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Home » “Belle Deco” is a custom-made flower gift for corporations.A trendy alternative to phalaenopsis and stand flowers.One of a kind in the world! A special feeling that cannot be expressed with fresh flowers! A celebratory flower that will surprise you!

“Belle Deco” is a custom-made flower gift for corporations.A trendy alternative to phalaenopsis and stand flowers.One of a kind in the world! A special feeling that cannot be expressed with fresh flowers! A celebratory flower that will surprise you!

Belle Fleur Co., Ltd.
“Belle Deco” is a custom-made flower gift for corporations.A trendy alternative to phalaenopsis and stand flowers.One of a kind in the world! A special feeling that cannot be expressed with fresh flowers! A celebratory flower that will surprise you!
A rush of orders for gifts that convey feelings for corporate celebrations – more than 250% compared to the previous year
Belle Fleur Co., Ltd., a flower design company (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Konno) sells “Belle Deco”, a corporate gift, and the number of orders received in March 2024 was 266% compared to the previous year, and sales increased. is progressing well.
[Image 1:×890.png ]
“Belle Deco” design example
“Belle Deco” is a method of creating corporate logos, characters, portraits, letters, etc. using preserved flowers, and there are two types: two-dimensional types that are placed in frames, and
three-dimensional types that stand on their own. In recent years, the desire to give a special gift that is different from others has been increasing, and “Verdeco” is mainly used for corporate purposes such as anniversaries and inauguration celebrations, as well as
celebrations such as performances and lectures, gifts for celebrities, anniversaries and birthday gifts. It is used in a variety of situations, including: In particular, demand for commemorative gifts increases in March as it marks the end of the fiscal year.
■Reason for strong sales 1: A one-of-a-kind gift that brings joy and surprise with a high element of surprise.
“Belle Deco” can express a design that is familiar to the recipient, is completely custom-made, and is completely different from
traditional celebratory flowers such as phalaenopsis or stand flowers, and is the only one that can convey the recipient’s feelings. This is a gift. This is an impressive gift, so your recipient will remember your name and you can display it in a prominent place. Another feature is that if you can give a surprise to the recipient, the repeat rate is high.
■Reason for strong sales 1: Preserved flowers that do not require maintenance and have long-lasting beauty
Preserved flowers, which are made by removing the pigment and undergoing special processing when fresh flowers are at their most beautiful, never wither and do not require maintenance such as watering. Unlike fresh flowers, there is no pollen or fragrance, so you don’t have to worry about allergies, and they are treated with organic dyes to repel insects, so you can display them with
confidence. In addition, it will maintain its fresh, fresh-flower-like texture for 2-3 years*, making it a gift that can be enjoyed for a long time. Using special dyes, they feature a rich variety of colors that are not found in fresh flowers, such as dark blue, sky blue, and lavender purple. As a result, important logos and characters that represent the face of a company can be expressed in a variety of ways through combinations of flower materials, so much so that you may be surprised to find that they are all made of flowers.
*The retention period of preserved flowers varies depending on the environment such as humidity.
[Image 2:×391.jpg] Belle Fleur Ginza Main Store
■ Produce a rich life with a rich track record and lineup
Our company was founded in 1981 as a flower design company that comprehensively produces flowers around the world, and our
representative, Konno, has won 1st place at the Japan Flower Design Award and has been highly praised for his design and technical skills in numerous flower contests. Masu. In 2008, we opened Japan’s first preserved flower specialty store, Belle Fleur Ginza Main Store, and since then, as a pioneer in preserved flowers, we have opened stores in prestigious department stores across the country, including the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi store in addition to the Ginza main store. We propose the production of a rich life.
The flower designs we offer with our extensive experience and lineup are created at our head office atelier by designers who carefully select high-quality flower materials from around the world and meet our company’s strict standards. The flowers, which are all
hand-crafted and delivered to customers one by one, are loved for their luxurious and modern taste.
Product Summary
Product name: Verdeco
Price including tax: Frame M (width 20 x depth 6 x height 20 cm) from 66,000 yen Frame 2L (width 27 x depth 6 x height 21cm) from 132,000 yen Frame 3L (width 38.5 x depth 6 x height 30cm) from 165,000 yen Borderless frame 45 (width 45 x depth 8 x height 30 cm) from 220,000 yen Borderless frame 50 (width 50 x depth 8 x height 50 cm) starting from 330,000 yen
*Frame type can be wall-mounted or stand. Frames with borders can also have text written on them or on the glass surface. (Extra charge) *For borderless frame types, you can also order the size in 1cm increments. (Delivery time: from 4 weeks)
*Delivery times for orders other than standard frames will take longer than usual (from 4 weeks), so please place your order with plenty of time.
[Image 3:×504.png ]
Order process: 1) Decide on the size and shape of the frame, solid, etc. 2) Please provide the source materials such as logo data,
illustrations, and photographs.
3) We will contact you with an estimate and delivery date based on your specifications.
4) Order *Please note that we do not accept cancellations, changes, or returns after placing an order.
5) Production
6) Shipping/Delivery *You can check the image before shipping. Usage Situation: ◆ As a gift between companies, such as opening celebrations, relocation celebrations, listing celebrations, inauguration celebrations, etc.

◆For your pet’s birthday, memories, or condolences
How to order: Online store Ginza Main Store 1-20-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo TEL.03-3561-1881 Company Profile
Company name: Belle Fleur Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 2-8-6 Higashishinmachi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0074 -Homepage-
      -Online store-
-Instagram-Shop School
Representative: Konno, Representative Director and President Founded: 1981
Established: January 14, 2003
Business details: Flower gift sales / Mail order business / Flower school management / Bridal business / Stores, event displays, interior coordination / Corporate leasing business (preserved flowers, artificial flowers) / Planning of flower demonstrations, lectures / talk shows, and seminars Management/TV appearances,
direction/supervision, magazines, book-related projects
Belle Fleur Co., Ltd. is a flower design company that responds to all flower-related requests based on the concept of “making your lifestyle comfortable, new, and enriching through flower design.” We create a high-quality space with beautiful flowers for your loved ones, for important moments, and for casual everyday scenes. Products are handmade in our own atelier by qualified designers under the supervision of top designers. We are quick to adopt the latest flower materials and containers, and create new trends through designs such as the “Moss” series that go beyond the needs of highly sensitive customers, and through collaborations with other industries. Flower Design School has a team of instructors with excellent teaching skills, is strong in acquiring qualifications, and has a 100% national certification score every year.
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