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Home » Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd. Hana Hope TV anime “Spice and Wolf” opening theme “Tabi no Yukue” single w ill be released on 5/29! Prior to release, advance distribution and first anime broadcast will start from 24:00 tonight!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd. Hana Hope TV anime “Spice and Wolf” opening theme “Tabi no Yukue” single w ill be released on 5/29! Prior to release, advance distribution and first anime broadcast will start from 24:00 tonight!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
Hana Hope TV anime “Spice and Wolf” opening theme “Tabi no Yukue” single will be released on 5/29! Prior to release, advance
distribution and first anime broadcast will start from 24:00 tonight! ……
It has been decided that Hana Hope will release her new song “Tabi no Yukue”, which has been selected as the opening theme for the TV anime “Spice and Wolf” as a single on May 29th.
[Image 1:×1163.jpg] Hana Hope Artist Photo
The TV anime “Spice and Wolf: MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF” won the 12th Dengeki Novel Award “Silver Award” published by KADOKAWA Dengeki Bunko, and the series will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2021 with a total circulation of 5 million. Based on the extremely popular light novel that has surpassed the mainstream. Currently, the sequel “Spice and Wolf Spring Log” and the spin-off series “Spice and Wolf: Wolf and Parchment” have been published, and this work is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas.
This TV anime is not a sequel to the previously animated films “Spice and Wolf (2008)” and “Spice and Wolf II (2009),” but a completely new story that will be drawn from the beginning.
[Image 2:×1414.jpg] TV anime “Spice and Wolf” key visual (C)2024 Hasekura Chisuna / KADOKAWA / Lowen Commercial Association
“Tabi no Yukue” is a song arranged by Hayato Tanaka, who also worked on the major debut song “flowers,” which was selected as the “Fate/Grand Order” Memorial Movie 2023 theme song and became a hot topic. A dramatic song where Hana Hope’s vocals gradually increase in scale and stimulate the lachrymal glands.
[Image 3:×1000.jpg ]
“Where the journey goes” distribution JKT
The package single will be released in two forms: artist edition (first press limited edition) and anime edition (limited period press edition).
In addition to the title song “Tabi no Yukue”, it has also been decided that “Rain Or Shine”, provided by cero frontman Shohei Takagi, which was released as a digital single on March 20th, will be included. The anime edition will be released with a jacket featuring an original illustration from the TV anime “MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF”. Other recording details and artwork will be announced at a later date.
We have also decided on special benefits at each store to coincide with the release. Animate will give away a Mashikaku bromide, will give away a mega jacket, Seven Net Shopping will give away an acrylic keychain, Rakuten Books will give a postcard, and support stores will give away a B3 poster on a first-come,
first-served basis to single purchasers.
The first broadcast of the TV anime “Spice and Wolf MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF” will begin tonight at 25:30. Along with the anime, attention is likely to be focused on Hana Hope as well as how the journey will color the story.
Prior to the broadcast, advance distribution of “Tabi no Yukue” will start from 24:00, so please check it out before the broadcast. 【release information】
Hana Hope
New Single “Tabi no Yukue”
2024.5.29 Release
TV anime “MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF” opening theme
[First press limited edition (CD)] AICL-4570 ¥2,000 (tax included) [Limited edition (CD+BD)] AICL-4571~2 ¥2,000 (tax included)
CD reservation/purchase link
Distribution link
■In-store benefits
Animate: Mashikaku Bromide Mega Jacket
Rakuten Books: Postcard
Seven Net Shopping: Acrylic keychain
Support store: B3 poster
*Supporting stores will be announced at a later date.
[Anime work information]
Broadcast on TV Tokyo and others from 25:30 on April 1, 2024 STORY
Craft Lawrence, a young peddler, spends his days selling goods from town to town, with a horse as his partner to pull his cart.
One day, he visits a small village surrounded by golden wheat fields and meets a beautiful girl with ears and a tail.
“My name is Holo.”
Holo, who calls himself the “Wise Wolf”, is the embodiment of the wolf that rules over fertility.
Hearing her desire to return to her hometown of Yoitsu Forest, which is supposed to be far north, Lawrence and Holo become companions on a business trip heading north.
However, the peddler’s journey is full of unexpected ups and downs… The carriage carrying the lonely peddler and the lonely wolf now begins to run noisily.
Original work: Hasekura Hizuna (Dengeki Bunko “Spice and
Wolf”/published by KADOKAWA)
Character draft: Ju Fumikura
General director: Takeshi Takahashi
Director: Hijiri Sanpei
Character design: Koji Hada
Color design: Tomoko Koyama
Art setting: Kaoru Aoki, Toshiki Amada, Reiji Obata
Art director: Kazuhiro Inoue
Director of Photography: Koji Hayashi
Edit: Ayako Tan
Sound director: Tomohiro Yoshida
Music: Kevin Penkin
Produced by: ENISHIYA
Animation production: Passione
Craft Lawrence: Jun Fukuyama
Holo: Ami Koshimizu
Seelen: Daisuke Namikawa
Lichten Mahrheit: Yoshitada Otsuka
Hans Lemelio: Hozumi Goda
Nora Arendt: Mai Nakahara
・Opening theme: Hana Hope “Tabi no Yukue”
・Ending theme: ClariS “Andante”
Broadcast on TV Tokyo and others from 25:30 on Monday, April 1, 2024 ・TV Tokyo: Broadcast from 25:30 on Monday, April 1st
・TV Osaka: Broadcast from 25:30 on Monday, April 1st
・TV Aichi: Broadcast from 25:30 on Monday, April 1st
・BS TV Tokyo: Broadcast from 24:30 on Tuesday, April 2nd
・AT-X: Broadcast from 22:00 on Wednesday, April 3rd
Advance distribution on ABEMA from 26:00 on Monday, April 1st Other platforms will be distributed sequentially from 26:00 on Thursday, April 4th.
▼1st PV:
▼2nd PV:
▼This preview:
▼TV anime “MERCHANT MEETS THE WISE WOLF” non-credit opening video
Copyright notation: (C)2024 Hasekura Freeze/KADOKAWA/Roen Commercial Association Official website:
Official Twitter:
Official TikTok: -Hana Hope Comment-
●Please tell us how you felt when it was decided that you would be in charge of the opening theme.
I was honestly happy to be able to work with such a historical work. Since this is the opening of the story, I wanted to do my best to make the content feel exciting.
●Please tell us your impressions after reading the original story and scenario of “Spice and Wolf.”
A very peaceful rural landscape surrounded by nature, with vast grasslands and small villages from the European Middle Ages, came to mind before my eyes. I could even feel the wind rushing through me. The various events that occur during the road trip between the main characters, Lawrence and Holo, were interesting, and I wanted to see the next episode more and more.
●Please tell us the name of the song and the thoughts behind the song. The holo who spends time with the protagonist is a wolf incarnate, and although she would normally be feared, she is actually a cute, fun and bright girl. So, I sang it in a way that was warm and human, but also conveyed the sublimity of the divine wolf, so that it would resonate gently and broadly across the meadow.
●Please give a message to those who are looking forward to the anime. Please get in the mood with the opening song. Please enjoy watching it while anticipating the song’s title, “Tabi no Yukue.” It might be even more exciting if you add a tail and ears to it!
[Live information]
■am8 playtime #1
Friday, April 5th
OPEN: 18:00 START: 19:00
Location: TimeOut Cafe & Diner (Ebisu LIQUIDROOM 2F)
Act: am8, Hana Hope, Kaori Takeda, and more…!
■Uchiboso Art Festival Tosoko Engeki/Tosoko Ongeki “Super Folklore” April 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sun) Crookfields (Kisarazu)
Starring: Kazutoshi Sakurai/Shikao Suga/Butterfly Studio
(guest vocal: Hana Hope/ dancer: KUMI/ Tsuki Takamura) / dance: Kei Asanuma Takeshi Kobayashi (Key) / FUYU (Dr) / Yu Sudo (Ba) / Yukio Nagoshi (Gt) / Shoko Oki (Vl)
Details 9A%E5%BA%95%E9%9F%B3%E5%8A%87/
[Hana Hope information]
More details about this release: