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FeelWorks Co., Ltd. Invigorating Japanese bosses with “Boss Power (R)”

[FeelWorks Co., Ltd.] Invigorating Japanese bosses with “Boss Power (R)”
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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
Invigorating Japanese bosses with “Boss Power (R)”
* Learn the key points for nurturing young people with the Boss Power (R) training and make your boss feel energetic too! *
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true.
We support AprilDream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share your dreams.
This press release is a dream of “FeelWorks Co., Ltd.”

FeelWorks Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takao Maekawa, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as FeelWorks), which operates human resource development/training business and publishing business for companies and organizations, provides training, lectures, and books for busy bosses in Japan.・We will support you through media communication and increase the number of bosses who work energetically.

◆I want to cheer up my Japanese boss
At FeelWorks
We operate with the vision of * Invigorating Japanese bosses *. With changes in the times such as diversity, work style reform, globalization, employment mobility, AI, harassment, etc., workplace communication has become difficult, and the medium- to long-term human resource development culture that was the strength of Japanese companies has been lost. It’s starting to happen.
People cannot live alone, and no one can do any work alone. An organization is what turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. In order to respond to change, revitalize the workplace where people can grow, and enable companies to grow better and sustainably, it is essential to create bonds between people from different positions and bring hope to the organization. I won’t.

At FeelWorks, we first ask our superiors, who are the core of organizational management, to
*By acquiring “supervisor power”, regaining “the workplace where people can grow”, and helping subordinates grow, *
* I hope that my bosses will feel better. *

What is boss power?
Delegate work to each subordinate based on their individual
characteristics, nurture them, and make use of them.
Increase the power of the organization toward a common goal, The ability to derive results that cannot be achieved individually

Learn how to develop young Generation Z members through “Supervisor training to nurture and utilize young people”
I’m worried about being fired, mental illness, harassment, and I don’t have time due to work style reforms…
For bosses who are concerned about retaining and developing young employees, this course will help you sort through the management issues you currently have with young employees, read the values ​​of young people, and learn the basics of how to make the most of a diverse group of subordinates. By delegating work*
I aim to be the kind of boss who leads his subordinates to growth and who feels motivated and energized by his work. *
01. [Lecture] Bosses worried about managing young subordinates 02. [Work] Organize training issues for young people
03. [Lecture] Understanding the environment surrounding new and young employees 04. [Lecture] Image of young subordinates that managers tend to have 05. [Work] Digging deeper into the causes and background of young people’s development issues
06. [Boss Power Quiz Q&A]
07. Create a “training workplace” where young people can grow 08.Supervisor power to nurture and utilize young people
09. [Work] Define your “way” as a boss
10. [Work] Decide how to do it as a boss

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Other supervisor training
・By hierarchy
“Top boss power” (for department heads and general managers)  “Supervisor power in the field” (for section managers and group leaders) “For new managers: On-site supervisor power” (section managers/new managers) ・By theme
 “Supervisor power to support the success of senior and subordinate employees” “The power of superiors to support the success of female subordinates” ・Action learning type
“Boss Strength Training Seminar”

*”Bossuriki” is a registered trademark of FeelWorks Co., Ltd.

◆Learn boss power (R) from books
Early turnover among Generation Z can be drastically reduced through supervisory power!
Author: Takao Maekawa
Publisher: FeelWorks Co., Ltd.
Release date: April 1, 2024
Specifications: On-demand (paperback) 208 pages/A5 size
Price: 1,694 yen (tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-910629-05-6
How to purchase: Sold at the following online store Written by Yu FeelWorks Co., Ltd.
A superior power that allows all subordinates to play an active role Author: Takao Maekawa
Publisher: FeelWorks Co., Ltd.
Release date: March 1, 2023
Specifications: On-demand (paperback) 146 pages/A5 size
Price: 1,254 yen (tax included)
ISBN: 987-4-910629-04-9
How to purchase: Sold at the following online store
Real “boss power”
Author: Takao Maekawa
Publisher: Yamato Publishing Co., Ltd.
Release date: October 14, 2020
Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
Specifications: Paperback (soft cover) 256 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-4804718699
◆Learn boss power (R) through web media
JCAST Company Watch
Diamond Online (paid) “Boss training to win the hearts of subordinates”

◆ Boss Power (R) Developer
Representative Director of FeelWorks Co., Ltd. / Lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University
Takao Maekawa
He is the founder of the FeelWorks Group, a human resources
development specialist group, and an advocate of “superior power” (R), which nurtures subordinates and makes the most of the organization. Born in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated from Osaka Prefecture University and Waseda University Business School. After working as the editor-in-chief of “Keiko and Manabu”, “Job Journal”, and “Rikunavi” at Recruit, he started his own business in 2008 with the aim of “contributing to creating a society that values ​​and nurtures people.” The company operates a training and publishing business with the vision of “invigorating Japanese bosses.”
Uniquely developed training programs: “Boss Power (R) Training”, “Boss Power (R) Training Seminar”, “Work style training for those in their 50s”, “Learning the business mind of working adults through dramas”, new employee training, and “Professional Mind Training”. , has supported over 400 companies with e-learning programs such as “Power Harassment Prevention Course” and “Working Tips for New Employees.” Since 2011, he has been a part-time lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University. Established Work Satisfaction Creation Research Institute Co., Ltd. in 2017. She also holds concurrent positions as a visiting professor at iU Information Management Innovation College, a supporter of the Corporate Research Association, and a director of the Women Empowerment Association.
He has many fans due to his approachable personality and is
knowledgeable about promoting diversity management, leadership development, and career support. His books include “A new common sense of management that makes the most of people” (FeelWorks), “A new management method that makes the most of subordinates” (Labor Management), “How to create a team that is rewarding to work for” (Bestsellers), and “A real boss.” “Power” (Daiwa Publishing), “How to Create a Workplace You Want to Work For A Lifetime” (Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha), “Reversal Career Strategy from Age 50” (PHP Institute), “Happy Independence Strategy from Age 50” ( PHP Institute), “Your life will change after the age of 50”
Exhilarating! Approximately 40 books, including “Learning Strategy” (PHP Institute). He has also written textbooks on leadership, career, and diversity management for institutions such as Sangyo University.

*“Bossuriki” is a registered trademark of FeelWorks Co., Ltd.

FeelWorks Co., Ltd.
-Company Profile-
Representative: Representative Director Takao Maekawa
Address: 8th floor, EKS Building, 1-16-8 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Business content: Lectures and training for companies/organizational revitalization consulting/publishing/writing/critics/commentators, etc.

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