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Home » NFT Media Japan’s largest NFT specialized media “NFT Media” sells a video of a talk event “Thorough Legal Explanation of NFT Business Utilization Cases”

NFT Media Japan’s largest NFT specialized media “NFT Media” sells a video of a talk event “Thorough Legal Explanation of NFT Business Utilization Cases”

Treasure Content Co., Ltd.
Japan’s largest NFT specialized media “NFT Media” sells a video of a talk event “Thorough Legal Explanation of NFT Business Utilization Cases”
NFT Media, operated by Treasure Contents Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kento Kobayashi,
hereinafter referred to as Treasure Contents), has hired attorney Naoya Kumagai of GVA Law Office (hereinafter referred to as GVA Law Office). For a limited time, we will be selling videos of the talk event we invited to hold a “Thorough Legal Explanation of NFT Business Utilization Cases”.
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・Those who want to start their own NFT-related business
・Those who are already in the NFT business and want to utilize NFT in new areas ・Those who don’t know much about NFT but want to incorporate NFT into their business…
Do you have any worries or concerns like this?
“Is it legally safe to use NFT as 〇〇?”
“What kind of usage is legally prohibited?”
“Wouldn’t this fall under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (Sales Act)?”
In order to solve such problems, this talk event will feature the book “100 NFT Business Utilization Cases!” published by NFT Media! We asked attorney Naoya Kumagai to explain some of the cases published in the book from a legal perspective.
In response to many requests from those who were unable to participate or those who did participate, asking, “Will it be distributed at a later date?”, we will be selling it for a limited time.
And surprisingly, this time we are making advance reservations! As a pre-order only benefit, you can receive a 30-minute free online consultation between GVA Law Office and NFT Media (you can choose only one) and event materials PDF, and you can also receive a free consultation about your own business. Possible!
For companies considering taking on the challenge of NFT business and venture capital firms considering investing in NFT-related businesses, why not incorporate the current hot topic of NFT into your business? [Content overview]
■Recording date
Thursday, October 19, 2023
Panelist: Naoya Kumagai (Partner Lawyer, GVA Law Office)
Moderator: Kento Kobayashi (NFT Media Founder)
■Recorded content
・Opening (speaker introduction)
・Explanation on crypto asset public comments (Financial Services Agency) ・Legal explanation of four NFT business use cases!
▼Hometown tax return gift edition
If an NFT is a return gift, how is its value determined?
▼Memberships for major restaurant chains
Are there any legal concerns if you want to turn NFTs into membership rights in Japan?
▼Record of position
Do NFTs with profit sharing violate financial transaction laws? ▼Collector item NFT sales edition
Are physical property and NFT ownership legally the same?
·Question-and-answer session
■Recording time
86 minutes
Regular price for general users: 3,980 yen (excluding tax)
It will be sold for 2,980 yen (excluding tax) exclusively for our e-mail newsletter members.
After registering below, you will be directed to a special sales page. (For those who have already registered, we will send you a separate email newsletter.)
■Sales period
Advance reservation: 4/1 10:00 to 4/10 23:59
Regular sales: 4/11 0:00 to 4/31 23:59
■Advance reservation benefits
1. 30-minute free online consultation between GVA Law Office and NFT Media (you can choose only one)
2. Present event materials (PDF version)
Please choose one.
・For customers who have made advance reservations, the video will be posted on the viewing page at the regular sales start time.
– Reproduction, redistribution, and uploading of this video content without our permission is strictly prohibited.
・Downloading, screen recording, recording, or video recording of this video content is strictly prohibited.
・Conforms to the law at the time the photo was taken. Please check with a separate expert regarding the latest laws.
・Due to our company’s circumstances, the release of this video content may end due to unavoidable circumstances.
[Speaker introduction]
■Naoya Kumagai
[Image 2:×2458.jpg] Partner attorney at GVA Law Office (affiliated with Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association). Provides general legal support for startup companies. As the leader of the practice team that handles the Web 3 area within the institute, he conducts research and practical work on NFT-related businesses, crypto assets, STOs, and other token businesses. His publications include “Web3 Business Legal Affairs” (published by Gijutsu Hyoronsha, 2023) and others.
■Korito Kobayashi
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] Born in Tokyo. NFT Media Founder. Representative director of Treasure Content Co., Ltd. Visiting professor at Information Management Innovation Professional University. He learned about cryptocurrencies in 2016 and has been supporting development around blockchain since 2017. He became interested in NFT at the end of 2020 and opened the NFT information site “NFT Media” in July 2021. Disseminating information about NFT. He is also a holder of various NFTs such as VeryLongAnimals, Aopanda Party, and MAGO Mint.
About GVA Law Office
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“Supporting challenges through legal affairs and realizing a prosperous society together with our clients.”
GVA Professional Group was established in 2012 and has been a pioneer in providing legal services with a focus on supporting start-up companies, ahead of other law firms. Currently, we are providing support in all legal areas necessary for companies, mainly startup companies, from company establishment to IPO, M&A, due diligence, etc., and we have designated the Web 3 field as one of our priority areas. I focus on business legal matters.
GVA Law Office official website:
About NFT Media
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NFT Media is one of Japan’s largest NFT-specialized media outlets that provides the latest information on NFTs. We deliver a variety of information about NFTs, including explanatory articles for beginners, examples of transactions in Japan and overseas, examples of their use in various fields such as games, idols, and art, press releases, and more.
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