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Home » AlphaDrive and Docomo’s co-creation project “Hatarakubu” has been successfully spun out. Restarted as RePlayce Co., Ltd.

AlphaDrive and Docomo’s co-creation project “Hatarakubu” has been successfully spun out. Restarted as RePlayce Co., Ltd.

AlphaDrive and Docomo’s co-creation project “Hatarakubu” has been successfully spun out. Restarted as RePlayce Co., Ltd.
Nissay Capital and Docomo invest in the first acceleration program project ……
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AlphaDrive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AlphaDrive”) is a joint venture with NTT Docomo, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Docomo”) that was spun out with investment from Nissay Capital Co., Ltd. and RePlayce, Inc. (representative director). We would like to inform you that CEO: Masahiro Yamamoto will restart as Replayce. The first project of the AlphaDrive Acceleration Program,
“Hatarakubu,” a career search service for junior high and high school students, was born out of the Docomo Group’s in-house new business creation program “docomo STARTUP.”
AlphaDrive provided support for the business launch and growth of the working department for approximately two years starting in May 2022. Specifically, we have adopted a “Virtual Dejima Scheme,” in which the project is temporarily held within the acceleration studio “AlphaDrive AXL.” Two lead consultants who have experience in launching new businesses will accompany the project and provide hands-on support from business strategy to implementation of marketing measures, as well as from planning EXIT strategies to back office operations related to contracts. It contributed to the business growth of the “Working Department” and became the first supported business of AlphaDrive AXL to become a corporation.
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What is the working department?
Working Club is a career education service where junior high and high school students can deepen their thinking about society and themselves with working coaches and peers, and learn about working after school. In the online club, you can make friends from all over the country, regardless of where you live. Active working adults who are active on the front lines of various industries serve as “working adult coaches” and provide continuous support for junior high and high school students in their studies and career development. We provide an opportunity for students to discover their own strengths that they would not have realized on their own, to think about their future career path, and to take a new step forward.
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[Image 4:×266.jpg] Comment from Masahiro Yamamoto, CEO of RePlayce Co., Ltd.
As the first project under the AlphaDrive Acceleration Program, the Working Department received strong support from the start of the project. We were able to turn this into a company thanks to the support of everyone who supported us, seeing it as their own business and going beyond the role of an escort. In addition, through online and face-to-face events, we are able to create opportunities for students and working adults to interact across borders regardless of their locality, and we may receive the Excellence Award at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Career Education Awards” in 2023. It’s done. I believe that it is because of AlphaDrive’s passionate and detailed support that we have grown into a business that has attracted attention from a wide range of industries, both public and private.
AlphaDrive’s purpose of “unlocking people’s potential” is in the same direction as our business, and we aim to provide true education that gives many students who will live in the future a sense of hope for the future. I’ll be there.
Comment from Yoichi Aso, President and Representative Director of Alpha Drive Co., Ltd.
Working Department, which was launched as a new business within the company, has recently received investment from an external venture capital and is now flourishing as a “start-up company.”
I am very happy to have been able to support this business during its start-up period. Working Club is an online career service that helps young people living in the future learn about career outlook and entrepreneurship. It was an irreplaceable experience for us at Alpha Drive, whose purpose is to “explore people’s potential,” to see the junior high and high school students who participated blooming in their potential day by day.
From now on, please support the new chapter of the “Working Club” that will continue to flourish!
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Alphadrive Co.,Ltd.
Established: February 23, 2018
Representative: Yoichi Aso, Yusuke Inagaki
Location: Kurusu Building 1F, 2-17-3 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Marunouchi Office Mitsubishi Building, 2-5-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Corporate site:
Since our founding in 2018, we are a consulting solutions company that promotes corporate transformation by developing new businesses within companies, revitalizing organizations, and developing innovative human resources.
We provide various support such as designing new business creation systems and mentoring to promote business creation, and have supported the creation of new businesses within more than 100 companies, mainly major companies and listed companies.
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