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Home » Libre Co., Ltd. Exclusive management contract signed with former Japanese women’s softball representative Nozomi Nagasaki RiBLE ENTERTAINMENT

Libre Co., Ltd. Exclusive management contract signed with former Japanese women’s softball representative Nozomi Nagasaki RiBLE ENTERTAINMENT

Libre Co., Ltd.
Former Japanese women’s softball representative Nozomi Nagasaki signs exclusive management contract with RiBLE ENTERTAINMENT
~Functional apparel manufacturer Libre begins full-scale entertainment business~ ……
First affiliation contract as RiBLE ENTERTAINMENT
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[Image 2:×1479.jpg] RiBLE ENTERTAINMENT, a production centering on sports management, was launched in January 2024 by Libre Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Kunihiko Horii, hereinafter referred to as Libre), and was founded on April 1st by a former softball player. We have signed an exclusive management contract with Nozomi Nagasaki, a member of the Japan Women’s National Team.
This is the first contract for RiBLE ENTERTAINMENT, and marks the company’s full-scale entry into the entertainment business.
[Table 4: ]
In 2016, Libre introduced safe and secure carbon fiber.
Since establishing the heating system brand “CROSS HEAT”,
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We have been developing our business mainly in the functional apparel business. We sometimes produce novelty items for concerts and events, and we have built close friendships with athletes and people active in the entertainment industry. One day, representative Horii met an athlete who was worried about his second career, and after thinking about what he could do, he came to the conclusion that he wanted to create entertainment in a unique way, and decided to launch “RiBLE
At “RiBLE ENTERTAINMENT”, we aim to meet the needs of each and every person who loves sports, and we would like to do our best to help each and every person play an active role in multiple ways through support for second careers and entertainment activities. .
[Table 5:] When I met him for the first time in January 2024, I was convinced that he had a lot of potential as a second career, such as
commentator, reporter, and talent. We hope to consult with him and support him so that he can be more active in various fields in the future.
[Image 4:×1479.jpg] [Nagasaki Nozomi Profile]
Born June 19, 1992 in Ehime Prefecture.
Former member of Japan’s women’s softball team.
He remained active from 2011 to 2020 and will retire from Toyota Motor Corporation at the end of 2023.
I will mainly be active in the talent industry.
-Comment from Nozomi Nagasaki-
My name is Nozomi Nagasaki and I am now affiliated with RiBLE ENTERTAINMENT. I am very honored to be the first member of a new agency that has started up. In the future, I would like to work with Libre to do everything I can, believe in my own potential, and take on many challenges without hesitation.
Please keep an eye on my future activities.
[Table 6:] Libre aims to be a marketing company with the mission of “Making your lifestyle more free! More fun.”
We will carry out optimal marketing activities by thoroughly understanding and analyzing the state of the world and changes in the environment, and will continue to provide products and services that satisfy our customers. We aim to provide a happy lifestyle by quickly identifying individualized and diversifying needs in a way that is in line with the times, and by providing products and services that will satisfy a wide range of customers, from individual customers to companies.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Libre Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-41-3 Shinei, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Representative Director: Kunihiko Horii
Established: June 2016
Business content: Management business, apparel business, automobile aftermarket parts business
Company website:
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