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Educational Book 21 UrSTUDX creates a world where all children can equally, actively, and learn what they want to learn.

Educational books 21
UrSTUDX will create a world where all children can equally, actively, and learn what they want to learn.
We will create a world where all children, who will lead the future, can find their own “likes” and develop the “likes” they have found. ……
Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams.
This press release is a dream of “Kyoiku Tosho 21 Ltd.”
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“UrSTUDX” is an educational platform that allows children from preschool to university age to learn the skills they want to learn online. It was launched on August 2, 2022, and the current number of members has exceeded 11,000.
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At UrSTUDX, you can not only study at school, but also acquire knowledge and skills that cannot be learned at school.
Additionally, since classes are mainly held in a live format, it is possible to communicate with the teacher and other students in real time.
Through this service, all children who will be responsible for the future will be given equal opportunities to find their own “likes” and develop their “likes,” and actively acquire the knowledge and skills they want to learn. We will realize a world where we can.
*This service refers to learners ranging from preschoolers to university students as “students.”
*Classes held on “UrSTUDX” are referred to as “classes.”
Official website:
Thoughts on service
We would like to first solve Japan’s educational issues and create an environment where children can flourish in the world. Postwar Japanese companies have grown significantly, and at the end of December 1989, 21 Japanese companies were included in the top 30 in the world’s market capitalization ranking. However, as of 2024, there is only one Japanese company in the world’s top 30 market capitalization rankings. [World Market Capitalization Ranking Top 30]
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While American and Chinese companies have continued to grow
significantly, Japanese companies have experienced a relative decline in value since the 1990s. There are various factors such as population size, but I believe that education is also one of the influences. The new curriculum guidelines from 2020 emphasize the perspective of active learning, in order to achieve independent, interactive, and deep learning, rather than just learning to acquire knowledge. Furthermore, various revisions were made, such as making programming education compulsory and starting financial education. However, in the field, a lack of resources is an issue. Some schools hire new teachers with the specialized skills listed above, but in many cases they are unable to hire such teachers, and school teachers provide specialized training in addition to their regular classes, which is a burden. The current situation is that the number is increasing.
Against this background, we launched UrSTUDX to create a world where children can find their own “likes” and develop their “likes”. Official website:
What you can do with UrSTUDX
There are two main things you can do with UrSTUDX. 1. Find your own “like” I think there are many people who wonder, “What do I like to do?” or “What do I want to do?”
Of course, I’m sure there are some people who have already found their “like” and are running towards it.
I think there are many people who would not be able to imagine what it would be like to be told, “In the future, you can do whatever you want.” UrSTUDX is a place where you can discover your own “likes”.
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Classes are offered in a variety of fields, including not only school studies and exam preparation, but also money, music, cooking, hobbies, etc. To date, approximately 3,700 classes have been held. First of all, try to find what you like.
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2. Improving the things you like Once you have found what you like, start learning more about what you like. The teachers at UrSTUDX are experts in their respective fields, so they will work with
He is giving classes.
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Also, many of the classes that are published are live classes. Teachers and students can communicate and discuss with each other online. In the coming era, there will be more opportunities to talk with people online and express your opinions. It is very important for children to get used to this kind of environment from an early age. There are also classes that can be taken by multiple people, and there are also classes that can be taken one-on-one. Another feature is that you can choose a style that is easy for you to receive. Official website:
Message from Representative Yoshida
[Image 7:×772.jpg] Profile Kyoiku Tosho 21 Co., Ltd. Representative Director Keisuke Yoshida After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce at Keio University, worked in sales and marketing at KDDI Corporation, and then worked at M3 Corporation as a consulting and major service manager for pharmaceutical companies. In 2021, he joined Kyoiku Tosho 21, a limited company founded by his father, and focused on DX for long-established small and medium-sized companies. Expanded sales and reduced costs by implementing Salesforce, etc. We also launched the online education platform UrSTUDX as a new business. Comment Our company has been in business for 25 years and has consistently operated early childhood classrooms and mock exams for elementary school entrance exams. Ever since I joined this company two years ago, I had a question about education. The question is, “Is exam education really the best education?” Children who are passionate about what they love are often shown on TV, and when you see them, they look like they’re having a lot of fun, and they’re achieving results that adults would never have thought possible. For example, only a small number of people can become athletes, so of course it is important to study for entrance exams, but we also want to increase the number of children who are passionate about what they like, and that will solve various social issues in Japan. I started UrSTUDX with the idea that it would be a part of solving the problem. We will continue to work hard so that this UrSTUDX can become a standard educational platform in the world as a service that allows you to find your own “likes” and improve the “likes” you have found. .
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Official website (introduction page): UrSTUDX dream
Through “UrSTUDX”, we will create a world where all children can find their “likes”, learn about the “likes” they find, and develop their experiences and skills. I would also like to spread my wings around the world and make Japan even stronger than it is now.
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“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES where companies share their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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