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Majima Co., Ltd. Holds “Japan’s most cheerful and white joining ceremony, proud of Official Black (?)”

[Majima Co., Ltd.] Holds “Japan’s most cheerful and white joining ceremony, proud of Official Black (?)”

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Press release: April 2, 2024
“Official Black (?) boasts the most cheerful and white induction ceremony in Japan” held
*Shinji Co., Ltd. holds “Japan’s Whitest Entrance Ceremony” and releases report and video*
Official Black holds Japan’s most cheerful and white induction ceremony The video creative agency Shinmei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Azusa Hirakawa, hereinafter referred to as “Shinme”) will be hiring two new employees who will start their new working lives on April 1, 2024. A special induction ceremony was held.
The induction ceremony was held in the style of a wedding party and was titled “Official Black (?)’s proudest and most cheerful and white induction ceremony in Japan.”
* Background to our creative efforts and induction ceremony * We are a professional team active in the creative industry, including video production. Our work provides value beyond mere output. For example, even if a video is only 30 seconds long, we check it over 100 times to ensure the highest quality. This thorough quality control is a time-consuming process.
However, our purpose is not just to deliver images. Our mission is to “change someone’s life with this one video” through video. At our induction ceremony, we expressed that each project we create together with our customers is the source of our passion.

The title is “Japan’s most cheerful and white induction ceremony, which Official Black (?) is proud of.” This event was designed to create unforgettable memories for new employees at the important moment when they take their first steps into the workforce. Serious, which continues to move people’s hearts through video, planned this ceremony to convey the importance of new employees working on creative work with passion and the value of strong teamwork. .
Joining* Ceremony Highlights*
The two new employees enter under the watchful eye of serious employees. After taking the oath, Representative Hirakawa gave a loving greeting, and the two new employees gave moving speeches. The three of us, including representative Hirakawa, worked together for the first time to create the cake prepared for today’s special induction ceremony. Today we have released a video of the induction ceremony, which was full of laughter and tears.
Cheers to all participants
A special cake made for the entrance ceremony
“Joint cake cutting” was carried out as the first joint work (left) Onuma (middle) Hirakawa (right) Yonezaki
Group photo with all employees
Comments from new employees
Daijin Yonezaki
*Comment from Daijin Yonezaki*
Today is the perfect day and location for the induction ceremony. Thank you for providing a place like this.
I have been working with you as an intern for about 10 months since June 2023, but I hope that I can make a fresh start with renewed determination and get back to the basics.
From now on, I will work hard to be “serious” and work cheerfully to create “a video that will change someone’s life,” so I look forward to your continued support.
Ayuka Konuma
*Comment from Ayuka Onuma*
Thank you for arranging such a wonderful induction ceremony today. I am very happy to have been given this opportunity and to be able to celebrate this gorgeous moment with you all. I met him seriously about a year ago when I was looking for a job with the dream of becoming a director. I met Serious and was surprised to find my dream company, and ever since then I have loved Serious. I would like to work with you to give back to you for what you have given in your current life, and to build your future life together. Thank you very much. Congratulatory speech from Representative Director Azusa Hirakawa *Comment from Representative Director Azusa Hirakawa*
At Shinmai, we have been actively hiring new graduates since our second year in business, based on our strong desire to hire people who are in line with our culture.
In fiscal year 2024, our 12th term, we will welcome two courageous new employees who felt it was their destiny to meet our company. The members are honest and innocent new graduates with a bright future. We planned this special induction ceremony because we want to welcome new employees as if they were part of our family and to build our company’s culture together with them.
I am deeply happy that we were able to hold a day that marked their new beginning.
We will continue to work together as a company to realize our vision while valuing our mission.
Video of the induction ceremony released!
*Voice from the person in charge of video production*
We are very pleased to welcome two new employees to our company. This is a video made with all my heart. The content is serious and has the best content. I would like you to take a look.
*Reference)About seriousness [Unique employee system]*
Serious is a creative group that loves images and is passionate about moving people’s hearts through images. We continue to innovate in the world of video production with the mission of “Changing someone’s life with this one piece.” We support each employee’s passion for film and provide a unique welfare system to support their mental and physical health so that they can concentrate on their creative work. For example, under the dental care system, employees can receive regular checkups at a company-affiliated dental clinic at the company’s expense.
A healthy smile is the starting point for great communication and is deeply involved in creative thinking. Although the cost of treatment after the checkup must be paid by the employee, this system allows employees to maintain better oral health. In addition, there are several unique benefits such as input support and life support. We hope that you are interested in our efforts.–xaQj6zcSQ
* Future outlook *
Shinji will continue to do creative work that positively impacts society through video and brings about change in people’s lives. We hope to continue to create even more stories through our activities and the growth of our employees.

* Actively hiring *
We are looking for serious people to work with us. Please contact us below.

* ■Majime Co., Ltd. Company Profile *
With the mission of “Changing someone’s life with this one piece,” Shinji Co., Ltd. is a creative agency that creates new experiences based on video. We organically organize a team to suit the project, from planning, concept planning, production, direction, and design. We offer custom-made communications, from advertising videos to artist projects.

Company name: Shinji Co., Ltd.
Location: 2nd floor, Wise Jinnan Building, 1-14-7 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: February 2013
Representative Director: Azusa Hirakawa
Business content: Creative agency centered on video
Company website:
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