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Home » For Izumo City to become “Izumo, the city chosen by foreign entrepreneurs.” Izumonomad, a co-working space that creates global connections in rural areas, will become a gateway to Izumo’s business community, open to foreign entrepreneurs.

For Izumo City to become “Izumo, the city chosen by foreign entrepreneurs.” Izumonomad, a co-working space that creates global connections in rural areas, will become a gateway to Izumo’s business community, open to foreign entrepreneurs.

People Cloud Co., Ltd.
For Izumo City to become “Izumo, the city chosen by foreign entrepreneurs.” Izumonomad, a co-working space that creates global connections in rural areas, will become a gateway to Izumo’s business community, open to foreign entrepreneurs.
People Cloud realizes a multicultural society through “working together.” ……
People Cloud Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Representative Director: Hiroshi Makino) operates “Hello, Yaponiya”, a program for highly skilled IT personnel from Eastern Europe to immigrate to Japan, and “Izumonomad”, a coworking space for
out-of-town IT companies aiming to expand into Izumo. , Reading: People Cloud (hereinafter referred to as People Cloud) has a vision of “From Izumo to Izumo” and aims to make Izumo City “Izumo, the city of choice for foreign entrepreneurs.”
Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st a day to share dreams. This press release is a People Cloud dream.
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◼️Eastern European IT engineer community is expanding in Izumo With the slogan “From Izumo to Izumo,” People Cloud is a
public-private joint venture that promotes the internationalization of Japanese society from the local area. Established in 2023 by Izumo City, IT companies, and financial institutions in the city, it is a Japanese relocation business called “Hello, Yaponiya” for highly skilled IT personnel from Eastern Europe, and a rental office and co-working that connects local areas to the global market. We operate the space “Izumonomad”.
 Hello, Yaponiya teaches Japanese to nearly 40 advanced IT engineers from Eastern Europe every year and supports them in moving to Japan and finding employment. Approximately 15 people, including job changers and their families, have already moved to Izumo City, and an Eastern European IT engineer community is forming.
[Image 2:×1109.jpg] The Eastern European engineer community is expanding in Izumo
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] Makino, representative of People Cloud, and foreign employees working at Izumonomad
In Eastern Europe, including Russia, where Makino of People Cloud co-founded SAMI with a local IT engineer, it is extremely common for IT engineers to start businesses, and most startups have IT engineers as their founders. We predict that in the future, some members of the Eastern European IT engineering community will want to start their own businesses. Of course, for the Japanese companies that accepted them and for us at People Cloud, who are supporting them, it is not something we are happy about when the people we have hired quit their jobs, but for Izumo City and Japan, entrepreneurs I think it is important that the number itself increases. Increasing the number of entrepreneurs will create employment opportunities and revitalize the economy. We believe that an increase in the number of foreign entrepreneurs will support the mobility of foreign workers, which in turn will help realize a multicultural society.
While we think this way, one of the hurdles foreigners face when starting a business in Japan is applying for a “Business Manager” visa, which is necessary to stay in Japan as an entrepreneur. In addition, it is difficult to access the local business community, which is necessary before and after starting a business, such as access to financial institutions and administrative scriveners. ◼️High hurdles to clear the certification conditions for “manager visa” If a foreigner wants to start a business in Japan, he or she will need to be certified as a “Business Manager” resident status. The conditions for certification are opening an office in Japan, hiring two or more full-time staff, or investing more than 5 million yen, and providing an explanation to the immigration bureau using a business plan (to demonstrate the stability of the business). proof) is required. In other words, in Japan today, the system is generally such that you cannot even apply for a visa to stay (enter the country) as an entrepreneur unless you have properly organized your company. In recent years, in response to the decline in the number of “Business Manager” statuses issued, the “Startup Visa” was introduced in 2018 with the aim of attracting foreign entrepreneurs and promoting business start-ups. The Startup Visa is a system in which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certifies programs managed by local governments, and the Regional Immigration Bureau grants a “Specified Activities” visa. If you use this system, you can receive a
“Specified Activities” visa for up to one year as a preparation period for starting a business, without having to obtain a “Business Manager” visa. Currently, 14 local governments across the country are supporting this system, including Fukuoka City, Osaka City, and Shibuya Ward.
People Cloud will make recommendations so that Izumo City can also introduce a special zone system that supports this startup visa.
[Image 4:×2925.jpg] Holding a briefing session at Izumonomad for Japanese companies interested in hiring Eastern European IT engineers
[Image 5:×568.jpg] Makino started his own business as a foreigner in Russia in 2017, and the local colleagues who supported him technically and legally are still working together at Izumonomad.
◼️ Difficult for foreigners to find a way to access local management networks Even if you clear the visa issue, in any case, in order for foreigners to start a business in Japan, or to start and continue a business, it is necessary to continue to secure local resources. However, lack of access to local entrepreneurial networks often leaves it unclear how to gather the resources needed to scale a business. For example, if you want to hire local Japanese staff, open a business in a property with better conditions, consult with a Japanese lawyer or accountant, or take an exam to obtain a specialized business license, etc. There are various things that you would like to discuss with your manager. If you have a local entrepreneurial network here, you will have a better chance of successfully connecting with the necessary key people. We believe that it is only through this kind of environment that foreign entrepreneurs will be able to gain enough credibility to convince financial institutions, creating conditions that make it easier for them to receive investment and financing.
The issues that we at People Cloud would like to approach in the future are to create a situation where foreign entrepreneurs can access local entrepreneurial networks in the same way as Japanese entrepreneurs, and to meet the needs of foreign entrepreneurs in Japan. We will make recommendations to local governments including Izumo City.
The co-working space “Izumonomad” that we run, which is located in a rural area but allows for global exchange, will serve as a window into Izumo’s business community for such foreign entrepreneurs. . Izumonomad is home to a global IT company with Japan’s most advanced technology, and also serves as an event space for events related to the recruitment of foreign engineers and seminars for entrepreneurs. We will use this opportunity to help you build relationships with industry leaders, other entrepreneurs, local governments, and local financial institutions. In addition, because we are a public-private joint venture and are at the vanguard of both global and local issues, we are able to properly recognize the issues faced by foreigners and the difficulties faced when starting a business, and then approach policy makers such as local governments. You can make recommendations. Furthermore, Izumonomad has people working in the same space every day, including Mr. Makino, CEO of People Cloud, who has experience in starting a business in Russia and Japan, a Russian lawyer who also has knowledge of the Japanese corporate law system, and IT engineers from Eastern Europe. . In addition to accessing the local entrepreneurial community, we can also help foreign entrepreneurs brush up their business plans and develop them in foreign languages ​​such as English.
We at People Cloud realize a multicultural society through “working together.”
[Image 6:×2925.jpg] Exchange event for managers at Izumonomad
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] Izumonomad, a global coworking space in a rural area
-Hello, About Yaponiya-
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Hello, Yaponiya is an immigration/employment program for highly skilled IT professionals from Eastern European countries who want to work for Japanese companies. Advanced IT personnel refers to people who have received higher education in science and mathematics, such as mathematics, physics, and information science, and are active as IT engineers with advanced technical skills. We run multiple programs a year, including six months of online Japanese lessons and a two-week Japanese test stay program. During the program, you will improve your Japanese language skills, deepen your understanding of how to work in Japanese companies, and introduce advanced IT engineers from Eastern Europe to Japanese companies.
-About People Cloud Co., Ltd.-
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A joint venture established in May 2023 by four private companies and one local government, including SAMI Japan, Monster Lab Omnibus, and Izumo City. We manage “Hello, Yaponiya,” a migration and employment program for Eastern European engineers, and “Izumonomad,” a global coworking space in rural areas. With the slogan “From Izumo to Izumo”, we provide a place for people and companies to meet (= business matchmaking) in Izumo city, and we aim to bring in excellent human resources and companies from all over the world, from Izumo to a regional city in Japan. We will lead you to an attractive
international city where many people gather.
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