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Tsukui Co., Ltd. Tsukui’s first hospice “Tsukui Populus Garden Toyota” opened on April 1st

[Tsukui Co., Ltd.] Tsukui’s first hospice “Tsukui Populus Garden Toyota” opened on April 1st

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Tsukui’s first hospice “Tsukui Poppyrus Garden Toyota” opened on April 1st Tsukui Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Takeshi Takabatake, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”)
Comprehensive medical care services aimed at alleviating the total pain of terminally ill patients and their families.
Tsukui Popillus Garden Toyota, a residential facility that provides services, has been opened in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.
Tsukui’s hospice “Popilus Garden” provides end-of-life nursing functions at medical institutions under external supervision. We provide comprehensive medical care services by outsourcing to doctors and collaborating with nursing care and medical care providers with which customers have individual contracts.
In addition, Tsukui Popillus Garden Toyota offers home-visit nursing, regular rounds, and occasional visits.
We have a nursing care office attached to our facility, and staff are always on site even during the night, so we have established a system to provide services that provide peace of mind to both our customers and their families.
In the future, Tsukui will expand its medical business by accelerating the opening of hospice facilities in addition to home-visit nursing. Through this initiative, we will evolve integrated community care and provide services that allow customers to live their lives in their own way in the area they are accustomed to living until their final moments.
We will continue to work to further expand our services in order to realize a society where everyone can do their own thing.
Features of “Tsukui Popillus Garden”

* Assignment of spiritual nurses*
We will assign a “spiritual nurse” who will resolve emotional pain not through “problem-solving thinking,” but through spiritual care based on relationships.
Approaching palliative care through a variety of therapies
We will also work on palliative care through various therapies such as massage, scent, and music.
Family members can visit anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are no restrictions on visits, and short-term stays are also available so that family and friends can visit at any time.
Grief support system
We meet with customers and their families repeatedly from the time they move in, and build a relationship with them to help them accept death and a support system for their families’ suffering after death. Equipment outline
House name Tsukui Popillus Garden Toyota
Building structure Fire spread prevention building
Site area 1,469.00 square meters
Total floor area: 1,728.058 square meters (including paid nursing home portion: 687.754 square meters)
(Residential type) / 1,019.639 square meters (with nursing care)) Type: Residential paid nursing home
Paid nursing home with nursing care (general type specified facility resident living care)
Type of right of residence Type of right of use
Number of rooms: Residential paid nursing home: 20 rooms (all private rooms) Paid nursing home with nursing care: 29 rooms (all private rooms) Capacity: Residential paid nursing home: 20 people
Paid nursing home with nursing care: 29 people
Living area 14.90 square meters ~14.97 square meters
Payment method Monthly payment method
Opening date: April 1, 2024
Type of land/building rights Building rental (30-year contract from March 1, 2024)
Business entity Tsukui Co., Ltd.
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