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Fine Today Co., Ltd. Held a “wedding ceremony” for new employees of the Fine Today Group

Fine Today Co., Ltd.
Fine Today Group holds a “wedding ceremony” for new employees ~The theme is “Inner Beauty”. Interactively talk about your thoughts with management through sessions using flowers.
Fine Today Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) and Fine Today Industries Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture) held a ceremony for 2024 new employees today, April 1st, at Fine Today’s headquarters titled “Welcome Ceremony.” A joint joining ceremony was held, and a total of 13 people joined the company. On the day of the event, we held a session using flowers with the management team on the theme of “inner beauty,” which is tied to our group’s purpose.By talking about our thoughts interactively, we took a step forward as employees of the Fine Today Group. I did.
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[Image 2:×1417.jpg] The theme is “inner beauty”
Fine Today was born in 2021 by taking over the personal care business from Shiseido. Based on our purpose (raison d’être) of “to help everyone around the world have a wonderful day and live a forever beautiful and fulfilling life,” we manufacture high-quality products based on a “sense of beauty.” I’m pursuing it.
The theme of the 2024 induction ceremony is “Inner Beauty”. At FINE TODAY, we believe that true beauty lies in the spirituality of paying attention to the invisible aspects and facing them with sincerity, and we have set “facing the essence of beauty” as one of the behavioral standards that our employees must follow. I am. New employees held a session with the management team to think about “inner beauty,” and President Komori sent encouragement to the new employees as they faced their own thoughts.
Message from President Komori: “Always ask what beauty is and work with colleagues across departments to solve problems autonomously.”
[Image 3:×1417.jpg] I would like to talk about what Fine Today wants to achieve and what my expectations are for everyone in that process.
Our company operates in 20 locations in Japan, China, and the Asia-Pacific region, but if we are tied to a single set of values, we cannot create products that allow “everyone” to live a beautiful and fulfilling life, as expressed in our purpose. We cannot continue to deliver. In addition, as a “Big Venture” that is also building an organization as a new company, we are required to take autonomous action by a team that transcends age, position, and department to deal with day-to-day issues. “I don’t blame them for pointing out the problem.” We hope that you will make great strides together with our human resources, who come from diverse industries and have a rich international flavor.
Furthermore, the “aesthetic sense” underlying today’s theme encompasses not only external beauty but also internal and emotional beauty. We want to share the excitement and thrill of positively changing your mindset and actions with those who pick up our products. To this end, we always ask ourselves what beauty is, and listen to and think about the thoughts of others. We hope that you will pursue this in your own work and create new beauty together with your colleagues. “Session to face the essence of beauty” where new employees and management talk interactively
As a first step for Fine Today employees, the new employees held a session with the management team in which they faced the essence of beauty using flowers. With flowers in hand that represent the feelings and values ​​that each person cherishes, they had a two-way
conversation about their own idea of ​​“inner beauty.”
New employees have said, “Just like the sweet pea’s flower language, “eternal joy,” I want to spend my day setting goals, even the smallest things, and growing by accumulating a sense of
accomplishment.” “I want to make sure that everyone in the world is happy in the future.I chose the flower Alstroemeria, which has the flower language of “longing for the future,” which coincides with this desire,” he said, and through the session he expressed his own inner feelings. It was an opportunity for us to reconsider and learn about the values ​​that our group values ​​by sincerely facing our feelings for others. Finally, everyone arranged the flowers used in the session in a vase to create a flower arrangement that expressed the unique and diverse beauty of the Fine Today Group.
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[Image 5:×1417.jpg] Outline of “Entrance Ceremony: A day to face the essence of beauty” Implementation date: April 1, 2024 (Monday)
Venue: Fine Today Head Office Seminar Room
Attendees: 13 new employees from Fine Today Co., Ltd. and Fine Today Industries Co., Ltd. (9 from Fine Today, 4 from Fine Today
Industries), and 9 members of management including Representative Director and CEO Tetsuro Komori
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