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LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd. “THE HANGOUT COTTAGE” project started

LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd.
“THE HANGOUT COTTAGE” project started
GL Home x Kenrock joint project
GL Home Company
LIXIL Housing Research Institute GL Home Company will collaborate with architectural designer Kenichiro Iwakiri, CEO of Kenrock Co., Ltd., to launch “THE HANGOUT COTTAGE” project in April 2024. To do.
Since its founding in 1970, GL Home has striven to create homes where customers can enjoy their lives, based on the belief that “Japanese homes lack the concept of enjoyment.” GL Home values ​​“likes and dislikes” more than “good and bad”, and enjoys life and living with free ideas, and lives a life that values ​​“likes” in the outdoors, fashion, design, hobbies, culture, etc. We provide homes that make this possible.
[Image 1:×589.jpg] The newly started “THE HANGOUT COTTAGE” project is a collaboration project with Kenichiro Iwakiri, the representative of Kenrock Co., Ltd. Mr. Iwakiri is a leading expert in incorporating the California lifestyle into housing and proposing “California Style” to the housing industry. This project was born because Mr. Iwakiri’s thoughts on home building and GL Home’s ideas of “enjoying your home” and “building a home that values ​​your likes” that have been held since its founding coincided. “THE HANGOUT COTTAGE” project is aimed at people who want their “home” to be a play space that incorporates their own hobbies, and who want to create a more tasteful home by incorporating living infrastructure and play. We propose a new way of building a home for adults who appreciate wealth. GL Home x Kenrock will collaborate with the aim of designing a base (HANGOUT) that is filled with the values ​​of how to have fun, regardless of age or gender.
Our design focuses on the ability to gather with friends and family to share the joy of play and hobbies, and we aim to create a rich space like a hangout where you can feel nature and enjoy your hobbies, taking into consideration the location and environment. .
[Image 2:×315.png ]
GL Home will implement various measures based on this project, such as product development and event development, and will strive to help each customer create a home where they can enjoy their lives. ◆Company profile/Company name: LIXIL Housing Research Institute, Ltd. GL Home Company/Representative: Shoji Nishihama, Executive Officer, Company President Head office address: 1-1-1 Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0033 URL: [LIXIL Housing Co., Ltd.] Research Institute] [GL Home]◆LIXIL Housing Research Institute Overview Housing and building construction materials and equipment We are a member of LIXIL, which operates comprehensive housing-related businesses, including the manufacturing and sales of housing products and the operation of housing franchise chains. As a company
responsible for operating the housing franchise chain business, we operate three brands: Iful Home, Fierce Home, and GL Home, and are developing one of the largest housing franchise chain businesses in Japan. ◆GL Home Overview GL Home was founded in 1970 as Daiichi Mokko. In 2020, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. In 1974, when the 2×4 construction method became open to the public as a general
construction method for residential construction, we were among the first to introduce it. Since then, we have built up a track record as Japan’s leading 2×4 housing company, and based on our founding philosophy of “first and foremost, creating a home where you can enjoy your life,” we are promoting the idea of ​​“enjoying your home as you and your family.” doing. This year, we are proposing an American lifestyle with the theme of “Let’s have fun at home.” ◆Kenichiro Iwakiri/Kenrock Co., Ltd. Overview Representative director of Kenrock Co., Ltd. First-class architect, architect, lifestyle designer. He entered the world of design from the construction site, and later became a first-class architect through self-teaching. In 2010, he launched “California Construction Company,” and created a boom by incorporating the California lifestyle he is known for into housing, and proposing “California Style” to the housing industry. Currently, based on the concept of regional revitalization through urban development and “living as if traveling,” we are expanding our activities to include creating new lifestyles such as multi-site villa construction and vacation house design.・Kenrock Co., Ltd. HP
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