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Home » Environmental entertainer “WoW Lemur” joins the experiential creative company “Afro&Co.”!

Environmental entertainer “WoW Lemur” joins the experiential creative company “Afro&Co.”!

Environmental entertainer “WoW Lemur” joins the experiential creative company “Afro&Co.”!
Now recruiting creators and producers who will create “more excitement in the world”
Afro&Co., an experiential creative company that creates exciting experiential content that has never been experienced before, with the slogan “Bringing more excitement to the world,” has recently announced that it will be working with an environmental entertainer called WoW. We have concluded a management contract with “Lemur”.
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WoW Lemur is an environmental entertainer who uses the ring-tailed lemur, an endangered species that lives in Madagascar, as a motif to create opportunities for learning through impactful visuals and light-hearted conversations, on YouTube and TikTok, with the theme of “Save the Earth with Entertainment!” I am active mainly on SNS. Recently, he has appeared on TV programs such as NHK, collaborated with governments such as the Ministry of the Environment, and given lectures at local governments.In April 2019, he hosted the
experiential food entertainment show “Extinction Experience
Restaurant”. I also work as an event organizer.
Afro&Co. and WoW Lemur have worked together as organizers and MCs for various events. In this process, Afro&Co.’s motto of “Bringing more excitement to the world” and WoW Lemur’s theme of “Save the Earth through entertainment!” coincided, leading to this management contract.
As Afro&Co. continues to output various experiential content in the future, we will use the addition of WoW Lemur as an opportunity to improve our company’s resolution of keywords such as the global environment and “biodiversity,” which is attracting worldwide attention. In addition to reflecting on the quality of content and collaborative content with companies and governments, we will also take on projects in the environmental field.
Also, on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, WoW Lemur’s first book,
“Extinction Experience Restaurant ~What if the environmental problem was 13 restaurants~” (Yama to Keikokusha) will be released. In the future, we plan to hold publication commemorative events and release related video content. Please stay tuned.
-WoW Lemur Comments-
I’m WoW Lemur, an environmental entertainer! “WoW!” in the name of WoW lemur. ‘ is the same as ‘excitement’ in Afro&CO.’s slogan. ATEXI believes that “entertainment” can help solve all kinds of social issues, and we are active in our activities. However, although climate change and biodiversity loss are urgent issues, it is difficult to say that much of the public awareness efforts have been ineffective and have led to behavioral changes. It is precisely at this time that we are gathering our power to create excitement and “save the earth” with a new approach and values ​​that have never been seen before in society.
Let’s get excited and change the world together! See you! Hero! ! In addition to the creator “Afromance”, who is the founder and director and CCO (chief creative officer), and the environmental entertainer “WoW Lemur”, who has recently joined the group, Afro&Co. will be working with creators who will create a variety of experiences in the future, and with whom we will work to create innovative projects. We are looking for a variety of positions, including producers, project managers, and planners who will bring ideas to life. In addition, the official homepage has been renewed today, April 1st (Sunday), in conjunction with the recruitment. We have undergone a major overhaul, including the creation of a new “WROKS” page that summarizes past cases, a “CREW” page that introduces members, and a “RECRUIT” page that deals with recruitment. Please take a look. WoW lemur’s first book “Extinction Experience Restaurant ~What if the environmental problem was 13 restaurants~” now on sale
[Image 2:×1500.jpg] A book that makes you feel the most cruel and pop environmental issues. What is Extinction Experience Restaurant? It is a mysterious restaurant where you can experience various environmental issues. The guide is environmental entertainer WoW Lemur. Focusing on issues such as climate change and the biodiversity crisis, we will explain the reality of these issues that are familiar to us through food at 13 fictitious restaurants. This is a cynical and slightly dark
environmental book for adults.
*All paper is FSC certified paper.
-Book information-
Title: “Extinction Experience Restaurant ~What if the environmental problem was 13 restaurants~” (Hardcover/Softcover) Release date: April 17, 2024
Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Yamato Keikokusha
Sales location: Scheduled to be released at bookstores nationwide and Amazon Book site: About Afro&Co.
[Image 3:×772.png ]
Founded by the creator “Afromance” with the slogan “Bring more excitement to the world,” we create exciting experiential content that has never been experienced before with innovative ideas, detailed experience design, and solid implementation capabilities. We are an experiential creative company. We are developing a series of popular projects such as the hands-on event “Awapa” where you can get covered in bubbles, the chill-out bar “SAKURA CHILL BAR by Saga” where you can get covered in 1.2 million flower petals, and the “Magma Yakiimo Densha” where you can enjoy yakiimo on a glittering tram. We aim to entertain a wide range of people regardless of location or generation with not only our own content but also content created in collaboration with companies and governments.
Company site URL:
About WoW Lemur
[Image 4:×3898.jpg] With the theme of “Save the Earth through Entertainment!”, he is an environmental entertainer who uses the endangered ring-tailed lemur that lives in Madagascar as a motif to create “opportunities to learn” with his impactful visuals and light-hearted talk. Also active as a moderator. With his one-of-a-kind character and skillful and light speaking skills cultivated through experience as a host, narrator, and event MC, he delivers entertainment content that anyone can enjoy and learn about themes such as the SDGs, environmental issues, and biodiversity. We also host events. “Extinction Experience
Restaurant,” a food entertainment show where you can experience the phenomenon of species extinction and ecosystem collapse with all five senses through course meals, performances by artists, exhibition booths, etc., is a crowd-funded show that sells out all 250 seats for two daytime and evening performances. It was featured on NHK, as well as newspapers, magazines, and web media.
Since 2021, he has gained popularity with short videos on TikTok and Youtube, and has now collaborated with the Ministry of the
Environment, governments, various companies and NPOs, and has appeared at SDGs-related events, contributing to the global environment. We are working hard to create opportunities for people to become interested. He is truly a hero who saves the earth through entertainment. As a true-faced MC, he participates in various events such as pitch contests, award ceremonies, ceremonies, festivals, corporate sports days, quiz tournaments, e-sports, hero shows, cooking shows, weddings, public auditions, fashion shows, idol events, and streaming programs. He is also active as a host for various format events and programs. More details about this release: