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GEMS UNITED LLC opens a fragrance-themed brand shop in New York.

GEMS UNITED LLC opens a fragrance-themed brand shop in New York. ……
GEMS UNITED LLC (Representative: Kanako Omagari), whose vision is to send encouragement to people who have expectations and hopes for their lives and challenge their possibilities, is opening a fragrance-themed brand shop in New York this year. opened its third store, Grasse NY. Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams. This press release is the dream of
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The beginning of GEMS UNITED: Fragrances developed in-house become standard items for new lifestyles
GEMS UNITED LLC, which has led Japan as a fragrance pioneer, launched its own brand “ACE Tokyo” in May 2024. The company has developed its main product, the fragrance series, and currently has 15 types (No. 1 to No. 15) of standard scents being released to the world.
Focusing on [No. 3], which became popular after many models spread it on SNS, for Japanese business people, preparing for a new life includes suits, bags, and the No. 3 fragrance from ACE Tokyo. became the standard.
[Image 1:×848.jpg] Opening a physical store: From Japan to Asia and the world
Our brand will open a fragrance-themed brand shop, Grasse Tokyo, in Minato-ku, Tokyo in February 2026. Inspired by Grasse in southern France, which is known as a sacred place for scents, we offer a variety of fragrance-specific products under the theme of “a place where you can smell the fragrance just by stepping into it, a sacred place for fragrances for you.”
It gained popularity among business people, and the following year, it opened Grasse Seoul in Seoul, South Korea. It has become popular mainly in Asia as a favorite item of K-Pop stars.
[Image 2:×1999.jpg] After that, [No. 5] gained popularity and became known around the world when a world-famous soccer player declared that he was his “indispensable buddy at work and in life.” Now, it is loved all over the world, regardless of age, gender, or region.
The opening of the store in New York was made possible in response to requests from fans around the world. In addition to the [No.1-15] organic fragrances from the “ACE Tokyo” series, we also carry fragrance-related products purchased from all over the world.
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The future of GEMS UNITED
The business that started with the “fragrance” that the CEO himself uses to refresh, relax, and strengthen in his personal and business settings has been loved by many people, and has reached this point. We, GEMS UNITED LLC, will continue to deliver cheer and power to the irreplaceable people of Japan and the world who have high expectations for themselves, have hope, and are bravely taking on challenges at this moment in time.
For you who want to live as a professional.
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“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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