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Home » Theo Co., Ltd. Launches “cheer houkan”, a new service that opens up the future of visiting nurses!

Theo Co., Ltd. Launches “cheer houkan”, a new service that opens up the future of visiting nurses!

[Theo Co., Ltd.] Launches “cheer houkan”, a new service that opens up the future of visiting nurses!

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Press release: April 2, 2024
[Theo Co., Ltd.] Launches “cheer houkan”, a new service that opens up the future of visiting nurses!
*Supporting the improvement of the working environment for visiting nurses with a new approach that stands out from conventional services* [Theo Co., Ltd.] is a revolutionary service for visiting nurses in the field of medical care and nursing care.
We are pleased to inform you that we will start offering “houkan” for a limited time in the Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture areas from April 1st. This service is an advice service that specializes in the issues and concerns faced by visiting nurses, and uses a new approach that sets it apart from conventional services to help improve the working environment of visiting nurses.
Features of new business service “cheer houkan”
1. *Limited offer in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture*
houkan” is closely connected to the local community and will be developed specifically for the Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture areas. We respond flexibly and quickly to the unique challenges of each region and provide optimal support to visiting nurses.
2. *This service is not just for changing your workplace*

Our service is not just about changing your place of employment. We provide in-depth advice and support, focusing on the actual problems and worries that visiting nurses face. We will face the various issues faced by visiting nurses and seek solutions together.
3. * Specialized employment diagnosis and consultation *
houkan” provides employment diagnosis and consultation conducted by professionals specializing in visiting nursing. We support the career path of visiting nurses with optimal advice tailored to individual needs.
4. *The person in charge has experience in setting up, recruiting, and operating consulting for visiting nursing*
Our company has extensive experience in setting up, recruiting, and operating visiting nursing stations. Utilizing the know-how we have gained so far, we will
houkan” provides specialized and specific consulting so that visiting nurses can thrive in a better environment.
5. * No restrictions on corporate type, affiliated company, or fixed station* “cheer”
houkan” is not particular about the type of corporation, affiliated company, or fixed station. We provide advice that prioritizes the individual client’s situation and work environment. The flexibility and diversity of our many visiting nurse stations maximize the potential of visiting nurses.
6. * Thorough comparison with other companies’ cases*
Comparatively analyze trends in the overall market and examples from other companies, and
We have confirmed that “houkan” is a service that overwhelms others. We will help visiting nurses make their career leap forward while receiving optimal support.
7. *Suggestions based on the merits of each station*
houkan” provides concrete solutions to problems caused by
insufficient confirmation of the station environment (number of people, workload, methods), wages, and welfare benefits, based on a survey of the actual state of visiting nursing. We will make the situation of the person consulting you transparent and support you in providing the optimal response.

houkan” will play a part in the new future that Teo Co., Ltd. is carving out for home nursing. We hope that this service will bring new hope to visiting nurses and bring about further advances in the medical and nursing care fields. In order to meet everyone’s expectations, [TEO Co., Ltd.] will do our best to support you.

[Visiting nurse job change service] “cheer houkan”

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TEL: 050-5482-3254

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