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Kose Co., Ltd. Kose will hold the 2024 joining ceremony

Kose Co., Ltd.
KOSÉ 2024 Induction Ceremony Held
Kose Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kazutoshi Kobayashi) held a “2024 Induction Ceremony” jointly held by three group companies (*1) at its headquarters on April 1st. . A total of 52 people will be hired by the three companies this fiscal year. At the induction ceremony, President and Representative Director Kazutoshi Kobayashi gave the following instructions. (*1) Kose Co., Ltd., Kose Cosmetics Sales Co., Ltd., Kose Industries Co., Ltd.
[Image:×931.jpg] 《Purpose of the training》 This year, for the first time, the three companies of the Kose Group held a joint induction ceremony. I am happy to be able to welcome you all today. This year is the final year of “Phase II” of the medium- to long-term vision “VISION 2026,” which was formulated to celebrate our 80th anniversary, and I would like everyone to understand that I have joined the company at an important time. We would like to tell you what Kose values ​​now and what we expect from new employees. “3G” and “KOSE Beauty Partnership” First of all, “3G”. This keyword is an acronym for “Global, Gender, and Generation,” which are key points for customer development in the future. First, in terms of globalization, in order to increase our presence in the world, we must create and deliver products and services that can be accepted by people around the world without borders. In terms of the second gender and third generation, I believe there is great potential for growth by dispelling the preconception that cosmetics are for women of a certain age. In terms of gender, it is not just a matter of developing “men’s cosmetics.” It is also important to let people know the value of our products and enjoy care, beauty, and makeup, regardless of gender. In addition, although there is a trending element in the generation of younger makeup habits, on the other hand, we have also taken into account factors such as the usefulness of skin care from an early age, which has been revealed in recent years through our various research, and we are introducing new trends. We will promote customer development.
Currently, “Cosme Decorte” is holding a pop-up shop in Omotesando featuring Mr. Otani, which has become a hot topic. We use athletes such as athletes. We would like to continue to focus on promoting sports and use this as an opportunity for a wide range of customers to get to know our company as a uniquely Kose initiative. Next, “KOSE Beauty Partnership”. This idea is to build relationships that mutually enhance our company and all of our stakeholders. Since our company’s founding, we have believed in the concept of “coexistence and mutual prosperity,” and have worked together with our customers, dealers, suppliers, and other business partners for many years as important partners. That idea has evolved, and now we collaborate with employees, the environment, the government, and sometimes other companies in the same industry. We will continue to promote our corporate activities by positioning all stakeholders involved in our company as important partners. In our overseas business, we are focusing on capturing the North American, European, American, and Global South markets, which are our growth markets following Japan and Greater China. In the North American market, in addition to
“Sekkisei,” whose efforts are beginning to show results, the company is strengthening its efforts to increase the presence of “Cosme Decorte” and “Addiction.” In its European business, the company is working to strengthen its sales capabilities and global pharmaceutical affairs system. Additionally, we will strengthen our Global South business to capture India and ASEAN as one. Of course, we will work to generate profits in the Japanese market and recover from our track record in the Greater China market, but for our company’s future growth, it is essential to firmly increase our presence in these markets.
What we expect from new employees: First, I would like to introduce our business philosophy to “sell quality products in quality stores.” We not only develop “good products,” but also conduct activities that are conscious of “proper sales,” such as providing proper counseling and guidance on how to use products through “good stores,” and making it easier for customers to choose products. It’s important. I believe that by accumulating these things one by one, a company will gain the trust of society at large. Next, I would like to convey the importance of taking on challenges. Our company has faced many difficulties in the past, but we have always taken
forward-looking measures and used each crisis as an opportunity for future growth. The current situation, with the coronavirus pandemic that began in 2020 and various issues that have come to light, can be said to be the second most pressing situation. In order to turn this crisis into an opportunity, I want you to be greedy, persistent, and strong, and to take on many challenges without fear of failure. The last thing I would like to convey is that I would like you to make various proposals with an eye to the future from the perspective of “reform” and “transformation.” It is important to remember that it is important to distinguish between things that should be changed and things that should be preserved (or not changed), and that unless you continue to change yourself, you will not be able to keep up with the changes around you. We look forward to working with you today to open up a new future together with you as a member of Kose, by making use of your diverse individuality, which is your strength. *Reference information: Breakdown of number of hires at 3 group companies Kose Co., Ltd. 30 people
Kose Cosmetics Sales Co., Ltd. 14 people
Kose Industries Co., Ltd. 8 people
*In total, we hired 243 new graduates as beauty consultants. This induction ceremony will be held at the training center over three days, April 1st, 5th, and 9th.

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