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Home » Hashy Top Inn Co., Ltd. / Hashy First landing in Japan! Battle action toy “AKEDO” released!

Hashy Top Inn Co., Ltd. / Hashy First landing in Japan! Battle action toy “AKEDO” released!

Hashy Top Inn Co., Ltd. / Hashy
First landing in Japan! Battle action toy “AKEDO” released!
Hacy Top Inn Co., Ltd. has started developing the series as the exclusive agent in Japan!
The globally popular battle figures have finally landed in Japan for the first time!
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Hashi Top Inn Co., Ltd. (head office location: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takahiro Hashimoto) will release the legendary Akedo at the end of June 2024.
AKEDO exclusive site: AKEDO | Hashy Topin official site:
In addition, to commemorate the first landing in Japan, only 30 of each product will be available to the general public from 19:00 on Wednesday, April 3rd to 23:59 on Friday, April 19th!
We will start pre-order sales on our EC site.
EC site: Hashy Topin ONLINE SHOP:
[Image 2:×1913.png ]
★What is AKEDO?
This is a battle figure toy made by MooseToy (Australia), a major global toy manufacturer. It has already established itself as a top-class toy for boys.
However, it has not been released in Japan, so you have no choice but to import it and play with it yourself…We will be releasing it as a series from our company! ! !
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] A battle action toy with easy-to-understand and easy-to-start specifications, depth as a competitive competition, and hobby elements!
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] ★Basic way to play AKEDO…
What you need: 1. Fighting warriors (figures) for the number of people Each warrior (figure) has different weapons, status, and special skills. 2. Controller for the number of people
How to play: 1. Set the warrior (figure) on the controller.
    2. Move the joystick on the controller to check the operation. 3. Decide the number of rounds and set the points on the controller. 4. Bring the warrior closer and start the battle! ! !
5. Split Strike! The one who breaks the opponent apart wins the round!      The defeated side receives -1 point.
    6.Restore the broken warrior (figure) and proceed to the next round. 7. The first person to reduce the opponent’s points to 0 will be the winner! → Click here for details on how to play
[Image 5:×1080.jpg ]
Plans to develop a variety of series
[Image 6:×608.jpg]
[Image 7:×1080.jpg] There are 4 series: Single Pack, Battle Giant & Beast Pack, Starter Pack, and Battle Arena!
Details will be announced at a later date! looking forward to! !
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[Video 4:] ●Publisher
Hashy Topin official EC:
●AKEDO exclusive site
AKEDO | Hashy Topin official website: ●Inquiries regarding products (Hashy Topin Co., Ltd.)

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