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Home » Tachikawa Blind Industry Co., Ltd. The modern design blinds “Afterbeat Exe” and “Afterbeat” that enric h your soul have been renewed!

Tachikawa Blind Industry Co., Ltd. The modern design blinds “Afterbeat Exe” and “Afterbeat” that enric h your soul have been renewed!

Tachikawa Blind Industry Co., Ltd.
The modern design blinds “Afterbeat Exe” and “Afterbeat” that enrich your soul have been renewed!
Contributing to the creation of comfortable spaces with high design quality ……
Tachikawa Blind Industry Co., Ltd. (Head office: Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, capital: 4.475 billion yen, President and CEO: Hisaya Ikezaki) Afterbeat EXE is a design blind that enriches the soul with the concept of “playing the mind and life with blinds.”
“After Beat” will be renewed and released on Wednesday, May 1, 2024. In addition, it can be easily operated with a remote control or switch.
“Home Taco Afterbeat” has been added to the “Smart Interior Shade Home Taco” series of electric products that can be charged.
We will be releasing a new “battery specification” option for the formula.
[Image 1:×618.jpg] Design blind “Afterbeat 50R” Slats: Brick red (glossless heat shield) Ladder tape: Off-white Wood components: Maroon
Realizing a life that suits you and improving the office environment After the coronavirus pandemic, people’s values ​​in terms of how they live and work have diversified, and there is a growing tendency to seek spaces that are more comfortable for both mind and body, as well as lifestyles that are unique to oneself. Additionally, with the increasing number of people returning to the office from telework, this is providing an opportunity for companies to refocus on improving the office environment. Improving the office environment is said to promote motivation among employees and lead to improved productivity, and to achieve this, it is essential to create a space that can be used as a “place for communication and creativity.” While blinds play an important role in creating a “safe, relaxing,” and “comfortable” space in terms of function, such as adjusting light and ensuring privacy, blinds are also required to have a good design, so blinds are designed in colors that are suitable for each space. and material choices are increasing in demand. This time, in response to the increasing demand for highly designed interiors not only for homes but also for non-residential spaces such as offices and stores with particular attention to detail, we have created a new design that combines three materials (aluminum, wood, and fabric) to create your own unique interior design. We have renewed the “Afterbeat” series of design blinds that can express a space with style, and are releasing them with improved design and functionality.
Renewal points
1.Available in theme colors that match both homes and offices The color lineup is based on the “emotions” felt when using the design blind “Afterbeat” and has five feeling themes: “Cafe,” “Happiness,” “Energy,” “Comfort,” and “Cool.” Each theme is easy to coordinate with kitchen appliances and interior decoration, and the colors are easy to choose for both residential and
non-residential use.
[Image 2:×890.jpg] 2. A wide variety of slats are available to choose from to match your interior. In addition to the popular wood grain, there are new “visual colors” that include stone grain and metal tones, “glossless heat shield” that has excellent heat shielding performance and an attractive matte texture, and high gloss that takes advantage of the texture of aluminum. We have a lineup of 40 basic colors.
[Image 3:×750.jpg] Stone-like slats with a focus on color and texture (visual color)
[Image 4:×750.jpg] Smart interior shade “Home Tacos After Beat EXE” (glossless heat shield)
[Image 5:×750.jpg] Design blind “Afterbeat EXE” (basic color)

3. Renewal of mechanical department! Design and operability are further improved!
The mechanical part has been completely renewed with attention to detail. The design has been redesigned to be more compact than the previous model, and its operability and quietness have been improved.
[Image 6:×826.jpg] The control panel is moved to the edge for a clean design.

4. “Afterbeat Exe” and “Afterbeat” are compatible with electrification The “Smart Interior Shade Home Taco” series, which can be easily operated with a remote control or switch, has expanded its compatible products with the addition of “Home Taco Afterbeat Exe” and “Home Taco Afterbeat.” It has the same compact mechanism as the manual product, with the light receiving section and control device built into the product itself, giving it a clean appearance. There is no need for complicated wiring work, just plug it into an outlet.
5. “Battery specifications” (optional) are now available!
We are now releasing a new option, the “battery specification,” which has a rechargeable battery built into the product itself. This is useful if you don’t have an outlet near a window because you don’t have to constantly supply power from the outlet. It can be used for about 3 months on a single charge. *When lifting and lowering a product with a height of 200cm once a day
[Image 7:×417.jpg] Charge the charging connector using the included magnetic charging cable. Design blind “Afterbeat” series overview
[Table 2:] ▼Click here for the movie of a wonderful life that starts with blinds
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[Reference price (excluding tax)] *Product size: width 180cm x height 180cm ・Design blind “Afterbeat Exe” 63,300 yen ~
・Design blind “After Beat” 57,500 yen ~
・Smart interior shade “Home Taco Afterbeat” 142,500 yen ~
*Manufacturable dimensions and prices vary depending on the product and slat. *The displayed price is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price excluding consumption tax. Installation costs, construction costs, logistics costs, etc. are not included.
More details about this release: