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Home » Oji Nepia New TV commercial “Mori no Nepia Edition” begins airing nationwide! Starring Naomi Trauden! A co llaboration with Naotaro Moriyama’s song “To the Living Things” arrangement version for the “Kokochiii” commercial.

Oji Nepia New TV commercial “Mori no Nepia Edition” begins airing nationwide! Starring Naomi Trauden! A co llaboration with Naotaro Moriyama’s song “To the Living Things” arrangement version for the “Kokochiii” commercial.

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New TV commercial “Mori no Nepia Edition” begins airing nationwide! Starring Naomi Trauden! A collaboration with Naotaro Moriyama’s song “To the Living Things” arrangement version for the “Kokochiii” commercial.
~ Interview with Mr. Trauden “The inside of the forest is mysterious and the forest god seems to come out…”! ?~
Oji Nepia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takayuki Moridaira), whose corporate message is “Protecting the forest is protecting our future,” has been designated as the Ministry of the Environment’s Sustainability Ambassador. A new TV commercial, “Mori no Nepia Edition,” featuring Naomi Trauden, a model and talent who actively disseminates information about the global environment and SDGs, will begin airing nationwide from April 1st (Monday).
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Based on the philosophy that “those who use trees have an obligation to plant trees,” Oji Holdings is a pioneer in the industry in implementing sustainable forest management that involves “planting trees,” “nurturing forests,” and “appropriately using them as resources.” We have been quick to promote sustainable manufacturing that reduces environmental impact. We have also created our own environmental label, the “Nepia Environmental Mark,” and are promoting the production of products that are considerate of the global environment. We have also established a new tagline: “Comfortable for people and the planet.”
The new TV commercial we produced has the theme of “Nepia in the Forest” and synchronizes the “comfort” of the rich forests that our company has cultivated with the “comfort” of products made from those forests, giving consideration to the global environment. It expresses our passion for creating products.
The song used is an original version of Naotaro Moriyama’s “To Living Things” arranged by the artist himself to match this theme. Mr. Moriyama bought a mountain hut about nine years ago, and has been doing his creative work there. We thought about the arrangement while thinking of the tranquility of the forest and encounters with small animals that we felt while spending time in a mountain hut.
Please pay attention to Ms. Moriyama’s world-enveloping singing voice and Naomi Trauden’s expression of the “comfort between people and the earth” illuminated by the sunlight filtering through the leaves in a mysterious forest.
In addition, in an interview with Naomi Trauden after the shoot, she said, “The inside of the forest has a very mysterious feeling, and I feel like the forest god might come out.”This is just a story based on this shoot. We have also heard about the new things he is starting this April and his message to those who are starting a new life, so please take a look at the following and the making-of video. About the CM “Forest nepia”
Title: Forest nepia edition (30 seconds/15 seconds)
Starring: Naomi Trauden
Music: “To All Living Things” arrangement ver. (Naotaro Moriyama) Nationwide OA start: April 1, 2024 (Monday)
Broadcast area: Nationwide (excluding some areas)
CM video (15 seconds version):
[Video 4:] CM video (30 seconds version):
[Video 5:] ■Story
Naomi Trauden appears in a white dress in a forest filled with thick fog. As if guided by the chirping of birds, you move forward while avoiding large rocks, and when you reach out and look into a large tree, you will see a fantastic and magnificent forest view spreading out beyond you.
[Image 2:×754.png ]
A family of squirrels and deer living comfortably in the forest, and a baby and a mother and child happily touching tissues and wiping their faces as if in sync with them. Naomi Trauden puts a tissue on her face and smiles happily as she feels the comfort of Napier tissue, which was born from the forest.
[Image 3:×652.png ]
Shooting episode & making
It’s like a “forest fairy”! A behind-the-scenes video of them enjoying themselves innocently in nature has been released!
[Image 4:×504.png ]
The shooting took place in a mysterious sea of ​​trees at the foot of Mt. Fuji. In a thick fog with a light rain falling, the sunlight filtering through the trees shined divinely on Naomi Trauden and her pure white dress, and the way she moved effortlessly between the rocks made her look like a forest fairy, and the staff couldn’t help but say, “It’s beautiful…” It has risen.
However, when the cameras aren’t rolling, they seem to be enjoying themselves in nature, innocently picking up cicada shells, dancing, and jumping onto the rocks next to them. The photo was taken. Many of the scenes were shot outdoors, and there were concerns about the weather and temperature, but once filming began, Naomi Trauden’s concentration and ability to perfectly follow the director’s instructions ensured that filming proceeded smoothly. Naomi Trauden herself was surprised by the sense of speed.
[Video 6:] Making video:
The full text of the post-shooting interview, in which he said things like, “I think the forest god will appear,” “I bought a stuffed horse,” and “I want to participate in a horse competition this year,” has been released!
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] Q. Please tell us your impressions of the shooting.
The inside of the forest had a very mysterious feel to it, and the water seemed to be dripping down, so I thought the god of the forest might appear as well, so I think we were able to shoot in a really nice environment.
The place where I was leaning against the tree felt like I was one with the forest, and it felt good.Also, at that time, the staff said “Strawberry Vanilla Strawberry Vanilla” and I was wondering why such a cute word. I thought it was flying around, but it was a cloth container to put the reflexology in, and it was leaning against a tree with a smile on its face, so please take a look at how surprised it was.
Q. “The comfort of the forest” is the key point of the commercial, but what is the “comfort” that you have felt lately?
When I returned home at the end of the year, my father bought me a stuffed horse toy. This is because when we went shopping together, I was shouting about how cute the stuffed animal was, and the stuffed horse was really fluffy and comfortable to the touch. I’ve been sleeping with it lately.
Q.The shoot was in a forest rich in nature. Do you ever go outdoors in a place like this?
I quite like forests, so I often go there, but I’ve also climbed Mt. Fuji, and I often go to Iida City in Nagano Prefecture to ride horses. There’s a forest behind there, so people ride ponies and run around the forest, so the forest has always been a familiar place for me. (The shooting location is also close to Mt. Fuji. How was Mt. Fuji?) It was really tough. However, I was quite moved by seeing the sunrise and seeing the shadow of Mt. Fuji when I reached the top.
Q.In the commercial, there is a narration that says, “I choose the comfort of the forest.”
Is there anything you are conscious of when choosing tissues and toilet rolls? Maybe that’s the comfort part. I like soft things, so I choose soft ones as much as possible.
Q.As the commercial begins airing nationwide in April, do you have a message for those starting a new life, new members of society, and new students?
Can I have it?
Personally, I tend to get really tired in April. I start a lot of new things and unconsciously try my best. I’m sure there are people like that, so in April, I’m going to work hard in moderation, especially being conscious of being comfortable and relaxing a little, so let’s all do our best together!
Q. Have you started anything recently or anything new that you would like to start in April?
Actually, there are so many things I want to try and I don’t know what to do, so I don’t know where to start, but this year I want to do something like acting, so I’m going to study those things. I think so. Also, I’ve always loved horses and have been riding for about 15 years, but I’m hoping to enter some competitions this year and get some good results.
campaign information
In addition, from April 15, 2024 (Monday), we will start the “First Good Things Campaign at Nepia in the Forest”. This is a campaign in which you are guaranteed to receive 50 PayPay points (*1) for each eligible product (*2).
[Image 6:×540.jpg]
[Image 7:×1080.jpg] -overview-
Name: Nepia in the Forest Good Things Campaign Part 1
Period: April 15, 2024 (Monday) 10:00 to July 14, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59 How to apply: Take a photo of your purchase receipt and upload it to the campaign site (*3)
Target products: Various premium soft products, various types of Nepinepi, highly absorbent kitchen towels (rolls) (*4)
(*1) Withdrawals and transfers are not possible. It can also be used at PayPay/PayPay Card Official Store.
(*2) There are conditions and upper limits on the number of applications. (*3) Get one application sticker for each eligible product. You can apply once per application sticker.
(*4) Some products are not eligible.
Contact information for inquiries from customers when posting Customer Service Office TEL: 0120-985-041 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
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