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Home » 1st anniversary of Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel new main building opening

1st anniversary of Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel new main building opening

1st anniversary of Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel new main building opening
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Press release: April 1, 2024
1st anniversary of Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel new main building opening *Sale of commemorative plan “Plan with original sweets”*
Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel New Main Building

The new main building of Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel, a lodging and complex facility located on the shores of Lake Shirakaba, operated by Ikenotaira Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., will celebrate its first anniversary on April 22, 2024 (Monday).
To express our gratitude, we have prepared a plan that includes the pastry chef’s original sweets.
New main building facility
■RESORT FOOD HALL Lakeside Wind All-day dining restaurant facing the lakeside ■Koten-no-Yu Natural hot spring and sauna with an open feeling that blends into the lake
■Shirakaba Nakamise – an indoor hot spring town that encapsulates the charm of Shinshu

Ikenotaira hotel rooftop
Koten no Yu lakeside mixed bathing sky sunset

* Plan with original sweets commemorating the 1st anniversary of the opening of the new main building *
Original sweets made by the hotel’s pastry chef will be served at dinner. This one-plate mousse cake is inspired by the melting snow at Lake Shirakaba and spring on the highlands, decorated with seasonal fruits. Sales period: March 11, 2024 to May 31, 2024 (excluding days: Saturdays and Golden Week)
・Patissier original sweets
(1 plate per room)
・Non-alcoholic sparkling wine
(1 bottle per room *355ml)
*Contents may change depending on the stock of the day.

Pastry chef original sweets

[Guest room]
You can choose from two types of rooms in the new main building. All rooms are a mix of Japanese and Western style, with Ryukyu tatami mats and beds. It has a calm design that is modern and utilizes the warmth of wood so that you can relax and enjoy your stay.
Deluxe lake view type
You can see the sparkling Lake Shirakaba with the ridgeline of Mt. Kurumayama and Mt. Kirigamine in the background.
New main building 5-9F
Size: 40.4 square meters
Capacity: 4 people, 2 beds + futons available for 3 people

Deluxe balcony type
A room with chairs and a mini fireplace on the balcony. You can feel the clear highland breeze.
New main building 4F
Size: 40.4 square meters
Capacity: 4 people, 2 beds + futons available for 3 people
Deluxe lake view room

Deluxe lake view room

deluxe balcony room
For breakfast and dinner, you can enjoy a seasonal buffet. Please enjoy what you like and as much as you like.

* About the restaurant RESORT FOOD HALL “Kohan no Kaze” *
“Lakeside Wind” is surrounded by the gentle scenery of Mt. Kurumayama and Kirigamine, where the ridgeline of gentle grasslands continues, and Lake Shirakaba, which stands directly in front. This is an all-day dining restaurant where you can relax and enjoy your time. Breakfast and dinner are a FOODHALL-style buffet where you can choose your favorite dishes from 13 individual restaurants.
There are many shops lined up, such as “Shirakaba Farm 1450” which offers seasonal vegetables and highland dairy products, “Hotori” teppanyaki restaurant, “Yorashare”, a local Shinshu cuisine restaurant, and “Hana”, a sweets and bakery. We offer a wide lineup of menus centered on local ingredients such as wild vegetables.

lakeside wind
lakeside wind
lakeside wind
lakeside wind

* Natural hot spring & sauna “Koten no Yu” *
The hotel’s large public bath “Koten-no-yu” is a natural hot spring sourced from the secret hot spring “Tarugasawa Onsen” of
Kita-Yatsugatake and Mt. Tateshina.
We are proud of the view and the soft texture of hot water and underground water.
About “Ki no Yu”, “Ishi no Yu”, and “Lakeside Mixed Bathing Sora” The “Ishi-no-Yu”, which uses smooth natural stone as a base, and the “Kino-Yu”, which features Kiso Hinoki wood, are available for men and women, and guests can use both.
Enjoy bathing with your family, groups of friends, and others in the Lakeside Mixed Bathing Sora, where swimsuits are required.
The open-air baths in each area have an infinity design, so you can enjoy the view as if your whole body melts into the lake.

Natural hot spring Koten-no-Yu Ishi-no-Yu
Natural hot spring Koten-no-Yu Kono-Yu
Natural hot spring Koten no Yu Lakeside mixed bathing sky

About sauna
Each of the three areas is equipped with a Finnish sauna and a cold bath with underground water from Mt. Tateshina.
The observation sauna of “Lakeside Mixed Bathing Sora” has a large three-dimensional window that juts out toward the lake, giving a great view of the scenery from Mt. Kuruma to Lake Shirakaba.
Please experience the comfort of becoming one with the air as you feel the cool breeze of the highlands.

Koten no Yu Indoor sauna
Koten no Yu Observation Sauna -Ku-
underground water bath

* A lively place where you can enjoy the flavors of Shinshu. Indoor hot spring town “Shirakaba Nakamise” *
Exiting the public bath is Shirakaba Nakamise Street, an indoor hot spring town that encapsulates the charm of Shinshu.
This street was born out of the desire to be a place where customers traveling to Nagano Prefecture and kind-hearted producers in Nagano Prefecture can connect with each other. You can enjoy it.
Surrounded by mountains such as Yatsugatake and Kirigamine, Nagano Prefecture is blessed with clear air and clean water, and is home to an abundance of sake breweries and wineries. We have a selection of Japanese sake and wine, original craft beer, apple juice, and milk from local farms.
At the corner stall “Kodo Bar Shinshu,” we also offer a variety of local sake, Shinshu sweets, and sake appetizers.
Visitors to Lake Shirakaba will be able to sample everything from typical dishes that you must try when visiting Nagano Prefecture, such as soba, Nozawana, oyaki, and gohei mochi, to yakitori ordered from a nearby butcher shop, and ranch miso cheese, which is popular among locals. We have collected “delicious” items that you would like to eat.
Shirakaba Nakamise Local Bar Shinshu

Shirakaba Nakamise Festival
Shirakaba Nakamise souvenirs

* About Lake Shirakaba *
Lake Shirakaba is a “lake resort” with an altitude of 1,450m and a circumference of approximately 4km, blessed with clear highland air and peaceful nature.
Tateshina Plateau belongs to the Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen
Quasi-National Park and is surrounded by Mt. Yagogamine, Mt. Kurumayama, and Mt. Kirigamine of Kita-Yatsugatake Mt. Tateshina. It is located along the Venus Line, which connects Chino City to Utsukushigahara Plateau, and there are plenty of trekking routes. In the spring, fresh green leaves bud, in the summer there is a cool breeze, in the autumn the leaves are brightly colored, and in the winter the world is covered in silver. Around Lake Shirakaba, which stands calmly in the clear air, you can enjoy physical activities, stroll through the garden filled with seasonal flowers, or just relax by the lake. At Lake Shirakaba, there is a space where you can find your own sense of comfort.

Business overview
* “RESORT FOOD HALL Lakeside Wind” *
Business hours: Breakfast buffet 7:00-9:30 (L.O. 9:00)
Cafe 9:30-17:00
*Lunch is available from 11:30 to 14:00 (L.O. 13:30). Dinner buffet 17:00-20:30 (L.O. 20:00)
*Reservations are required for breakfast and dinner buffets, and priority will be given to guests staying at the hotel. Number of seats: 490 seats

* “Koten no Yu” *
Business hours: ■Accommodation 6:00-10:00 / 11:30-25:00
*Ki-no-Yu and Ishi-no-Yu are open for men and women at different times of the day.
*From 11:30 on the day of check-in to 16:00 on the day of check-out
■Day use 11:30-23:00 (last reception 22:00)
Day trip fee: Regular adult 2,000 yen / 3 years old to elementary school student 1,500 yen
Special period Adults 2,500 yen / 3 years old to elementary school students 2,000 yen
*Bath towel, face towel, bath dressing
*When using the dinner buffet, there is a 500 yen discount per person.
Rental items: blankets, baskets, relaxing pillows, cushion tables, Skin care mist, air cooler, etc.
*Optional: Colored yukata (1,000 yen) is also available for a fee.
*You can use the mixed bathing area by wearing a swimsuit or rental bathing suit.
Bathing clothes are only available in
one-size-fits-all sizes for adults.
If you are bringing children, please bring swimwear.

* “Shirakaba Nakamise” *
Business hours: 8:00-23:00

About Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel
In the clear air at an altitude of 1,450m and on the shores of calm and forgiving Lake Shirakaba, each customer can enjoy their own time. We would be happy if we could provide you with that kind of comfort. Approximately 70 years have passed since Shirakaba Kogen Dormitory opened its doors, and with the aim of becoming a resort connected to the area that is “good to visit and live in,” in addition to hotels, the company currently operates facilities such as an amusement park, an art museum, and a ski resort. We are developing “Shirakaba Resort” including Shirakaba Resort welcomes small children, experienced travelers, and friends who live here. We will continue to create resorts where everyone can find a place to belong.

Shirakaba Resort Ikenotaira Hotel
Address: 1596 Ashida Hakkeno, Tateshina-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 391-0392 / TEL: 0266-68-2100
Official website:

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