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《Senden Kaigi Co., Ltd.》 New book information “Freedom from Words: Thoughts and Perspectives of a Copywr iter” (written by Kunihiko Mishima)

Senkaigi Co., Ltd.
[New book information] “Freedom from words: Thoughts and perspectives of copywriters” (written by Kunihiko Mishima)
Ranked 1st in the Amazon advertising/promotion category before its release! ……
Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo), which publishes advertising and marketing magazines, is selling “Freedom from Words: Copywriter’s Thoughts and Perspectives” (written by Kunihiko Mishima) at major bookstores and online bookstores
nationwide. It will be released on April 1st.
[Image:×1276.jpg] About this book
Author: Kunihiko Mishima
Release: April 1, 2024
List price: 2,200 yen (2,000 yen + tax)
ISBN: 978-4-88335-593-8
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Sendenkaigi Online This book ranked first in the Amazon advertising/promotion category during the pre-release pre-order stage. The author is copywriter Kunihiko Mishima. So far, Netflix’s “Human Marudashi.” “The Beginning of Rebirth” “Look up, there’s a star. Look down, there’s me.”, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. “Let’s love difficult questions.”, Honda F1 Last Run “ In 2022, he won the triple crown at the TCC Award, an advertising award that selects the best copy.
What is written in this book are the many “pieces of thought” that Mr. Mishima has thought about and put into practice regarding “copywriting” from the day he held the business card “copywriter” to the present day.
In recent years, copywriters and creative directors have attracted attention as writers in the field of business books, and various books have been released into the world, but no other book has tackled copywriting as seriously and head-on as this book. Unparalleled. As the field of advertising communication expands, including product catchphrases, commercial narration, brand statements, naming, in-store tools, web advertisements, and even mission, vision, purpose, and speeches from executives, the areas to which copywriters are assigned and their Their roles are also expanding.
Meanwhile, Mr. Mishima defines copy as “anything a copywriter writes for someone” and that it is “words that have value.” He clearly states his stance, “A copywriter is someone who can do anything that can be put into words.”
This book, written with such a stance, consists of four chapters: “Thinking about words,” “Reading words,” “Writing words,” and “Thinking about words.” Mr. Mishima generously wrote down what he thinks about these things on a daily basis. However, what is written there is not the etiquette or method of copywriting. Furthermore, it’s not even a writing technique. Mr. Mishima, who has spent 16 years as a copywriter, has a unique form and mindset when approaching words. From the main text
Writing is like remembering.
Writing begins with remembering.
It feels more like remembering something important than thinking about it. What I thought about somewhere someday is now written in front of my eyes.
To appear. It’s not about adding something new, it’s about digging up what was buried. I’m sure there’s a copy out there.
Not only people who want to become copywriters and people who have just become copywriters, but also people who like thinking about words and people who have trouble with words… For such people, this book will be an opportunity to face words anew, and will also be an opportunity to receive encouragement to use words as a career. table of contents
Chapter 1 Thinking about words
What is a copy?
What is a copywriter?
Chapter 2: Writing words
write keywords
write a catchphrase
write a statement
Chapter 3 Read the words
reading training
Read the case study
Chapter 4: And think about words
in conclusion
Mishima Kunihiko
Copywriter Born in 1985 in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Major works include Netflix’s “Human Marudashi”, “The Beginning of Rebirth”, “Look up, there’s a star. Look down, there I am”, “Let’s Make Good Things”, Honda Motor Company’s “Honda Heart”, “Kyo , “Did you make someone happy?”, “Let’s love difficult problems.”, Honda F1’s last run, “Then, let’s go for the last time.”, Sumitomo Mitsui Card V Points, “It’s not about living a good life, it’s about making everyone happy.” ACC Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award/Grand Prix, Odagiri Akira Award, TCC Award, TCC Jury Chairman Award, TCC Newcomer Award, ONESHOW Gold, CLIO Gold, ADFEST Gold, Advertising Dentsu Award Grand Prix, Asahi Advertising Award Grand Prix.
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