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Home » .a Career We are releasing “Self Career Make (SCM)”, a program that increases the number of women who work happily and age gracefully!

.a Career We are releasing “Self Career Make (SCM)”, a program that increases the number of women who work happily and age gracefully!

[.a Career] “Self Career” is a program that increases the number of women who work happily and age gracefully.
Make (SCM)” is released!

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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
We are releasing “Self Career Make (SCM)”, a program that increases the number of women who work happily and age gracefully!
* “Is this okay?” Do you have this kind of anxiety? Graduation from piles of self-help books and lost children. A 3-month program that allows you to create your ideal self as if you were on a diet has been completed! *
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true soon.
Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams.
This press release is a dream of “.a Career”.
.a Career | .a Career values ​​individual expertise and uniqueness and supports individual career development.
We will provide you with professional service. Representative Ayako Takehi We want to increase the number of women who work happily and age gracefully. 100 year life era
Gone are the days when the government or company created a career for you. You are expected to create your own career.
The career I created for myself has a strong core.
While imagining who you want to be,
Enjoy the moment without being disturbed
A woman with both inner charm and outer beauty…
Even though everyone looks up to him, he has a hard time trying to be himself. Don’t you think you can? Shouldn’t it be?
Everyone puts a lid on their own potential and tells themselves, “This is fine.”
I want these wonderful women who are full of potential to shine even more. However, modern women are very busy as they take on many roles every day.
That’s why we developed Self Career Make as *the most realistic way to make your ideals come true*.
What kind of program is Self Career Make (SCM)?
I will never give up in order to live my life the way I am.
All 4 elements *in just 3 months*
*Program to be able to organize yourself*
●Benefits of aligning all four elements
– Stop thinking about unnecessary things in daily life
– Synergistic effects are likely to occur
・Easy to get results quickly
It is important to balance the body and mind as one. Money is also necessary to survive.           And people like beautiful things What kind of people is it suitable for?
・People who don’t know what they want to do
・People who don’t want to be confused by other people’s views and opinions ・People who want their own axis
・People who feel depressed compared to other people
・People who want to find their own happiness
・People who want to change
・People who want to improve their lives efficiently
・People who tried various things but didn’t get any results
・People who want to be close to their emotional fluctuations ・People who want someone to support them
・People who want to remove mental blocks
・People who want to grow and grow
What are you going to do?
Perfect for busy modern women,
What is the “most realistic method”?
●Goal setting
Goal setting using the right and left brain
Work on your subconscious mind to know your true feelings
●Action plan
The 4 elements “body, mind, money, and beauty”
Decide on small action
●Mechanism to continue
Effortlessly execute action plans using the brain’s mechanisms ●Evaluation and correction
With regular counseling and coaching
Measuring effectiveness
Increase efficiency by setting appropriate goals
●Complete seminar
New knowledge essential for Step UP
An environment where you can learn from experts
・Follow us every day for 3 months via individual messages via LINE ・Full support system where you can learn from professionals in each department
・Sessions and seminars held once every three weeks are basically online. You can participate in your own way in a relaxed manner.

3 months later I…
Incorporating something you haven’t done before into your daily life can sometimes be a hassle, and you may wonder if it’s even meaningful. However, if you believe in yourself and take small steps, you will be surprised by the refreshing feeling and bright future that awaits you. *Determination and persistence*
This is the only way to accomplish something
I promise that when you complete 3 months of self-reflection, you will realize that you can easily solve your current problems, and you will experience growth and potential.
[Career] Local civil servant for 11 years Domestic Airlines
Domestic/International Flight CA
10 years (in charge of training instructor/training planning) Participated in medical corporation business improvement project 2 years
[Qualifications] Nationally qualified career consultant Psychological counselor
Workplace harassment counselor Motivation switch expert Motivation switch expert
Why I started my business and my “dream”
April 2023
I was suddenly told that I was fired from the company I was working for. This event marked a major turning point in my career, and I saw it as an opportunity to become independent, and I decided to take a new path as a career consultant.
My strengths are my diverse work experience and the resilience I have developed throughout my life.
*Family problems*, *own illness*, *work problems*
In my own words, I will explain how to make the most of myself, and the knowledge and thoughts necessary to live the 100-year life the way I want, based on my experience of overcoming challenges and fulfilling my role in the unique culture of each industry. By telling * I am confident that I can help people who have the same problems as me. * * My dream is to increase the number of people who work happily and age gracefully, and to contribute to creating a society where women can thrive. *
(Heart) “April Dream” is a PR campaign that sends out the dreams that companies want to realize in the future on April 1st.
This is a project by TIMES. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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