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Home » Wilmina Co., Ltd. Introducing a new refill from the “Medicated Ibiza Soap” developed by hair removal salons that washes away unpleasant odors in sensitive areas.

Wilmina Co., Ltd. Introducing a new refill from the “Medicated Ibiza Soap” developed by hair removal salons that washes away unpleasant odors in sensitive areas.

Wilmina Co., Ltd.
Introducing a new refill from “Medicated Ibiza Soap” from a hair removal salon that washes away unpleasant odors in sensitive areas. ……
Willmina Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Willmina) will be distributing refills for medicated Ibiza soap (sales name: Ibiza medicated soap) to Ibiza Beauty from Monday, April 1, 2024. It will be sold at the official online store. *Official website URL (
[Image 1:×1000.jpg] Ibiza Beauty is a femme care brand that started sales in 2015 and boasts a cumulative sales record of 1.2 million units (*1). Medicated Ibiza Soap is a product that specializes in odor control in sensitive areas and is a popular product in the series. Up until now, we have only been selling bottle-type products, but we have received many requests from customers to make refills, so we have decided to start selling them from April 1st.
Sweat discharged from the apocrine sweat glands around the sensitive zone contains proteins and other substances, which allow bacteria to grow over time. This is said to be the cause of the odor peculiar to the delicate zone.
Medicated Ibiza Soap is a quasi-drug containing two types of active ingredients. Isopropyl methylphenol, an active bactericidal
ingredient, and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, an active skin
conditioning ingredient, keep delicate zones clean and condition the skin environment.
In addition, the delicate zone is a delicate area of ​​the body that has the thinnest skin and is said to be prone to problems such as dryness and rough skin. Therefore, the medicated Ibiza soap has “weak acidity that matches the pH value of delicate zones”, “foam type to prevent friction during washing”, and “contains 6 types of moisturizing ingredients + 5 types of vitamins (*2) to protect the skin from dryness”. We use formulations and ingredients that take into account the burden on the skin.
*1Number of shipments: March 2015 to January 2024
*2 Moisturizing ingredients, product antioxidants
-Comments from customers who used medicated Ibiza soap-
・The foam feels smooth and rinses off easily. I no longer have to worry about the odor in my private areas, and I’m very satisfied. ・It smells good even when I wash it, and even when I’m on my period, I don’t really notice the smell anymore.
・It seems to suit my skin and I can keep my sensitive areas clean every day. ・I like that it comes out as foam, so it’s easy to use in various places. ・It has a very moist feeling after washing, and is recommended for those who are concerned about itching from dryness.
*These are personal opinions and do not guarantee efficacy.
-Features of refillable medicated Ibiza soap-
・Pouch type that is easy to dispose of at home
・Lightweight and compact size, easy to store
・Laser-cut opening that is easy to cut even with bare hands
・Simple design that blends in with any interior design
We developed refills in response to customer needs such as “It’s a hassle to throw away bottles” and “It’s a waste to have to dispose of bottles after just one month.” Designed with practicality in mind, it is now easier to use than ever before.
In addition, by providing pouch-type products that use less packaging material than bottle-type products, we aim to be a company that is not only considerate of our customers’ skin, but also of the environment. -Product Summary-
[Quasi-drug] Medicated Ibiza soap (refill)
Brand name: Ibiza medicated soap
Contents: 135ml
Single item price: 5,280 yen (tax included) *Shipping not included Sales start date: April 1, 2024
Handling: Ibiza Beauty official online store
*For regular courses, a bottle may also be delivered depending on the number of deliveries.
■About Ibiza Beauty
Get a more loving version of yourself
Towards my best self ever
Ibiza Beauty was created in 2015 to take care of the “delicate concerns unique to women” that were raised by customers at hair removal salons.
Since the time when the concept of femme care was not yet widespread in Japan, we have released a number of products to take care of women’s delicate bodies and minds.
In today’s world where values ​​and lifestyles are diversifying, it can be said that the standards of beauty and happiness exist within oneself.
Leave it to Ibiza Beauty, which creates a society where each individual can live comfortably and happily, to help you realize who you want to be.
◆Ibiza Beauty official website:
■About Wilmina Co., Ltd.
Wilmina started in 1984 as a division of Nichimen Corporation (currently Sojitz Corporation). As a major vendor in the cosmetics category of consumer cooperatives, which have approximately 30 million members, they continue to provide “safe and secure” products such as cosmetics, hair care, oral care, and health foods.
In June 2020, we opened our own website “Adult Skin Research Institute” for the general market. In October 2022, we launched the online medical treatment and prescription platform “HERDAYS” and entered the wellness market. Additionally, in July 2023, we merged with Five Tales Co., Ltd., which operates the femme care brand “Ibiza Beauty.”
As a Well-Being & Beauty Company, we aim to create a society where every woman can live a happy and fulfilling life.
■Wilmina Representative Director Biography
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Shiona Yukimura
After joining Rakuten and serving as the manager of products for women such as cosmetics, wellness, and maternity, as well as general manager of sales, she joined a venture company. Developed a number of services and launched businesses that sought to increase customer satisfaction using technology. After that, he joined a trading company and was in charge of cutting-edge innovation in health and medical care in Japan and overseas, as well as investments in the wellness field.
In February 2022, she became President and Representative Director of Willmina, a Well-Being & Beauty Company that empowers all women. Our aim is to create a society where women can live their lives in their own way.
Hiroshima University Open Innovation Advisor. Graduated from Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration.
■Company overview
Company name: Wilmina Co., Ltd.
Address: Head Office – 3rd floor, KDX Iidabashi Square, 4-1
Shin-Ogawacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Shiona Yukimura
Business details: Planning and development of solutions to solve women’s life issues, planning, development, manufacturing and sales of own brand cosmetics, and internet mail order sales, planning and operation of telemedicine related services using the internet. Corporate website:
■Brand site
Kagayaku Cosmetics: Adult Skin Research Institute:
Ibiza Beauty:
More details about this release: