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YumiCoreBody Co., Ltd. Nana-chan is a YumiCore trainer who “makes up your body starting from the bones”! ?

[YumiCoreBody Co., Ltd.] Nana-chan is a YumiCore trainer who “makes up your body starting from the bones”! ?

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Nana-chan is now a UmiCore trainer who “makes up your body starting from the bones”! ?
*Nana-chan, the Meitetsu department store at Nagoya Station, is now offering training wear! YumiCoreBody (YumiCore Body) To commemorate the opening of Nagoya Station Studio, YumiCore new trainer Nana-chan is born! *
Nana-chan stands in front of the entrance on the 1st floor of Meitetsu Department Store Main Store [Men’s Building] as a new Umicore trainer wearing a Hone Sentai T-shirt and leggings.
YumiCoreBody, a studio operated by YumiCoreBody Co., Ltd., which promotes “body makeup from the bones,” will open a studio in front of Nagoya Station on April 18th.
To commemorate the opening, “Nana-chan doll” will be transformed into a “YumiCoreBody trainer” from April 10th (Wednesday) to April 16th (Tuesday)!

YumiCoreBody is a studio that creates supple, feminine curves by changing the body, starting from the bone structure.
We advocate the unique *UmiCore Method* that “relaxes the body, returns the bones to their correct positions, lifts the vagina, and activates the inner muscles.”
It relieves stiff shoulders, lower back pain, constipation, headaches, and postpartum urinary leaks caused by poor posture, making your body feel better, and eliminating the need for strict dietary restrictions. * Healthy and beautiful body *
The method that allows you to obtain has become very popular, and * YumiCoreBody is always overcrowded! *
There are many customers in Nagoya who are taking the “YumiCoreBody online lesson” that can be taken 24 hours a day at home, which started in 2020, and we have received many comments that they are looking forward to opening the store in Nagoya, so we have decided to open the studio in front of Nagoya station. Currently, we have 5 stores nationwide, including
Roppongi/Shinjuku/Azabujuban/Umeda/Tenjin, and this will be our 6th store.

In front of the Nana-chan doll, a YumiCoreBody trainer wearing the same costume as the Nana-chan doll will be handing out flyers with special benefits (April 12th (Friday) to April 15th (Monday)). On April 14th (Sunday), YumiCo, representative of YumiCoreBody Co., Ltd., will be handing out flyers.

The benefits are
・Half price trial lesson fee
・Hoggsy (myofascial release ball equivalent to ¥4,980) will be given to you during the trial lesson.
・Enrollment fee ¥30,000 → ¥0 yen
*Terms and conditions apply to benefits.
* ・I have to do something for my body! – People who are new to exercise and don’t like strenuous exercise – People who want to shape their body but want to heal their health issues first*
* ・People who want to have a body that is not only thin but also healthy and feminine*

* If you are interested, please click here to book a trial lesson at YumiCoreBody Nagoya Ekimae Studio! *

YumiCoreBody Nagoya Ekimae Studio
2nd floor, Mino Building, 1-17-28 Meieki Minami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 4500003
Nagoya Station Sakuradori Exit 5 minutes walk
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