listed on the JASDAQ Market (currently the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market) in 2004, but in order to respond nimbly to paradigm shifts and changing conditions in the beauty industry, we will be listed once again in June 2022, 18 years later. I got off from there. In the VUCA era, where it is difficult to predict the future, in an unstable economy and fluctuating global situation, in order for a company to grow and survive, it is important to understand why it exists and how to do it. The company and its staff must act based on a single guideline.
In order not to be weeded out by the waves of the times, we are working on corporate innovations such as reviewing our education system and building new business models in order to create a highly agile organization, promote DX, and develop young employees. In order to create a new and sustainable beauty salon industry, each and every staff member of the Arte Group has a strong spirit of challenge and shares the will to move forward, so we have decided to take the opportunity of the merger to change our company name. .

* ■About the new trade name*
New trade name Arte
Genesis’ “ARTE” means “art/beauty” in Italian, and was the company’s trade name at the time of its founding. “GENESIS” is the trade name of the merging companies and translates into “Genesis” in English. By merging these two words and returning to our founding principles, we will evolve into a new form and aim for further development as a beauty group that leads the times. It also embodies our desire to make everyone involved with our company, both customers and hairdressers, beautiful and shining.

* ■Comment from Naoki Yoshihara, Chairman and Representative Director* * Returning to the origin of aspiring for beauty and carving out a path where there is no other path. *

Thank you very much for your continued support. Arte Salon Holdings Co., Ltd. and Genesis Co., Ltd. will merge their businesses and establish Arte Genesys Co., Ltd. In order to respond to the paradigm shift in customer attraction, recruitment, and education in the beauty salon industry, our group will conduct MBO (Management
We have taken the company private through Buyout (Buyout) and have been actively and boldly pursuing internal reforms with a degree of freedom.Now that we have achieved a certain level of results, we are aiming for further development and expansion with the aim of relisting. To go.
We want to make everyone shine, including customers and hairdressers. With this in mind, we have named our company “Arte = Beauty/Art” and “Genesis = Origin,” and we would like to return to our roots and aspire to beauty. As a leading company in the beauty salon industry, we will leverage our accumulated experience to “create and revitalize” to create value from scratch.
Our company is a design salon that provides a wide range of advanced techniques such as “Ash” and “NYNY”, and “Choki”.
As a group that includes beauty salons that are divided into two groups, such as economy-priced maintenance salons that provide personal grooming services, we will continue to improve our services in each field so that we can deliver high added value to our customers. The former emphasizes continuous improvement of skills and catching up with trends, as well as fostering self-esteem through challenges in shows and contests known as creative work, while the latter emphasizes the importance of “dormant hairdressers” once again. We will create employment so that people can enjoy working in the beauty industry.

* ■Comment from Hideyoshi Yoshimura, President and Representative Director* * Leveraging the sense of unity throughout the company, we will lead the industry through dynamic reforms. *

Thank you very much for your continued support of our group. With the establishment of this new company, we would like to increase our momentum to continue taking on the challenge of becoming listed again. During the coronavirus pandemic that shook the world, there were some situations where we found ourselves in difficult situations, but with the introduction of online meetings, we were able to improve our area-specific business and maintenance salon business with Ash in the east and NYNY in the west. These barriers have disappeared, creating a sense of unity and openness throughout the company.
Additionally, we will create a Group Management Division that integrates the departments responsible for overseeing the sales and administrative departments, bringing each brand and business within the group under its umbrella to create a more dynamic and organic movement.
As I myself have a background in beauty salons, I will focus on creating an environment where I can continue working as a hairdresser for the rest of my life.
We would like to lead the beauty salon industry by always keeping our customers’ faces in mind and helping everyone involved, including the staff working at the salon, shine.

■Company overview

Company name: Arte Genesis Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director and Chairman Naoki Yoshihara

Hideyoshi Yoshimura, President
Location: 〒231-0028
        5th floor, Arte Marine Wave Building, 1-4-1 Okinacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama Phone number: 045-663-6123
Established: January 11, 2022
(Founded: August 7, 1986)
Capital: 100 million yen
Business details: Holding company that operates beauty salon chains, etc. Arte Genesis Co., Ltd. Style Designer Division (URL:
【group company】
Ash Co., Ltd. (URL:
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