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L&F Co., Ltd. and JPMC Co., Ltd. enter into a business alliance in the family trust business

L&F Co., Ltd.
L&F Co., Ltd. and JPMC Co., Ltd. enter into a business alliance in the family trust business
L&F Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture,
Representative Director: Hisazumi Mori, hereinafter referred to as “L&F”), which operates the “Family Trust Consultation Desk”
(, has We would like to inform you that the company JPMC (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President Executive Officer: Hideaki Muto, hereinafter “JPMC”) has entered into a business partnership agreement regarding the
development and operation of “JPMC Family Trust”, which will start business.
[Image 1:×646.jpg] Business partnership details
For “JPMC Family Trust,” which JPMC will start operating on May 10, 2024, L&F will customize the sales know-how, tools, web applications, etc. that are essential for family trust business operations, cultivated in the “Family Trust Consultation Desk” business. We provide strong support for JPMC’s consulting business related to asset management and asset succession/business succession for senior customers.
What is a family trust?
A family trust is a property management system based on the Trust Act that is primarily carried out between parents and children through a trust agreement. A parent entrusts assets to a trusted child, and the child manages and disposes of the assets in accordance with the purpose of the trust agreement. As a result, even if a parent loses mental capacity due to dementia, etc., the child can manage and dispose of the assets entrusted to them with their own authority and judgment, making it possible to avoid the risk of freezing assets. . It is said that the number of users has increased rapidly in recent years, especially as a measure to freeze assets among seniors who own real estate.
Background of the business alliance
JPMC is a company that develops various services that support sustainable rental management with a management policy of “maximizing owner assets,” and is one of the largest in the industry with approximately 110,000 units under management (as of the end of December 2023). We are a sublease operator. With the development of a super-aging society in recent years, the risk of freezing rental owners’ assets due to dementia, etc. is beginning to become
apparent.We are expanding our consulting menu on asset management, asset succession, and business succession to avoid these risks, and providing seamless rental management. We decided to enter the family trust business based on the judgment that strengthening our
relationship with owners by providing support will lead to further business development.
Meanwhile, L&F has been running Japan Vacant House Support, a nationwide network business for vacant house management, since 2015, and has received many inquiries about vacant houses that cannot be sold due to dementia, etc., so in 2021 it decided to create a new service for real estate owners. We started the “Family Trust Consultation Desk” business and have been providing asset management support for seniors who own real estate such as their homes and rental housing.
In order to run family trusts as a business, it is essential not only to have specialized knowledge, but also to have a network with legal professionals who are familiar with family trusts, and a web application that can efficiently centralize communication with customers and manage business operations. plug. Through this partnership, L&F will customize and provide these necessary solutions for JPMC Family Trust, allowing JPMC to speedily develop its family trust business. “JPMC Family Trust” is expected to be effective not only in improving services for existing business owners, but also as a promoter of management contract sales, and is expected to be effective as a promoter of property management, asset succession, and business succession consulting business, which JPMC is strengthening its efforts. As a portal, it is expected to lead to the creation of new revenue opportunities.

About JPMC Co., Ltd.
JPMC is a pioneer in the subleasing business of existing properties, based on a partner system of approximately 1,400 companies including real estate companies, builders, and nursing care providers
nationwide, and through the management agency of owned properties with the motto of “sustainable rental management.” We pursue “maximization of profits” for the owners.
In addition, through our rental management agency, we are 1. actively working on regional revitalization by utilizing our nationwide partner system, and 2. revitalizing and reusing existing properties by renovating them and subleasing them. 3. Contribute to the
establishment of a diverse society where everyone can have an equal customer experience when searching for a room, and 4. Improve operational efficiency as a proptech company through DX of operations. We will continue to work on this.
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About L&F Co., Ltd.
L&F is a company that develops and operates services to solve social issues unique to a super-aging society and issues faced by real estate owners and the real estate/housing related industry, with the theme of “bringing joy to everyone involved in real estate and housing.” is. To date, in order to contribute to the resolution of the serious vacant house problem, we have operated “Japan Vacant House Support”, the only independent vacant house management specialist brand that operates in 47 prefectures, and not only manages vacant houses, but also sells, sells, and sells vacant houses. We have built a strong nationwide network that allows us to respond to a variety of inquiries from vacant home owners, including rental, renovation, and demolition, as a one-stop service. In addition, in a super-aging society, there is an increasing number of cases in which people are unable to sell their homes due to dementia, etc. when moving into a facility, so in the field of family trusts, where synergies with the “Japan Vacant House Support” business can be expected. In May 2021, we started the “Family Trust Consultation Desk” business for real estate owners.
We aim to be a company that contributes to society by utilizing real networks and IT technology, such as by developing exclusive web applications in-house for all businesses we operate.
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[Table 4:] ■ About recruitment
At L&F, we are significantly increasing recruitment as we expand our business. Our field is all over Japan, and we provide unique services that solve social issues, including vacant house management business. We are looking for associates who sympathize with L&F’s purpose of using IT technology and real networks to solve the issues facing Japan in the real estate field. We are currently recruiting for corporate consulting sales positions. If you are interested, please visit the recruitment information site below and feel free to apply.
L&F recruitment information site
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